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Team story

[p]We made it! A team of 12 intrepid friends completed the challenge - 50km by bike to 2200m and then a 5.5 hour hike in the dark and -4 degree temperatures for 9 of the team to the Altavista only 150m short of the summit, rise before dawn then completing the last bit of the hike in 30mph winds for the final 4.[/p][p]It was a real challenge and the strength of some of the team to just keep going throughout the whole 14 hour mission in one day was truly phenomenal.[/p][p]Pictures will be coming soon, but our thanks to the support team, those back in the UK streaming and broadcasting all day and running events to keep everyone entertained and of course our families for giving us the time to do the challenge.[/p][p]Of course, thanks also go to the wonderful community of supporters for providing the sponsorship meaning we can help change people's lives.[/p][p]**Important note: Virgingiving have found a bug when people donate from Apple handhelds where it says it has completed but no pennies change hands. Might be worth checking whilst they work to fix it.**[/p][p]We're a group of friends who met through the community associated with the Elite : Dangerous computer game. We regularly raise money for our two adopted charities (Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Special Effect) and have raised several thousand pounds for both over the past three years.[/p][p]A group of 7 riders and 5 crew will be getting to the top of Mount Teide in Tenerife later this year by bike and hike. We will be starting at Tegueste and riding all the way to the caldera. At this point we will dismount and hike up the volcano to the cabin at the peak where we will stay the night, and the following morning we will climb to the very peak at 3718m. To put this into context, Teide is 12,198ft in height which exceeds the height of all three UK highest peaks combined! Ben Nevis (4,411 ft), Scafell Pike (3,209ft) and Snowdon (3,506ft).[/p][p]We will be riding for 2 UK charities, one is called 'SpecialEffect' who provide bespoke control devices for people with disabilities so they can use computers and gaming consoles. It's something we all take for granted but can have a massive positive effect on people who aren't so fortunate. Please see[/p][p]The other charity we support is 'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People'. One of the team is a Hearing Dog recipient and has benefitted greatly from the companionship, asssistance and confidence that his Hearing Dog Alvin brings to him. Please see [/p][p]As for the riders of this adventure, we are a mature and unfit gaming group who play a space simulation game called 'Elite Dangerous', and our sub-group is called the 'Hutton Orbital Truckers'. You can see how silly we are at if you wanted to (and we have an excellent 24/7 radio station.)[/p][p]The Truckers up Teide charity bike ride is now booked and paid for. This is where the Tour de France riders practice to get race fit, and we are all 40 something overweight gamers....[/p][p]Sunday the 11th November is the date of the torturous ride, and we won’t be back down until Monday the 12th lunch time fingers crossed.[/p][p]Big thanks to the team for even considering doing this.[/p][p]For now, training, training and more training....![/p][p]#forthemug[/p][p]#forspecialeffect[/p][p]#forhearingdogs[/p][p]-----------------------------------------------------------------[/p][p]Many thanks to those who've sponsored us so far including our corporate sponsors:[/p][p]Genesys[/p][p]-----------------------------------------------------------------[/p][p]We've joined together to raise money for charity. You'll see our team fundraising target on the right. Your donation can really help us smash this goal[/p][p]Teide photo : By Daniel Gainza - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,[/p][p][br][/p]
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11 Nov 2018


Dec 21, 2018


I said i'd empty my wallet into the tin when we got home. I had about 80 Euros left. So here it is... Thanks for the memories guys and girls. You are an awesome bunch of filthy truckers! Luv Fletch :-) xXx


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Dec 3, 2018




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Dec 3, 2018

Cmdr Nhi Vanye I Chya

Well done guys!


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Dec 2, 2018


Well done Chris and Rachael


Dec 1, 2018

Phil and Sarah Bryant


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Dec 1, 2018


Well done to you all on a great achievement, both physical and fund-raising!


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Nov 30, 2018


Nov 29, 2018

David and Ann

Well done to the whole team


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Nov 23, 2018

Mom and Dad

Trying again!


plus £30.50 Gift Aid

Nov 22, 2018

Richard Bentley - CMDR Ricardo Da Lepp

Well done to everyone for a great effort!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

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