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[p][url=]See the team website, latest updates, and sign up for the adventures in your inbox.[/url][/p][p]*** Latest update: the boys have spent a wonderful week at the Lotus Children’s Centre, and are now pushing on hard to the conclusion of the journey. [url=]Read all our reflections on the website here.[/url][/p][p]Throughout 2019, two young British cyclists, Rob Nichols and Harry Horner, will be [b]cycling more than 20,000 KM[/b] East to the 'Land of the Rising Sun, in order to raise money to harness the sun's energy for the [url=]Lotus Children's Centre in Mongolia[/url]. [b]100% of all proceeds will go to the orphanage.[/b][/p][p]Having witnessed the determination of the support workers and surrogate parents on a previous visit, we want to endorse that commitment with a small gesture of our own. Through your sponsorship, we plan to fund a Solar PV and Electric heating system to replace a dirty coal burner for this established and life saving orphanage and greater family.[b] [/b][/p][p][b]To provide cheap sustainable energy to a disadvantaged future generation fulfils our joint goals:[/b][/p][p]- By adapting to solar power the centre will be able to release vital funds that will be diverted into the children's health, welfare and education giving them a greater chance of an independent and viable future.[/p][p]- To demonstrate that there is an urgent need for the sake of our Earth and future generations to find cleaner and more sustainable Energy resources ...and to prove that even in some of the most polluted, impoverished and remote parts of the planet ...[/p][p][b]IT CAN BE DONE! [/b][/p][p][i]Please read on for further project rationale, calculations and details.[/i][/p][p][br][/p][p][b]Ongoing Progress:[/b][/p][p]After a detailed selection process, we have chosen to work with [url=]Solar Tech LLC[/url] (see hyperlinks for PoC LinkedIn). Their installation design ought to reduce daytime electricity cost by 80-95% between April and November and reduce 60-70% from November to April. Furthermore, Erdene, the project manager at Solar Tech, has agreed to do this project at cost without margin or taking salary for managing the project - he too was incredibly inspired when visiting the Centre.[/p][p]While we were in Mongolia, we had two really successful meetings with Solar Tech CEO Erdene and project manager BK. The team were so professional, knowledgeable and helpful, and we achieved a lot in the limited time together.[/p][p]We now have a more concrete project schedule: orders for hardware will be made in Febuary, work can begin in April or May as the ground thaws, and by June we should be ready for an opening and operations. We are moving quickly towards contract signature.[/p][p]Erdene has kindly agreed to give a workshop to some of the older interested kids on the renewable energy industry in Mongolia and employment opportunities therein, and an instruction course for basic operation of the plant. We want to set a system run by a few older monitors, whereby the kids can track the performance of the plant and work out the savings being made, gaining valuable experience in the process.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]The Ride[/b][/p][p]Harry will be riding the full width of the Eurasian land mass: starting on Dingle Head in the far West Coast of Ireland on the 15th of Feb, meeting Rob in Istanbul, and then finishing in Japan's North-Eastern Island of Hokkaido at the end of the year. [/p][p]All in all the total cycled distance is around 22,000 km. A pound sterling for every kilometre, and we estimate that Lotus can be near-self sustaining for heat and electricity. We have an agreed corporate donor that will double our fundraising for the first £10K, so every pound you give at the start means two in Mongolia![/p][p]We will be staying nights in a tent, on the sofas of kind strangers, and maybe even on the beds of friends - and friends-of-friends twice removed. If you know welcoming people on or remotely near our route (see photo below), who could be interested in hosting or helping us in any way (or if you just have excellent recommendations): please get in [url=]contact here[/url] and turn a roll-mat into a mattress![/p][p][br][/p][p][b]Raising the Sun for Lotus[/b][/p][p]In planning this trip, neither of us felt we could pass up this opportunity to raise money, and do the most good we could with it. Whilst selecting the charity, we pooled advice on maximising impact from people involved in [url=]effective altruism[/url], the Department for International Development DFID, and academia. The consensus decision to do the most good was to find a small, but highly efficient and effective, charity that worked in improving health and education outcomes for disadvantaged children. [/p][p]"I (Harry) had first visited and raised money and kit for the orphanage in Mongolia in 2013, on the first international rugby tour of the country. It had been the team's tour highlight, and its abiding atmosphere of love and care in abundance remained long in the memory."[/p][p]By reaching out again to the UK foundation, we established that [url=]highest on the Charity's wish-list[/url] was to find a sustainable path in lowering the Centre's energy costs. This project worked perfectly with our high impact ambition, [b]since the Lotus Trust has zero running costs - no paid staff[/b]; the auditor gives his services for nothing; and the bank (Coutts & Co) does not charge for maintaining our account. We could be sure that every penny of our fundraising would go directly for the benefit of the children. [/p][p]The sustainability aspect of the project completed our strong desire to also have an environmental impact. Finally, the orphanage is actually en route for us, so we plan to go and stay at their guest house and help explain to the children the idea of the project in person![/p][p]Harry has worked in solar energy in developing countries for the last few years with [url=]Climate Connect[/url], and so could help closely manage the project development. [/p][p][br][/p][p][b]Lotus under the Sun[/b][/p][p]The above focuses on our cycling and fundraising efforts, but does not emphasise at all the beautiful story of hope and humanity that is the Lotus Children's Centre.[/p][p]The below text is from [url=]their website[/url], whilst the story of [url=]this article[/url] will move the heart.[/p][p]Founded in 1995 by Didi Ananda Kalika, the Lotus Children’s Centre has been up and running for over 20 years. Didi (which means Sister), who trained with Ananda Marga as a yoga and meditation teacher, came to Mongolia in the early 90’s to teach yoga and meditation, was moved by the plight of the children on the streets of Ulaanbaatar. [b]Starting from a single apartment Lotus has grown to having housed, fed, cared for and educated hundreds of children.[/b] The age of the children in our care today ranges from a few months old up to 18 years.[/p][p]From providing basic care for vulnerable and abused children, Lotus has now developed and also focuses on providing a good education, independence and life skills training to secondary school children as well as continuing to provide primary care. In Mongolia family links are very important in growing-up and becoming an adult. These links are used to find work and accommodation, to fund university and for every kind of support. Orphans in Mongolia receive very little support from the government after turning 18. Lotus focuses on ensuring that the children who have lived in care since they were babies have a good chance at life, so we endeavour to support them into young adulthood for as long as support is required, much like a normal family."[/p]
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Mar 10, 2020


Well done guys. Famously good!


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Mar 6, 2020

Simon and Victoria Thomas

Dear Harry and Rob We so enjoyed hearing your talk about your incredible journey to Japan. You have set the bar very high for the rest of us! Much love Simon, Victorial, Emily and Olivia X


plus £75.00 Gift Aid

Mar 6, 2020


great to hear about the trip and the amazing charity. well played


plus £50.00 Gift Aid

Mar 5, 2020



plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Mar 4, 2020


HELLO ROY! Famously good effort sir!! Very impressed and for a great, great cause.


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Feb 24, 2020

Joanna Stephenson

Hi Harry just found this site - better late than never well done on your amazing escapade


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Feb 20, 2020



plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Feb 17, 2020

Judi and Sue

In Memory of Alan Stevens.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Jan 20, 2020

Janet Pepper

Putting your enthusiasm, determination and caring where your mouth is!! WELL DONE!!!


Jan 7, 2020

Ed and Emma

Amazing journey chaps!


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Harry Roy

Harry Roy

Rob Nichols

Rob Nichols

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