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[p]Your support enables us to bring clean water, increased income and hope to the people of rural Cambodia. We appreciate every contribution which adds up to making a lasting impact of improved health and sustainable livelihoods. Your gifts help to provide for our village partners needs within our four programs: Health, Food Security, Education and Economic Development.[/p][p]One example is Mrs. Rihampol who lives with her husband and child, a five-year-old boy, in extremely poor conditions in a village an hour north of Siem Reap. Even by rural Siem Reap standards, this is a deprived area of the country.[/p][p]Our Board member, Justine Auton and Mr. Sor Ratanak, our Field Director for Trailblazer Angkor, stopped in to have a chat with Mrs. Rihampol after seeing a Trailblazer bio-sand water filter next to her house. Mrs. Rihampol shyly agreed to talk to Justine.[/p][p]Mrs. Rihampol is young, maybe 20, and her life experiences have been exclusively in this village. She was born here, did some schooling here and married here. She lives much the same life, in the same state of poverty, that her own mother did. [/p][p]Laura and Conor, supporters of Trailblazer donated a bio-sand water filter. Their filter ended up with this family and stands in pride of place next to a water pump and it is very well cared for.[/p][p]Justine asked Mrs. Rihampol about the filter, which is shared with a neighbor.[/p][p]“The water tastes good!” was the much-repeated response. “The water from the pump tastes bad, but after it goes through the filter it tastes so good. Even if the water I put into it is very dirty, it comes out clean.”[/p][p]Justine asked about the impact the filter had had on the family.[/p][p]“One month after we started drinking the clean water my little boy stopped being sick and we all stopped having diarrhea. We don’t have a latrine. It was very bad before…. being like that. We use the water for drinking and for cooking.”[/p][p]How had the family come to have a filter?[/p][p]“We had got the water pump before and had heard of filters. We asked the Chief to get one. We paid US$3 which took us two weeks to save up.”[/p][p]Justine asked Mrs. Rihampol what the most important thing was about the filter.[/p][p]“It tastes so good! I’ve had water from other filters but this one is the best!”[/p][p]Pictured is the family home and Mrs. Rihampol proudly showing her filter to Justine.[/p]
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Dec 6, 2020

Maggie Osbourne

Have a happy and safe Christmas and hopefully a much better 2021. Please use this donation to buy school uniforms,


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Dec 19, 2019

Maggie Osbourne

Please give my donation to your agricultural project.


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