Shivs Smilers Dash At Home

Shivs Smilers Dash At Home

Duchenne UK Dash at Home


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[p]We are team [b]"Shiv's Smilers Dash at Home"[/b] and we are looking to raise as much money as possible for Duchenne UK's Dash at Home campaign (part of The Duchenne Dash event) to End Duchenne![/p][p]Between the 21st May and 3rd July 2021, our team members will set themselves challenges in km and achieve them in different ways. [/p][p][u]So who are part of the [/u][b][u]Shiv's Smilers[/u][/b][u] team and what will they do when they [/u][b][u]Dash at Home[/u][/b][u]?[/u][/p][p]1) We have our very own [b]Shiv Thakrar[/b]. He has targeted to cover [b]25km[/b] whizzing in his [b]wheelchair[/b][/p][p]2) [b]Jinita Popat Nanjee [/b]who will cover [b]420km [/b]by [b]walking [/b]and doing her daily steps challenge[/p][p]3) [b]Kyan Nanjee[/b] (Jinita's son) - soon to be [b]one years old[/b] who is learnng to walk and is determined to take his first steps and cover an amazing [b]0.5km[/b][/p][p]4)[b] Sejal Thakrar [/b]who will cover [b]420km [/b]by [b]walking [/b]and [b]cycling[/b][/p][p]5)[b] Manoj Thakrar [/b]who will cover [b]420km [/b]by [b]walking [/b]and [b]cycling[/b][/p][p]6) [b]Manjula Karia[/b] who will cover [b]210km [/b]by [b]walking[/b][/p][p]7) [b]Rasik Karia[/b] who will cover [b]420km [/b]by [b]walking[/b][/p][p]8) [b]Abhay Ruparell[/b] who will cover [b]500km[/b] by [b]walking[/b] and [b]cycling[/b][/p][p]9)[b] Melissa Ruparell [/b]who will cover[b] 420km [/b]by [b]walking[/b][/p][p]10)[b] Saavan Thakrar [/b]who will cover [b]100km [/b]by [b]walking[/b][/p][p]11) [b]Dipti Masrani [/b]who will cover[b] 420km[/b] by[b] walking[/b][/p][p]12)[b] Bijal Thakrar [/b]who will cover [b]150km [/b]by[b] walking[/b][/p][p]13)[b] Abhay Thakrar [/b]who will cover [b]300km [/b]by [b]walking[/b][/p][p]14) [b]Avisha Thakrar [/b]who will cover [b]300km [/b]by [b]walking[/b][/p][p]15)[b] Riya[/b] [b]Thakrar [/b]who will cover [b]420km [/b]by [b]walking[/b][/p][p]16)[b] M.S. [/b]who will cover[b] 20km [/b]by[b] walking[/b][/p][p]17)[b] Rachen Patel (in the USA) [/b]who will cover[b] 35km[/b] by[b] swimming[/b][/p][p]18)[b] Nikita Vora (in India) [/b]who will cover[b] 100km [/b]by[b] walking and cycling[/b][/p][p]19)[b] Rashmi Karia [/b]who will cover[b] 420km [/b]by [b]walking[/b][/p][p]20)[b] Nayan Datta [/b]who will cover [b]420km [/b]by [b]walking and cycling[/b][/p][p]21)[b] Hetal, Kalpesh & Nigam Shah [/b]who will cover[b] 420km [/b]collectively by[b] walking and cycling[/b][/p][p]22)[b] Manisha Kanani [/b]who will cover[b] 420km [/b]by [b]walking and cycling[/b][/p][p]23)[b] Atul Thakrar [/b]who will cover[b] 200km [/b]by [b]walking[/b][/p][p]24)[b] Umesh and Valecia Mistry [/b]who will cover[b] 420km and 75km [/b]by[b] walking and cycling[/b][/p][p]25)[b] Thiyana, Kairavi & Renuka[/b] who will cover [b]420km [/b]collectively by walking and cycling[/p][p]26) [b]Bina Thakrar[/b] who will cover [b]200km [/b]by [b]walking[/b][/p][p]27) [b]Amita Thakarshi [/b]who will cover [b]200km[/b] by [b]walking[/b][/p][p]28)[b] Luliana, Romica and Sophia [/b]who will cover [b]80km [/b]by[b] walking. [/b][/p][p]We will post pictures on the team reaching their targets after 3rd July.[/p][p]Want to join the team and help us End Duchenne? Get in touch with us by email on The more challengers we have, the better![/p][p][u]About Duchenne UK charity[/u][/p][p]Duchenne UK has one clear aim - to end Duchenne, a devastating muscle-wasting disease. As the leading Duchenne charity in the UK, they connect the best researchers with industry, the NHS and families to challenge every stage of drug development to make the incurable, curable. Smile with Shiv are a Family Fund with Duchenne UK. Together, we will find treatments and cures for this generation of patients with Duchenne.[/p]

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Jul 31, 2021


Well done Chutti, Thiyana & Kairavi


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Jul 14, 2021


Great cause, keep up the hard work


Jul 11, 2021

Savitaben Mistry

Well done everyone!


Jul 10, 2021

Suresh and Anjana Faldu

Good luck Amitaben


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Jul 9, 2021

Nick Factor

Good luck Shiv's Smilers!!


Jul 8, 2021

Nirmalaben Thakrar

Well done Kyan, Jinita, Avisha, Riya & Shiv Love Big Nani/Nani/Baa


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Jul 7, 2021

Jashwanti Raichand Shah

A great cause.


Jul 6, 2021

Avisha, Riya, Abhay & Bijal Thakrar

Amazing work team! We've all smashed it! Let's fight Duchenne! Avisha, Riya, Abhay and Bijal xx


plus £25.25 Gift Aid

Jul 6, 2021

Anant, Jayshree, Ajay and Shivam Ruparelia

Well done Rashmiben and everyone! Wishing Shiv all the best!


plus £6.25 Gift Aid

Jul 6, 2021

Kishan Thakarshi

Amazing work everyone!!


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