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[p]Last year, Scott tackled the Ride London100 under the blistering July sun and completed the event despite buckling a wheel and needing to buy a new one half way round. In 2017 his efforts raised £2972.50 for Epilepsy Research. After the event he discovered that he was one of only a handful of cyclists who had taken part along side 25,000 others which had represented Epilepsy Research UK. This time around there is a whole team of Stoney Loons (and friends) tackling the 100 mile monster.[/p][p][b][i]Clipping in for the challenge...[/i][/b][/p][p][b]Scott Gauld[/b]- Returning to tackle the beasts of Leith and Box Hill once again hopefully without the mechanic issues of last time around. This year I will be better prepared having taken part in a two day trip to Amsterdam in early June and having joined a cycling club this year I'm improving on the bike every week. My main objective is to help Epilepsy Research UK achieve more than the £10k they raised form the 2017 event. The opportunity to complete the event with the Stoney Loons should make for an interesting day, can we hit our 7 hour target?[/p][p][b]Gregor Stewart[/b] - I only ever rode my bike around 10miles a week to get to work - only so i could have an extra 10 minutes in bed each day! The thought of 100 miles really scared me - and still does - but I saw last year the effort that Scott put in to raise lots of money and awareness for a charity dear to his heart and wanted to help him out. I now love my road bike and going out at the weekend onto some nice quiet roads and turning off from the pressures of work and housework![/p][p][b]Jonny Cohen[/b] - The past year has been limited for getting miles under the belt due to a knee operation but I am looking to get back into it. My biggest cycling exploit was undertaken in China when I cycled 490km in 6 days along the route of the great wall. It was a great challenge which raised £5000 for charity. [/p][p][b]Stuart Byers[/b] - I've undertaken a few cycling events over the past few years so I have a little bit of experience when it comes to sitting down and being in pain. I have done "ride the north" on three occasions and "coast to coast" which was 200+ miles over 2 days which included going over the Lecht ski centre in the Scottish Cairngorm mountain range. I am really looking forward to cycling for charity this summer especially since it's for Epilepsy Research UK, as my future brother in-law suffered a bad head knock as a teenager resulting in him living with Epilepsy ever since. It would be great if we could beat our target and help as many people as possible, thanks for all your support!! [/p][p][b]Mads Troldborg[/b] - I have never cycled a 100 miles before, but being from Denmark I literally grew up on a bike. I’m used to commuting to work and more or less anywhere on my bike. I therefore kind of assumed doing Ride London should be easy enough. Sure, people have been telling me about Box Hill and Leith Hill, but how bad can they be? Having now had my first few rides around in what I consider fairly mountainous North East Scotland, I realise that London is not so flat after all. Having to climb nearly 2000 m during the 100 miles is a lot! But I’m really up for the challenge and I'm hoping to help Scott and the rest of the Stoney Loons team to raise lots of money and awareness for Epilepsy Research UK.[/p][p][b]Mark Hadfield[/b] - Having never cycled more than a few miles in one go, I have definitely come into this challenge as a complete novice. Although ignorance was initially bliss, the training rides have really hit home how far 100 miles is, especially up against the clock. Having spent more than a decade working in a care environment however, I have seen first hand the effect that Epilepsy can have on the lives of those who live with it, and their loved ones; so it’s very much a challenge worth accepting and between us, I hope we can raise a lot of money for a truly great cause![/p][p][b]John "Die Hard" MacLean[/b] - A latecomer to any sort of physical exercise I am more than a little nervous of the challenge, at least swimming pools do not have hills to navigate around. Initially signed up through peer pressure from Gauldy but main goal is to raise some decent funds for charity and hopefully haul myself around in a halfway respectable time. Also a very good excuse to get out on the bike a bit more regularly and to practice my negotiating skills with local cafe owners, much to the amusement of other team members.[/p][p][b]Phil Ince[/b] - Coming Soon[/p][p][b][i]Why we are fundraising...[/i][/b][/p][p]In 1995, Scott’s dad Graham suffered some sort of seizure in his sleep and rushed to hospital where it transpired he had been living with epilepsy for some time it just hadn’t manifested itself as a full tonic clonic seizure. Epilepsy, a disability which affects 1 in 103 people, was only diagnosed after a second episode four weeks later. His condition has been managed since by a dedicated consultant neurologist who kept him seizure free for 10 years using anti-epileptic medication. A reoccurrence in 2005 started an evolving process of rebalancing anti-convulsant medication and introducing other drugs in parallel as specialists became aware of new treatments albeit all carrying the risk that the slightest adjustment could make the condition worse. His condition has been stabilised but he continues to be plagued by complex seizures and is presently considered to be “drug resistant”. [/p][p]Complex seizures start focally within the brain and cause impairment of consciousness to varying degrees. Drug-resistant focal epilepsies are notoriously difficult to manage and impact enormously on the lives of all those affected. Around 30% of those diagnosed cannot have their illness fully controlled. This is where the important work of “Epilepsy Research UK” kicks in by providing the very significant funding required for research and development of new treatments to improve the quality of life of all those impacted. The research projects funded by the charity are fascinating as can be seen if you visit its website. Graham himself has been involved in a project assisting “Medway School of Pharmacy” with staged research looking at the significant side effects from taking various combinations of anti-epileptic medication e.g. memory impairment and sleep deprivation. [/p][p]He considers himself to be one of the more fortunate of those affected choosing to be in the company of those who understand the condition and willingly offer care. This allows him to carry on certain hobbies, working on committees and also with his voluntary work. This has only been possible through the total dedication of the neurologist and his tenacity in finding a treatment offering total control. Having discounted surgery, they have an ongoing dialogue re new treatments from the outcomes of intensive research funded by various charities. The work of “Epilepsy Research UK” and the varied research projects are closely followed and supported by the Gauld family. We would like to be associated too by cycling for a charity dedicated to make life easier for all those affected by the disability.[/p][vmgvideo class="ql-video" allowfullscreen="true" src="" frameborder="0"][/vmgvideo][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p]
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