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Sebastian Anderson

Everest Stair Climb for Stop Domestic Abuse

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My story

[p]The Covid-19 crisis has impacted and shocked the world at large. In an effort to help contain the spread of the virus many communities, families and individuals were encouraged to support one another. However, this doesn't reflect the more [b]ugly side of lockdown[/b]; as governments around the world advised their populations to stay at home with family many individuals who lived in an abusive household had no escape from their abuser and had to endure more time contained and isolated in that toxic environment.[/p][p]Because of this, media outlets and news agencies in the UK (and many other nations) have recently reported a significant surge in domestic abuse calls and reports to charities and police. In fact, certain [b]domestic abuse helplines[/b] have seen a [b]rise in calls by 50%[/b] and visits to their websites increase by [b]10 fold[/b]. This is incredibly profound and disturbing, and really goes to show the extent of abuse as an issue[/p][p]Even though lockdown is now easing, it does not mean that the abuse will ease either. Domestic abuse was around long before the lockdown and sadly, domestic abuse will continue long after lockdown is lifted and life returns to normal. For example, in 2018, almost 2 million men and women reported domestic abuse across England and Wales. This of course does not reflect the many more millions of people who suffered abuse but did not think or feel safe enough to report it.[/p][p]After hearing all the reports of increased abuse I have been inspired to do something to support others. That is why I have decided to support the 'Stop Domestic Abuse' charity. [/p][p][b]This cause is especially important to me[/b] as domestic abuse is something I have had [b]personal[/b] [b]experience[/b] with. I was subject to psychological and emotional abuse when I was younger. Nowadays, following therapy and education, I no longer suffer from the effects of the abuse but for many years of my younger childhood and early teenage years it did significantly effect me. I had many years of emotional upset and confusion at the hands of abuse; it definitely made me much more reclusive with friends and I didn’t always go for things. It wasn’t hugely noticeable for people but it effected lots of little things in my life; and lots of little things adds up to something much bigger. [/p][p]The reason I mention this is two-fold; myself and other family members were educated on abuse so we were able to escape it and take the necessary steps to recover. Although this charity didn't directly help us it definitely would have. Secondly, many of you who know me probably had no clue I experienced abuse; it is very hard to tell and that is why this charity is so important. It educates the people being abused on what is abuse so they can escape it as it is hard for others to see you experiencing abuse and help. [/p][p]Some people reading this may be aware of others who have also been affected by domestic abuse, whether it was during lockdown or not. I imagine you will also know some people, who unbenounced to you, suffer from abuse. Therefore in the interests of our friends and families, we must all stand up against domestic abuse. It is an incredibly important social issue to address as it has big rippling effects for the individual affected and it is something that is a big problem nationwide. No one deserves to be abused and spend their lives suffering so [b]please contribute as generously as you can[/b]; it really will help. [/p][p]More education and information is required to protect and empower the targets of abuse hence why this charity is so important. The importance of this charity is that it empowers those who do not know they are being abused or those who are simply too frightened, overwhelmed or nervous to escape. The 'Stop Domestic Abuse' charity educates people about all the various types of abuse as there are many others forms than just physical abuse. Some of the lesser known types include:[/p][p]emotional abuse[/p][p]financial abuse [/p][p]verbal abuse[/p][p]religious abuse[/p][p]sexual abuse[/p][p]psychological abuse [/p][p]digital abuse [/p][p]coercive control [/p][p]All of these have just as much impact on their targets as physical, if not more as physical wounds can heal but the effects of verbal abuse may take years of therapy to deal with. Often abusers use more than one of these types of abuse which is even worse for the target. [/p][p]The reason education is so important is that many people do not realise what abuse is or that it is happening; myself and other family members didn't for many years. So by educating, we can help targets escape. If I hadn't had the education I would be a shell of what I am now - I definitely would not be as confident or happy as I am. My life would be overshadowed by a dark cloud and I would have lost intrigue in many of the interests and the hobbies that I’m pursuing. [/p][p]Stop Domestic Abuse's main aim aside from education is to provide support to those who are being subject to domestic abuse and help them escape safely from it. [/p][p][b]Currently they are raising funds to set up a refuge where people can go to escape abuse.[/b] [/p][p]This incredible charity needs £1,000,000 and have already raised £460,432 towards their goal ([i]you can read more here - https://stopdomesticabuse.uk/donate-money).[/i] [/p][p]Your donations will make a difference and it would be amazing to push the charity over the halfway mark to their goal.[/p][p]If you are wondering what your donation would mean to someone experiencing domestic abuse; [u]It would mean the world to them[/u], honestly. It is hard to explain to someone what abuse is when they have not been through it themselves. I sometimes even find it hard to remember as life is o good now. But abuse is horrible. It is far more subtle than people realise hence why it is so damaging; people do not realise what is going on and they tend to think they are the problem. But looking back at those types of abuse and maybe thinking of a time you were bullied (abuse is worse as it is far more subtle and undermining), picture how your life would feel if you got that everyday at home. And then imagine how you would feel if someone gave you an out; if someone said to you I have a way for he abuse (bullying) to stop. That is what the refuge is. [/p][p]Finally, please head over to my Instagram profile ([b][i]the_everest_stairclimb[/i][/b]) which gives more details of the Challenge I have created to support Stop Domestic Abuse and where you can watch me[b] climb the height of Mount Everest in 7 days[/b]. [/p][p][b]That is over 58,000 steps I have to do in one week and I will have to walk for over 4 hours a day to do it.[/b][/p][p][u]It would mean a lot[/u] if you could [b]share this with as many people as possible - [/b]it will help me raise more money which means [b]we [/b]can have a greater impact. Also, a lot more goes on behind closed doors than you realise so by sharing you may people helping many others close to.[/p][p]I just want to reiterate that domestic abuse is an incredibly important worldwide social issue to address as it has big rippling effects for the individual affected and that person's friends and families.[/p][p]No one deserves to be abused and spend their lives suffering so [b]please donate as generously as you can[/b]; it really will help - and may even save a life ([u]2 women a week in the UK are killed by a husband, partner or former partner[/u]).[/p][p][i]Your donation will help change lives.[/i][/p][p]Thanks so much again :)[/p]

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Personal Challenge Date

01 Jun 2020


Jul 18, 2020

Anne and Monty

Many congratulations Seb - great achievement! Very well done raising money for this vital work.

£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Jul 4, 2020



Jul 4, 2020


£25.00 plus £6.25 Gift Aid

Jun 27, 2020


Great effort, Seb! Well done...


Jun 23, 2020

Fluer and Abs Nisbet

Well done X

£30.00 plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Jun 22, 2020

Sharon Harrod

Jun 22, 2020

Kieragh Gibbs

Not surprised that your selflessness shines through once again! Smash it Seb!

£15.00 plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Jun 22, 2020

Lauren S

Awesome job Seb!

£15.00 plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Jun 21, 2020

Mrs Mitchell

Such a great shame we never made it to China with your pipes but really well done for putting your energy to such good use. This is a very mature cause to support - well done and good luck.

£30.00 plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Jun 21, 2020

Julie O

Well done on your incredible fundraising climb for such an important charity and your heartfelt story too...

£10.00 plus £2.50 Gift Aid