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Shanavaz Malayodu

In memory of my brother-in-law


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[p]Hello![/p][p][br][/p][p]Thanks for taking time to visit my page.[/p][p][br][/p][p]I have created this page to fund raise for Prostate Cancer UK charity by taking part in 2021 London Marathon. I am doing this in memory of my beloved brother-in-law who sadly passed away earlier this year at the age of 56, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer a year ago. Unfortunately, his diagnosis was done at Stage 4. Had it been diagnosed earlier, it would have been a completely manageable and treatable disease. To this day, I wish we had known to recognise his symptoms and proactively reached out for help, but sadly not to be ... least I could do now is to share the sorrow and help others to look after themselves and their loved ones! [/p][p][br][/p][p]I have decided to do this marathon after his death and will be my first London Marathon. I am taking part to create awareness among middle aged and older men as I feel it is important to have the conversation about their wellbeing and help them and us to look out for symptoms.[/p][p][br][/p][p]Please support by sharing this to others who might potentially benefit by reading this. If you are able to, please also give any donation for the life saving research being done in the field of early cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment through Prostate Cancer UK Charity that one day this disease will no longer be deadly as it is now! Please see some links below for some of their updates.[/p][p][br][/p][p]With regards to my preparation and training, I have been following all my training runs and completed my 20 mile run two weeks ago with my aim to complete the marathon distance around 4 hours and 30 minutes. I have completed 2 marathons before with personal best of 5 hours 02 minutes and 29 seconds but have a long way to go to reach my target time. But I have been training alright and done a recent half marathon race as part of my training with a personal best of 1 hour 49 minutes 30 seconds (previous best was 01:58:40 seconds). With this cause in mind and everyone's support here along with London crowd, my running club (East London Runners) volunteers cheering me on at mile 20 and support from my office colleagues at Reed Exhibitions, it should greatly encourage me to go for my target time![/p][p][br][/p][p]Finally, I want to finish with a quote I had spotted on the back of a t-shirt of a runner ahead of me when I was struggling on my 20 mile training run two weeks ago that has propelled me to complete the run [/p][p][b][i] "On a mission [/i][/b][/p][p][b][i] to beat cancer"[/i][/b][/p][p]Big thank you to those donating as it will help me encourage to go the distance during the last miles![b] [/b][/p][p][br][/p][p]UPDATE: I have managed to complete the marathon in 04 hours and 38 minutes knocking 24 minutes from my previous personal best. Thank you so much for your support. It is very much appreciated. [/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p]Please don’t forget to check e useful links below.[/p][p][br][/p][p]Thank you x[/p][p][br][/p][p][u]Useful Links[/u][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p]
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Personal Challenge Date

03 Oct 2021


Oct 20, 2021


Well done Shanavaz!

Oct 6, 2021

Massimo Melis

Well done, Shanavaz!


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Oct 5, 2021


Appreciate your great effort!!


Oct 5, 2021

Imran Khan

Best of luck.


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Oct 4, 2021


Wishing you the very best in completing your Goal.


Oct 4, 2021


Great cause and hope it all went well


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Oct 4, 2021

Papa and Mummy

Well done to our beloved Shanu for completing the marathon for a great cause. May God shower his blessings upon you for helping the charity through your run.


Oct 4, 2021


Hi Shanavaz, hope all went as planned & you had a great run. I am sure you did great though. Michael

Oct 3, 2021


Oct 3, 2021


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