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[p][img][/img][/p][p][b][u]UPDATE[/u] [/b][/p][p][img][/img][/p][p][b]Tuesday 25th June[/b][/p][p]We did it! With a chip time of 17 hours 32 minutes and 45 seconds. That was the hardest thing that I've ever done. Thinking of Dan's determination and the suffering of people and their families with brain tumours got me through, however it did get pretty bleak around Mile 40 when my blisters were building! I feel so grateful to Steph for supporting me through it- and of course to everyone donating and encouraging us through. I feel a bit lost now it's over but looking forward to getting that tile of the Wall of Hope and continuing Dan's legacy. [u]Thank you so much[/u] everyone, keep donating if you can! B x [/p][p][b]Wednesday 19th June[/b][/p][p]Thank you. To everyone who's kindly donating, you don't know how much this inspires us and is gearing us up for a tough weekend. We are hoping to keep you updated along the way, so keep an eye out on Steph's Instagram ([u]@sjensten[/u]) and my Twitter ([url=][b]@BelindaEnsten[/b][/url]). It's all for Dan, we're hoping to channel some of his determination and stamina. For everything that he endured and his family continue to endure- Let's do this. #TeamDewar [/p][p][b]Tuesday 28th May[/b][/p][p]Due to your incredible generosity and support with our Pub Quiz & Half Marathons we have now updated our target to £2,740. This pays for one day of research in a Research Centre in the UK and allows us to dedicate a tile on the Wall of Hope in Dan's Honour- to remember him and work towards a time when people won't need to say goodbye to people they love early because of a brain tumour. [/p][p]Thank you, from B and Steph xx[/p][p][img][/img][/p][p]Daniel Dewar was a very good man, Team Dewar are here and we have a plan,[/p][p]A loyal and fantastic friend, In his memory we would love you to spend,[/p][p]Your hard earned money for an important issue, We’ve had lots of tears and been through all the tissue. [/p][p]But now we have an ultra marathon in our sights, We’re really serious and have running tights,[/p][p]Race to the King is an epic feat, But we’re doing it for charity so hold on to your seat,[/p][p]There’s fifty-three miles ahead of us so we are limbering up, Just 1% of cancer research funding is spent on brains and that just doesn’t make the cut,[/p][p]We want to cure brain tumours which is really tough, Raising cash for Brain Tumour Research by getting out of puff,[/p][p]We are running two whole marathons in two short days, It’s quite a challenge so we really hope someone pays, [/p][p]Help us fund the fight- [b]together we will find a cure, [/b]It’s Race to The King, [b] #TeamDewar [/b]on tour. [/p][p][url=][/url][/p][vmgvideo class="ql-video" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" src=""][/vmgvideo][p][br][/p][p][br][/p]
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Jul 15, 2019

Jane McKenzie

Well done! I hope the blisters have healed


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Jul 14, 2019

Marion Brown

From Marion Brown, Joys sister


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Jul 13, 2019

Nick and Jane

Incredible feat both of you


Jul 13, 2019

Joy and Denzil


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Jul 3, 2019

Laura Lefeuvre

Well done!!


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Jun 29, 2019

Sinead Farrell

Well done Belinda, you did it! The toenails will grow back in no time😩👟😂


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Jun 28, 2019



plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Jun 26, 2019

Hayley Morris and The Ann Savva Group

Fantastic challenge for a wonderful cause! Well done to you both x


Jun 24, 2019


Well done girls x

Jun 24, 2019

George Iceton

Amazing achievement for a very worthy cause. Congratulations. George x


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Stephanie Ensten

Stephanie Ensten

Belinda Ensten

Belinda Ensten

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