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[p][b]IN MEMORY OF THOMAS “TOTI” WORBOYS[/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]My name is Nick Worboys, father of Thomas “Toti” Worboys. I want to tell you about his story; his short battle with leukaemia and how we can keep the love alive with his memorial fund.[/b][/p][p][br][/p][p][b] All children are special however right from his birth Toti was extra special. He arrived into the world a lot faster than his elder brother. So quick, that Amelia was caught off guard and didn't have time to get to the hospital; so we delivered him on our own at home. [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]He was an angelic, cute, healthy and happy little boy. Even at the age of 2 when he broke his leg, we didn't suspect that there was anything wrong with his bones. However as he grew up, he started to fracture more bones. Eventually he was diagnosed as having a rare genetic disease called Olliers; which causes cartilage lumps and weaknesses within his bones. It was NOT a life threatening condition and leukaemia was never on the radar. However he was supposed to look after his weaker bones. Easier said than done, as boys will be boys, so accidents did happen. He was always so brave with the many procedures and operations to fix his bones and remove the benign lumps.[/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]Olliers stopped him from contact sports and games but other than that he lead a very normal life. Toti was mad keen on sport, desperate for success. As parents we were constantly ‘kissing frogs’ to find his thing in life. We just wanted him to enjoy his sports but he always wanted to be the best; oblivious and in defiance to his disease. He never took no for an answer. He was determined to play tag rugby, cricket, hockey, athletics and golf. He played golf every Sunday with Amelia or me watching him as he was being coached. He would beam from ear to ear with a huge warm, proud, contented smile regardless of whether the ball behaved itself or not. He loved to be loved. [/b][/p][p][br][/p][p][b] Watching rugby was our greatest pleasure. In true Worboys tradition the family fortune is being blown watching rugby. He was a walking encyclopaedia on rugby facts and figures, names and faces. He watched England at Twickenham and Jonny Wilkinson go out on a high at the European final. However our most special times have been supporting the mighty Bath rugby. Toti was one of the first members of the junior supporters club. Bath rugby is woven into our family DNA. In April 2014 his brother was away, so Toti and I went to see the match on our own. I have one of my fondest memories of him from this match. He decided he wanted to sit on my lap to watch the match. We talked about the program, the players, the game and tactics. Best of all we cuddled for the whole of the match. At the time I knew it was one of those special moments that will stay with me forever. [/b][/p][p][br][/p][p][b] Toti was good company, he would love to chat for hours on end and he was interesting and a good listener. He was naturally empathetic, soft, gentle and kind hearted. He was a good boy who was never in trouble.[/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]Toti was blessed with a most infectious sense of humour. He could make us all laugh even at the most inappropriate moments. Trying to discipline our children required impossible levels of self control, as soon as I put on my serious voice, he would automatically burst out into uncontrollable laughter. Resistance was futile so we'd all be crying with laughter. He was full of joy; delivered with a beautiful smile. All the while Amelia and I knew that he needed just a bit more care and attention. Amelia in particular poured love and devotion into his little life; so he had a wonderful life. [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]All good things come to an end. Early in July Toti had a minor operation on his leg. Ironically we were completely relaxed about the operation, as this was the last one on the list and we could look forward to a period of normal family life. Toti came home and was slow to recover. Late afternoon on July 14th he took a turn for the worse. The paramedics took him to hospital with what we thought was a minor infection. Events escalated quickly. We had no idea that he had acute leukaemia which triggered a terrible bleed in his brain. It all happened so quickly. While he was still with us we told him how much we loved him and that we couldn't be any more proud of him. Amelia and I brought him into this world on our own, and so to complete the circle just the two of us laid with him as he drifted off to sleep in the early hours of July 15th. So it is with the greatest sadness that Toti has moved on to a higher place.[/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]The NHS child death review was full of surprises. He had two faulty genes IDH 1 and 2. These are linked to Olliers disease, bone cancer and acute myloid leukaemia. The post mortem discovered that he had all these diseases. [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]We remain positive and motivated to keep his memory alive. In the early days we raised over £5000 for CLIC Sargent as they helped us at the time of his death. We have now changed direction for our fund raising. Childhood leukaemia is one of the biggest causes of death in UK children. Clearly helping to cure childhood leukaemia is a massive goal. Consequently we have set up a Memorial fund to raise money for the charity Childrens’ Cancer and Leukaemia Group. We’ve chosen this charity as they will ring fence the memorial fund and we can direct the money towards childhood leukaemia research. With a great deal of kindness and generosity we have raised over £250,000 and we’ll keep going.[/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]For more information please search on google for “Toti Worboys” or use this link:[/b][/p][p][url=][b][/b][/url][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]Best wishes[/b][/p][p][b]Nick, Amelia, George, Evie, Barney…..and Toti Worboys[/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][img]//:0[/img][/p][p][u] [/u][/p][p][u] [/u][/p][p][u] [/u][/p][p][u] [/u][/p][p][u]Registered charity number 286669[/u] [/p][p][br][/p]
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Mar 21, 2020

Andy Darlington

Donating the stragglers from fundraising at Renishaw. Thanks for a fantastic event Nick and team!


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Mar 20, 2020

Mum Dad Dawn Graham

Well done Julian on completing your solo Half Marathon


Mar 17, 2020

Nicola Bruce

Well done Marc! That training made all the difference... beat your time from last year!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Mar 17, 2020

Sue and Dave Bruce

Well done Marc


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Mar 16, 2020

Liz Lawrence

Well done Team Toti!


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Mar 15, 2020

The Smith family

Well done Julian Law 👍👍


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Mar 15, 2020

Carly Beasley

Well done everyone running half marathons & raising money for an incredible charity!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Mar 15, 2020

Kati Moriarty

Well done Julian 🙂


Mar 15, 2020

Ed Smith


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Mar 15, 2020

Sam Phillips


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

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