Tracy Latham

Tracy Latham

Trekking the Pennine Way in 8 days


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My story

[p]For as long as I can remember, Mum has suffered with debilitating back pain, but she has never given up.[/p][p]She has had numerous surgeries throughout the length of her spine, starting in May 2006, aged 57. Thankfully, this was a success & Mum wrote in her letter of thanks at the time: [/p][p]“Since 2002 my quality of life had deteriorated & I was in pain night & day…I lived on pain killers. Life was an existence. …….[b]Thank you for giving me my life back[/b].”[/p][p]Unfortunately, in December 2007 Mum took an acute turn for the worse when she was hospitalised with severe lumbar/ deferred hip pain. In 2013, further surgery of the lower spine was successful. Mum fought back once again & made the most of her less painful years. However, with progressive deterioration in other areas of the spine, the pain increased & quality of life significantly declined.[/p][p]Subsequent surgeries, have resulted in implant rejection, loosening, & protrusion with associated debilitation & disability. Mum has taken maximum recommended doses of multiple forms of analgesia for many years, to try & alleviate the pain, & now she has increasingly compromised kidneys. She currently lives from day to day, with some days being marginally better than others but none pain free.[/p][p]Despite all of this we cannot thank the Consultants enough for their perseverance & effort to try & alleviate her pain. They have never given up on her, & I think we were all hoping that the operation in September 2020, with alternative implant stabilisation, would be Mum’s final surgery to finally improve her quality-of-life long term.[/p][p]And in fact, Mum was making great progress with dedicated & determined daily physio & treadmill rehab. Then, tragically, Christmas Eve 2020, one of the rods in her spine snapped & once more Mum is in agony. At the time of writing this (February 2021) Mum is prioritised for correction surgery once COVID is more controllable.[/p][p]My Mum, Helena Latham, is a truly amazing woman, who used to love the simple things in life such as walking, seeing & being around friends & family. Now, once again, she just has pain every waking moment & even at night it is pain that wakes her. She looks out the window watching people walk by….[/p][p]‘all I want to be able to do is put one foot in front of the other without pain’….[/p][p]…she breaks down, but it is only ever me who sees this side of her, because to everyone else she puts on a brave face, because she doesn’t want to feel a burden. [/p][p]My Dad, 76 this year, is incredible. He is primary carer for both Mum & Paula, my mentally handicapped sister. I help where I can remotely, due to work commitments, & go home at weekends.[/p][p][b]I am doing this challenge (hopefully with Mum as my support crew) to raise funds as our way of saying thank you to our amazing NHS & giving back something for all that they have done for Mum.[/b][/p][p] This truly lovely lady is still so willing & determined in mind but unfortunately is now so crippled physically. She, as lots of other people do, deserve the opportunity to experience a more pain-free living rather than an existence/ suffering that some days you wouldn’t put an animal through.[/p][p]Mum is extremely brave, an inspiration, & I am so proud of her. It is for this reason I will never give up on her, & why I will do all 268 miles of the Pennine Way in 8 days for what will be our greatest & most worthy cause yet.[/p][p]If you have read this, I thank you & I know there are so many worthy causes & people in need out there, but I will do whatever it takes to complete this. As the 2007 London Marathon moto goes: ‘Impossible is Nothing’.[/p][p][b]THANK YOU [/b]so much if you do choose to donate[b] [/b]– every penny raised is greatly appreciated & will go towards the NHS Spinal team at North Staffs Hospital.[/p][p][br][/p]
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Nov 27, 2021

Margery Sargeant

Well done you and for such a worth cause x


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Oct 16, 2021



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Oct 15, 2021

Adam and Abi

Well done!


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Oct 7, 2021

Jan Alan and Family


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Oct 3, 2021



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Sep 24, 2021

Sandra Brooks

Well done Tracy!! You are truly a superstar!!!


Sep 22, 2021



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Sep 13, 2021

Michael Lynda and Alishea

All the best from all at Franklin’s Farm


Sep 11, 2021



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Sep 10, 2021

Kate and the boys

Tracy you are amazing I am so proud of you. All the blisters will be worth it! Nearly there last push tomorrow.


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