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Rob Booth

Bangor to Bristol Cycle Challenge 2019

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My story

[p]I'm excited to be doing this challenge: 220+ hilly miles in 4 days. I love cycling ('though I'm daunted by the Welsh mountains and not nearly as fit as I need to be) and I love Temwa. I've been managing director of Temwa from May 2018 until June 2019 - a maternity cover role that has given me a unique insight into both the charity and northern Malawi where Temwa works. It's a poor and rural area in one of the poorest countries in the world - a country lacking natural resources and infrastructure, and beset with governance problems, appalling levels of HIV and too many people scratching a living off too little land.[/p][p]Temwa has a holistic approach to working with communities. It aims to support local governance whilst delivering community led initiatives that might tackle interlinked problems of health, education and poverty. Such programmes might include agriculture skills, reversing devastating deforestation, HIV awareness, supplying water filters (to dramatically reduce cholera outbreaks) and/or supporting primary and secondary education through facilities, resources and even bursaries for the most disadvantaged.[/p][p]Below is a photo I took last year at an HIV/Aids awareness group of children singing and dancing. Very basic facilities but such amazing energy![/p][p][img]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/s17_BFr-c4ZyZQkm8_89tF35zaINbvDWSGBZ7nyatprcoV2h41umY3tlSXWx1XRBGOv7HZndGKNEXisQVYFiBgSZwGCvrpaRaSObOGMNEkuZeZvyU6vspv5MlkH0-bD05ZCj2GZw2yz4k_firTrhg9PahYJWzp7jWf4FfAJrpJObd0C1ciXX8U4ppASXzs9_hrhXn8BBBsKb_A_wqXQtAxChCu1fMtohdKrca-x5XbytESLEdYsc7_AZSfIDLanbsYe3cLbSQ4o5Dj_i7mtLAHF6lcjDzkJ0TeF11Z9puDJFRRZdS9hPqou7tLkLIpivIwo0NJFmvzWNQbXyoTShVhD5iUxX88WR0eXuhEwkLj_qGif-vPq6MskxQxjH193UiGnAYDjQW5dweUqZqoPHzenp5YsbUKgSV8Sf_urfEoOTzI6TNZj4fiaELzrU7fz1Y6GHPkWyLLgmYJdF_OEED0cnclsfMDpiqJNB76uXnqlRYS_GolJzy-09OUAsqzJ4JnbXx1oWDU0pWJqK8MIymiHiho5-GlGAmfxJysNLfT2qUKooty-tXsy5ujXg_ZwWCIPD7bFrvqBSEH_DeRLfleBW3PTgHjJwqOHurCNPHPvr0xWwumMJJxbpCEWvdX0r3zcAf7yjzPbTok0-pexi9VOVwCFWcA4=w1471-h827-no[/img][/p][p]And here's the library in Usisya - paid for and built by Temwa. For some it's a place to check the newspapers whilst for others it might be the only practical place to study for school exams.[/p][p][img]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/isDxpc3MzOn5kb1E3ueGdfs_osPLsNZUXb7dys8HMqIp60IVxY7r0ztXVzw_RC0jdX2eC5FovOSdWiJa4zFQcMGoN4mzkcHBNx4eS93EGqWALr7tKiAUvNReEzdk2FD5NRZv1W798w71xZ-MLs1ae9HF3m1ITeQtlYnOA7qQqQDwslZ05kmll7vyq1aPbd5lHdSO4jiBG6UOcXz2Dlfmz1CIrIm0HPx4SwDUaHPtrTZamKTnBJtttaV3PwPa-zYFVyTJxAfbRXv25xlEIGl1obAiA2dIzc84NN9RoR3hpyAtnsm4iqrWZj0NCHkkaRP5LaWHQvsjaxEQwNv_UMOyK2lx-mstWQSOaTLjGj3uz0trk6l7Arz5NK4_P_JvRMa0TtG1WOxTEuN51GY4LbOwHeSadJr6XZrbcrcuvSNZPG6XOetIGWrQy7_zApK-lbOL64-ElQGcrOi7s_1_s84SQoDAv3mOCLcvxXjStTAEIoat6hMoyWewfc8FjdBsr4v8pn44lcJKrs9jMkwyqOyZAZjg1e9EdyN4lWMIK_ZalRFcE9SFu5zWhtRb3RjjTv8BnRFJG4dPRUEw2kpqZoPkRgQU-X7dTosycWynNb_o2MIUuS9SFuV8s2FLFnHTYPdqonCI4Q3mCa9sPrME45ipN9MM6QZTsxI=w1471-h827-no[/img][/p][p]And finally a mixed agro-forestry project delivering both more secure livelihoods and training local farmers in different crops and techniques. [/p][p][img]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/6UqHPmd-HVn1ILpl8iI_T9Gk_wXCyCc0GPL8t_xjnd2IV0xrnF--ULONn4g3Sa9AkdRPaXxIa5Stg7LIc9HBZT1Zhhwpt0O9e-FizIHa59KDLiGCyijgjYVCKnnu2SLTqLBlKqvO249pHXMfYLWDOcWl_Y_urpoPpKACiYqTLkZrU5Xw7K7T8qIGA64VESYgsT7do27w0Qih8EQcaDGcxJ25M_G9TRGk0oo6jQGORl3m-jRk6Cts10Vze1IgeHzyVQauew-KQhX_eS6lMD-dvhwC60gvtETp_qc57arNhL3_vuLnvQfvocJbGdsR01aBGbKdOcGA46LcTFo35PX0QbfdTwhZpfPwp-wYRuLAqhkkCf-dtFMmEGTARAyV9_d_nRtYGyQodJJ_ioYCfpp0LdmajrxJOv7b2wzVNLSu1nSZPbjjaK6AGYDH-XPzmWbdPb_krqAFru78-2dKqSI1b8s1mXN45VwMNR_Zy9cX0X95kg6kdG0VurtAx9myX1o5Znu4bVVcUjYS4zlVebJNzTc6SpTBAcw_dWMxbrEUNqgx3vjg-g0Mwlgadf8h5XhbCJ6ceuTsx3y5tAqXAvviYaR40zGxTlILiiaiGT2bM-D3IhsTDvddVu3VecmoJLbQNth-OW4hSbJvpxnmnCd3VTHiBCKnYp4=w1471-h827-no[/img][/p][p]All Temwa's work is delivered on the ground by our team of Malawian staff based in Mzuzu. Our job in the UK is to support them! Please help by supporting my cycling challenge - the more the better![/p][p]Just so you know:[/p][p]£156 provides a child with 1 year of secondary school education;[/p][p]£100 provides 20 people with a water filter to have clean water for 3 years;[/p][p]£50 equips a lead farmer to support their community and train other local farmers;[/p][p]£25 plants 50 trees;[/p][p]£10 Equips a peer educator for 1 month to provide HIV support and education.[/p][p]Thank you to everyone for encouragement, good wishes and financial support![/p][p]Rob[/p]
Bangor to Bristol Cycle Challenge 2019 image 1
Bangor to Bristol Cycle Challenge 2019 image 2
Bangor to Bristol Cycle Challenge 2019 image 3

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Jul 15, 2019

Philippa Chapman

well done Rob, its sounds very challenging, we hope your legs hold out! philippa and richard

£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Jul 13, 2019

Nic and Tim

Good luck, Rob. Hope the scenery eases the pain!

£30.00 plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Apr 27, 2019


Hope it's fun!

£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Mar 12, 2019

Trina Booth

Wishing you lots of success!

£100.00 plus £25.00 Gift Aid