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[p][b]!!We completed Walk4ECMO in 6 days and 182 mile at 16:20 on Thursday 13th September!![/b][/p][p][url=http://www.walk4ecmo.co.uk]www.walk4ecmo.co.uk[/url][/p][p]Many thanks [b]EVERYBODY[/b] for your generous donations to ECMO at St Thomas' Hospital and all the amazing support and encouragement we have had for Walk4ECMO. [/p][p]We are so very grateful for everything that the NHS has done for Tom and we believe Walk4ECMO has been a great way for us to say thank you to all the people in Cardiff and London that have made his recovery possible. [/p][p]We had a big turn-out of family and friends early on the Saturday morning in [b]Cardiff [/b]at the start of Walk4ECMO. It was really great to finally meet Zoe and Mark. Many thanks also to Welsh Labour MPs Anna McMorrin and Tonia Antoniazzi for coming to support me. I set off in the rain and was joined by quite a large group for the first 10 miles to [b]Newport[/b]. Tom stayed with me from [b]Newport [/b]and the two of us completed 31 miles on the first day arriving in [b]Chepstow [/b]early evening. [/p][p]The second day was a very long and gruelling 36 miles. I crossed the old Severn Bridge at [b]Chepstow[/b]; Followed a route that took me around [b]Bristol[/b] and down through the villages on the east side of the city; Followed [b]'Bristol and Bath Railway Path'[/b] to [b]Limpley Stoke[/b] and [b]Winsley[/b].[/p][p]On days three to five I had company from pals Richard, Dave and George. I followed the Kennet and Avon canal starting from [b]Limpley Stoke[/b] and passed through [b]Pewsey[/b], [b]Hungerford[/b], [b]Newbury[/b] and [b]Reading[/b]; Returned to the roads during day five on the [b]Reading[/b] to [b]Windsor[/b] stretch. [/p][p]On day six we started with quite a large walking group that only got bigger as we got closer to the final destination. Walkers: Tom, Duncan, Cam, Ewan, Chris, Alex, Jason, Lee, Andy and Liz. I followed a route from [b]Windsor [/b]that snaked into West London along the A4 and into Central London and finally over Westminster Bridge to the final destination at [b]St Thomas' Hospital[/b][/p][p]As I completed my 182nd mile and crossed Westminster bridge I was met by an unbelievable reception of family, friends and staff from St Thomas' hospital... it was a humbling experience indeed. [/p][p]Thanks for everybody that got me over the line today and especially Duncan for keeping us going at an honest pace.[/p][p][b]==========================[/b][/p][p]It's never too late to make your donation to the ECMO team in Intensive Care at St Thomas' hospital.[/p][p][b]==========================[/b][/p][p][b]Money raised offline[/b] [/p][p][b]1) GeorgeandDavidWalkforECMO[/b][/p][p]My old school friend George joined me with two of my university friends for day#3 of this challenge and walked 30 miles from Limpley Stoke to Pewsey along the Avon and Kennet Canal. George and I set up an alternative page (below) for George to capture his personal donations and well wishes. All the money raised on "GeorgeandDavidWalkforECMO" is attributed to the Walk4ECMO charity effort. [/p][p]https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Team/GeorgeandDavidWalkforECMO[/p][p]Raised: £1,117.80+Gift Aid = £1,317.80[/p][p][b]2) planITb Ltd[/b][/p][p]Incredible corporate sponsorship from my colleagues at planITb Ltd! The guys have given me so much support and encouragement over this last year since Tom was ill and have now donated £2000 to my Walk4ECMO charity effort. So grateful![/p][p]Donation: £2,000.00[/p][p][b]3) Euromonitor International[/b][/p][p]Euromonitor held an 'Oktoberfest 2018' fundraising event to supporting @Walk4ECMO and raised an incredible £2527.07 for life-saving ECMO at St Thomas' Hospital. An absolutely incredible effort![/p][p]Donation: £2,527.07[/p][p][b]4) Dairy Crest[/b][/p][p]Dairy Crest's Head Office are supporting @Walk4ECMO as the company's committment to supporting local good causes in the communities. Many thanks Dairy Crest for your incredibly generous donation of £300.00 for life-saving ECMO at St Thomas' Hospital![/p][p]Donation: £300.00[/p][p][b]==========================[/b][/p][p]Pictures and Details of the walk can be found here : www.walk4ecmo.co.uk [/p][p][b]==========================[/b][/p][p]David Boyce will be walking 171 miles from Cardiff to London to raise awareness and money for the life saving [b]ECMO [/b]service provided by the Intensive Care Unit at St Thomas' Hospital in London.[/p][p]The [b]'Roads to Recovery'[/b] Walk4ECMO challenge will start on 8th September from University Hospital of Wales (UHW), Cardiff and finish six days later at St Thomas' Hospital, London. [/p][p]David has organised the challenge as a way of saying thank you to the incredible people working for the NHS that have contributed to save his son Tom's life after he became critically ill with pneumonia. In pariticular for the advanced critical care provided by the [b]ECMO [/b]team from St Thomas’ Hospital in London and to the staff of the Critical Care Unit at the University Hospital of Wales (UHW) in Cardiff who cared for Tom when he was first admitted and had the incredible foresight to refer him for [b]ECMO[/b].[/p][p]David is also taking up the Walk4ECMO challenge as a personal tribute and symbolic journey marking Tom’s [b]ECMO[/b] ambulance progress from Cardiff to London, the first leg of his [b]'Roads to Recovery'[/b].[/p][p]There will be a number of people walking with David to support him over the six days of his challenge, and in particular ...[/p][p]Zoe Lingham will be joining David on the first day of Walk4ECMO to thank the NHS for the amazing care her husband Mark received after he become critically ill with pnuemonia and sepsis. Mark was also incredibly fortunate to have benefited from the life saving care provided by the [b]ECMO [/b]team from St Thomas’ Hospital in London.[/p][p]David will also be joined by Cardiff schoolmate George Karseras on Day3 and Imperial College mates Richard Alderson and Dave Wilson on Days3&4 and Andy Dengel (aka. Dr D) on Day6.[/p][p][b]Incredibly[/b] Tom will be joining his dad David at the start for Day1 and also at the end for Day6! [/p][p]==========================[/p][p][b]Toms story ...[/b][/p][p]On the Sunday 22nd October 2017, 18 year old student Tom Boyce became critically ill with pneumonia and was fighting for his life in the Critical Care Unit at the University Hospital of Wales (UHW) in Cardiff. Tom became too ill for conventional intensive care despite the fantastic efforts from the doctors and nurses looking after him in Cardiff and so the consultants reached out for the advanced critical care offered by the [b]ECMO [/b]team from St Thomas’ Hospital in London. [/p][p]The [b]ECMO [/b]retrieval team answered the call and arrived in Cardiff just before midnight. Tom was assessed by the [b]ECMO [/b]doctors and then taken to the operating theatre where they connected him to a life saving portable [b]ECMO [/b]machine. The retrieval team then transported Tom by ambulance back to the [b]ECMO[/b] unit at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.[/p][p][b][i]ECMO stands for Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation. ECMO is a bit like putting a patient on an artificial lung or heart machine and can provide life support for people with complete heart and/or lung failure. Typically patients would be those with influenza or pneumonia, or heart failure caused by a virus, inflammation or infection. The ECMO buys time for the patient whilst the doctors diagnose and treat the underlying problem.[/i][/b][/p][p]National Geographic: Tech Profile on ECMO[/p][p][url=http://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/embed/?id=5535]http://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/embed/?id=5535[/url][/p][p]Tom spent nearly two weeks in the critical care unit and a further two weeks on high dependency wards before being discharged from St Thomas Hospital, almost a month after becoming critically ill in Cardiff.[/p][p]Tom has been incredibly fortunate to receive the advanced critical care that [b]ECMO [/b]offers. He has received amazing care and support from the numerous dedicated doctors and nurses throughout his time under the care of the NHS who have all ultimately contributed to him being given a second chance to live.[/p][p]It is now almost ten months since Tom left hospital and he is now so much better, recently even coming off all medication. Tom has started to get back to his outdoor hobbies of fishing and hiking and is planning to restart the first year of his degree course in Geology at Cardiff University in September.[/p][p]==========================[/p][p]Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital, London is only one of five adult [b]ECMO [/b]centres in the UK. The five centres work in close collaboration to ensure an excellent, safe and efficient service is provided to all areas of the UK & Northern Ireland.[/p][p]The money the challenge raises will be going to the [b]ECMO [/b]team in the Intensive Care Unit at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. The Hospital say that fundraising activities like Walk4ECMO make a difference because they can contribute to special purpose funds that cover all sorts of things which the NHS can’t provide such as certain staff needs, special posts, training as well as new equipment and facilities. Apparently new [b]ECMO [/b]machines cost in the region of £50,000.[/p][p]More details about the walk including routes, maps, information videos and blogs can be found here:[/p][p][url=http://www.walk4ecmo.co.uk]www.walk4ecmo.co.uk[/url][/p][p]Please also follow my progress on David's Twitter Feed @Walk4Ecmo[/p][p][url=https://twitter.com/Walk4ECMO]https://twitter.com/Walk4ECMO[/url][/p][p]We thank everybody for the incredible support and love we have had since Tom first became ill, and going forward as David takes on this challenge and Tom returns to University to get on with his life ...[/p][p]David Boyce[/p][p][br][/p]
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Menna Davies


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Jez Deacon

Congratulations Dave on a successful walk for a great cause!


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Rob, Beck, Holly, Will and Tilly.


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Oct 9, 2018


Better late than never!


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Oct 4, 2018


Well done Dave - amazing achievement! Hope Tom's recovery is continuing well and he's enjoying life at uni.


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Oct 3, 2018

Louise and Mike Rigby


Oct 2, 2018

Diana Prentice


Sep 28, 2018

Katrina Boyce

Robin would have been very proud of your amazing achievement. Well done. Love Katrina


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Sep 26, 2018

Peter J

All the best for your son and your family and many thanks to all the big-hearted people who help every day to save lifes.


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