Tour de Trigger- September 21-22, 2019


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[p][i]*The below is from Russell Claydon (Trigger's best man from his 2016 wedding) on behalf of Team Tour de Trigger:[/i][/p][p][b]'I've been given one of my biggest challenges that's been chucked at me so far! It's pancreatic cancer China (mate) and I've got my gloves on ready for the fight!' - Craig Sawyer[/b][/p][p]Even the way Craig Sawyer, aka Trigger, delivered the devastating news to me about his diagnosis in October 2018 spoke volumes of the very special person he is.[/p][p]He has been fighting all his life, ever since being diagnosed with CF (cystic fibrosis) from birth. He only recently went public with that one as he didn't want to be treated any differently. He then had the challenge of not only living with CF but also with diabetes. Again, he just got on with things and did not let it affect his life any more than it absolutely had to. [/p][p]Two things Trigger has always been is fun-loving and kind hearted. For this to happen to him, after all he has had to contend with in his life, is simply devastating for all of us who are close to him.[/p][p]You feel so helpless in these situations. But we wanted to do something to fight with him.[/p][p]And so that is how the Tour de Trigger cycle ride was born![/p][p]From the White Horse pub in Beyton, where we have all spent much of our spare time together - and where many a happy memory has been shared by us all - on to White Hart Lane in north London, home of Craig's beloved Tottenham Hotspurs, and one of his favourite places on earth. And so it should be, after he and his family have spent the last 20 (or so) years watching the good, the bad and the ugly with their season tickets! Unfortunately he was too ill to take up his seat he had bought in Madrid to see in the Champions League? Final. But from there this plan started to hatch.?[/p][p]On September 21 2019 a team of 7 of us; 6 six friends (listed below) and his brother Mitch, will don the lycra and get on our bikes for the first of two days using pedal power to hopefully raise lots of money for two charities very close to our hearts, and chosen by Trigger himself: [url=]Pancreatic Cancer UK[/url] and The [url=]Cystic Fibrosis[/url] Trust.[/p][p]The first day will see us ride 75.12 miles and, after an overnight stop in north London, 75.12 miles back to the White Horse pub in Beyton, Suffolk, totaling 150.77 miles.[/p][p]Please support us and visit back for updates on our training and progress.[/p][p]* [i]Some of you will already know, Craig is a relatively private person at the best of times, and the news of his latest fight may have come as a shock to many of you.[/i][/p][p][i]However, Craig and his team have asked that you could respect his and his wife's privacy at this time.[/i][/p][p][i]He has therefore asked that if you wish to send any support, well wishes and messages to them both, could you please include them in your comments when making a donation. Craig and Alison can then read them at their leisure.[/i][/p][p][i]They very much appreciate all positive thoughts and wishes and thank you very much for any support and donations you can give.[/i][/p][p][i]* Update: With your amazing help (thank you!) we smashed through our original target of £2,000 - £1,000 to each charity - in just 7 days! W[/i]ith a decent amount of time left and a few fund-raising ideas building we're doubling the target to £4,000 to try and use this ride to help these charities as much as we possibly can. We're so grateful to everyone who has donated and helped us break the £2k barrier. All donations are inspiring us to do our best as we get closer to September 21! [/p][p][b]Team Tour de Trigger riders:[/b][/p][p][i]* Will Bauly; Ollie Brown; Russell Claydon; George Martin; Philip Mole; James Mould; Mitchell Sawyer; [/i] [/p][p][b]Team Tour de Trigger support crew: [/b][/p][p][i]* Gary Sawyer (support vehicle); Andy Tucker; Maxine Sawyer; Alison Sawyer[/i][/p][p]And with a bit of luck we may be joined by Craig himself and his amazing wife Alison too along the way![/p]
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21 Sep 2019


Nov 11, 2019

Thurston rugby


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The White Horse


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Nov 7, 2019

The Sparks family (Sarah's auntie/uncle)

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Oct 16, 2019

Alex and James x


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Oct 15, 2019

John and Margaret Atherton

Well done! A great charity, and a brave and lovely person.


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Oct 13, 2019

Roger and Natalie Bennett


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Oct 4, 2019

Lavenham bakery bucket


Oct 4, 2019

Oz-lavenham joinery

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Oct 4, 2019

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Oct 4, 2019

The Yallops

Cash donation from Russell’s aunt and uncle


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