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[p]For months people have been asked; “What is your next project Shadi, what are you going to do?” Well, here it is![/p][p]I can officially announce that I will be attempting to summit the highest peak in Europe, a dormant volcano called Elbrus in Russia which last erupted 200 year ago. Eeek! [/p][p]Elbrus is the 5th tallest mountain in the world standing proud at 5642m and is best known for its extreme climate change. With temperatures on the mountain reaching as low as -38 along with frequent high winds this can delay or even cancel summit success. The reason for the extreme weather conditions is due to its location between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, these two huge bodies of water create precipitation and unpredictable high winds, making this stunning peak the windiest in Europe. [/p][p]When I decided on getting acquainted with this spectacular creation, I managed to convince my climbing buddies it would be a great idea to tackle the more challenging route North to South. This means we will be totally unassisted, carrying all our own equipment, tents, food and all the many layers to survive this 10 day expedition in truly extreme conditions. [/p][p]“Why am I doing this?”[/p][p]It is simple, knowledge is gained when our limits are pushed. I don’t consider myself to be a princess but the idea of not washing and sleeping in a tent is still something I don’t particularly like! However, I believe significant growth is achieved when we lean into our fears. Yes I hate the cold and anything under 24 Celsius is certainly not warm but, “Whats the worst that can happen?”; I ask myself. [/p][p]I console myself with the notion that despite my fear of heights and suffering in the cold my efforts will bring about change to others. After all, life is about giving, sharing and working as a team. I love nothing more than sharing the lessons learnt with schools and businesses and inspiring others to ‘climb’ their own personal mountains. [/p][p]This project has been a labour of love and I have been seeking the right charity to dedicate the 5th tallest mountain in the world to. I am truly thrilled to be fundraising for Allegras Ambition in aid of Youth Options.[/p][p]“How can YOU get involved?”[/p][p]Make a donation.[/p][p]You can make a donation on this page.[/p][p]Money raised from the Elbrus Challenge will be used to purchase a portable outdoor classroom facility to be located in a stunning nature-rich plot in Eastleigh, managed by Youth Options. This space will provide outdoor/indoor educational activities for disadvantaged children. Providing youngsters with a peaceful green location where they can be with other similar children without feeling judged, finding inner peace and allowing them to have time out from their otherwise burdened lives.[/p][p]Business Sponsorship & Partnership [/p][p]If you are a business and wishing to get involved we would love your help and would be delighted to work with your corporate social responsibility team. Please get in touch[/p]
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28 Jun 2019


Aug 11, 2019

Sara Afshar

Dear Shadi, You are an amazing adventurer, so brave!!! And such a compassionate person, supporting great causes. You’re an inspiration - keep doing what you do! Lots of love, Sara & Len xxxx


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Jul 5, 2019



plus £13.25 Gift Aid

Jun 30, 2019

Sarah and Mick

You can do it!


Jun 29, 2019

Peter Kennedy

Go crack it Shadi 👍😀


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Jun 29, 2019


Good luck - thank you for choosing Allegra's Ambition. Great to be climbing a volcano!


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Jun 29, 2019

Sheila Miller

Good luck Shadi. Hope it goes well. Take care x


shadi ganjavian-connor

shadi ganjavian-connor

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