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Ruth Jones

My Fundraising Page

Challenge complete

Fundraising for this challenge has ended so we're no longer accepting donations. Thanks to everyone who supported this challenge.

Total raised so far £0.00

Target £0.00

Total plus Gift Aid: £0.00

Raised offline: £0.00

My story

[p]Hello, thanks for visiting my page. [/p][p]INS is a local charity supporting people living in Hounslow and Richmond who have various neurological conditions such as Stroke, MS and Parkinson's. [/p][p]This walk has been in aid of the valuable work they do. I reached my 1000 mile goal during a circuit of Richmond Park on St Andrew's Day - but it is not too late to sponsor me. This fundraising page will be open until the end of January 2018, so please give as generously as you can. All donations will be gratefully received.[/p][p][img]http://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4419/36210850431_83f4e791e2_z.jpg" alt="" width="209" height="156[/img][/p][p]On Top of the World in Shropshire[/p][p][img]http://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4327/36210850521_e50e0851f4_z.jpg" alt="" width="201" height="178[/img][/p][p]In "Countryfile" mode[/p][p]In July I spent a week in the Shropshire Hills. Over the August Bank Holiday weekend I walked 28 miles in the delightful rolling countryside around Chichester, and by the end of that month I had covered over 700 miles - the length of Italy (without the mountains!)[/p][p]October brought a happy week of coastal and country walking in Malta during which I passed the 900 mile landmark, so now I really feel as if I am on the home stretch. I have been slightly hampered by a calf injury and sprained ankle, but am pressing on regardless. Will you encourage me to reach my goal by making a donation?[/p][p] [/p][p][img]http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/1au-d8BsXp2mTCmiwF7CcyQIBVDP1CCR5DCKs4iiKRfLhxzdUCNCxhnDgwRNrpfT4n4pWxRUe_k-0SHtTExn7MHoBFgO0TFtjkfUwYQM2pjX77FRFEjvWdlNVNmjEWIPctzkDEQAVe2BrgHym7JBvlk_zLzSPZoQga6r06armWVWRC1y5AQG6D2miD0h8xu-iR_mz3zVy1sdQiE5LyHYzy63NBrwog21usn8ywoT5NL-4_Wh0oepdIDomhwFESYM4vHeRczHspNP3-WcqsdG8UZ3kw8Q6KAXoGG-TAa5R4tnJIXVs4ExOfqDq4DxU4RgxdHJgEpCYrFQDOorGKXdStzBR2sjOT9xpBButfI04OEYF-_xt9b2hPBZ41nIlQYJOhMZ8LY8raWJlojfL5zJ-GsBVcZ-UOlCnuFIY2klh4mvaIOCgTa6CIv-5Suv12ULL-zC0Bn-oVdTCe0cEpXwsa84PZUv4z_xujDJNwCvaejSMD0guyUdTmN1e27cAo2vctZctCMT_IJp3xHEfUjmHaxXyfUn4i-64KG4kB4J5Bffl6jQed0tV3VD9LOFKLmEcZTpQeM6JSrumiCklUsS5Y9VgXJgE0NOJ3ToGMcTCovSZoCs4GkuPS2n-sIX92wCME4WqwB71VxyIKZxkw5TAM96KYm1UKAnI3ELx4HotRplZw=w425-h609-no" alt="" width="180" height="258[/img][/p][p]Aspiring Chichester Cathedral![/p][p] [/p][p][img]http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/sAFi9-asfPgwuFsOcAhWD9SOaYzwg2HM93z3j_FqZKllv1IYzlCJRj6kIhyUB2MkwB82xt8z0iRggEwq69LqCBHf0u8Pl1q4aUX_ZAgiaZ4RaWFNZKQCZ4bkD_eez1rFAehXZxanXcJTwPlVJFNTWeCqDnicV_6T4LEjanSR3MaAyB4nKRIoAy7aFN9rRsqpyyboBK-1fXTG9wbS9ORxnL5SXmcunpKGh-08vEz37RrHGyBJ-uq5OYuVR4ukeBep1bLywHBQaF5WjYvB1BIPKoXWTAGbKaPIv_DVBtn2ddeIvAMkXKz4RMr1c1FITYrd17-YLbsZVqgWk3mpkRGPBQuijTq_SzrbJGfCtiseY_H0DVHo-z0n7DTUAKn5bp4Gl7plpETevx7CvekdEKkoj5-tixY0RhXch6kaMN4cIrfg4I7xzpluBX5CNNzWr4HgdoZt-OR8aBNQlnbpAcrlAU0s8Cfq21vDRDX1C19frp7Fv3VnbSqhQQF_bmNDeY5zDx7V5Kkc-8RMQ9NsXCw9Xnu2OblprLmEU79sTBK8pO_9HrD_sib-xWoR9ttbdhE-8a1UUwHAvP1lyxXEQ3YJExR2tEfZ_VrdrNy-YBw9WgS3eYFIXJXJjMgyx_02qhw-II_LDcVyrQmwCor1OU1Hpb9tdFnVpm6X8ye7Trc_BP_tSw=w608-h455-no" alt="" width="251" height="157[/img][/p][p]Goodwood - a day at the Races[/p][p] [/p][p][img]https://scontent-lht6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/21462694_103884870354796_8075900406120267566_n.jpg?oh=54ed7cd1f5b721a4ba176c2d357fba19&oe=5A584BE0" alt="" width="256" height="191[/img][/p][p]Idling in front of Arundel Castle[/p][p][img]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/xlUA_u37WR_UtH6U98hf3L_qV3qi531ACyDpZLbUUk1MoA5FYP-wEcQwqXUdHEatH8BAoUTmgT3yHFjZCItREVAgVBqHViS88e_Iz-MLBpt6mfMFTVWBeG13ihdcUC2L0lXgPTWEZQL2aFCpjavJASNr7XDT2vjY_cQx3Rxrp-zYMlrlWKKTvHm-crch8zwH2F0o2jK_7W93Vj7nS01DkJpurk8WSlVUWP9GGOcaO8TjxOL9bF0IkjoKxKDb23Ad02xIBuoeUJS7JchtN9ae0p6IiFQ51s00mbCGE-DWxLs9vz5s6VNaQBlnkOOZj-5IVfnaEeIDIGUqPOQzryrBVAO3xXL4WnLKRIlBSWHmH1wdSkeetJQJxxJrtr54GsifAxcez8qcrWvLWqN09TVfUOsssR80m3xP6Mowk3uAas1Sl2NeiAW1CW3DIec2735V-risR_Q5xVfp_Lr0hfHCBT-09Z6mVJ2EHJ0hhAHcX3AlGaXMb4L5do9_a_FyO1Z2CLUDSlWERG1hkXomfqFpo87IKn1gbSMY-nh97Kfh_Kx8BvC8fc-3XOmpR_k1_wy_o4XX0EHybeywF9sFFJZRbBUkoALWgEJfKlN174Q5_Q=s828-no" alt="" width="149" height="149[/img][/p][p]Boots and boat in Malta[/p][p]Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.[/p][p][img]http://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4432/36210850261_717dcc305e_z.jpg" alt="" width="156" height="184[/img][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p]

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Personal Challenge Date

30 Jan 2018


Integrated Neurological Services

Integrated Neurological Services




Well done Ruth - a very worthwhile cause.

£15.00 plus £3.75 Gift Aid



£15.00 plus £3.75 Gift Aid



Well done! And what a good cause.

£25.00 plus £6.25 Gift Aid



Well done Ruth

£15.00 plus £3.75 Gift Aid



Well done, Ruth - only a few more miles (pounds!) to go. You will get there, never fear. Best wishes, Jill

£15.00 plus £3.75 Gift Aid



well done - hope you make it

£100.00 plus £25.00 Gift Aid



Congratulations Ruth - a great effort and achievement - very nearly there now! Well done you! x

£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid



Well done Ruth

£30.00 plus £7.50 Gift Aid



Good luck for the remaining miles.

£20.00 plus £5.00 Gift Aid



£20.00 plus £5.00 Gift Aid