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Challenge321's fundraising page

3 team members

Challenge complete

Fundraising for this challenge has ended so we're no longer accepting donations. Thanks to everyone who supported this challenge.

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Team story

[p]Hi, thanks for visiting our page.[/p][lt]p style="text-align: center;"[gt][span=background-color: #00ff00;][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][lt]span style="background-color: #ff0000;"[gt][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][b]The challenge is for the 3 of us (Andrew Heaviside, Stephen Buston & James Latcham) to to raise as much money as we can for [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][span=background-color: #00ff00;][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][lt]span style="background-color: #ff0000;"[gt][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][b]2 charities  (Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and The Brain Tumour Charity) by covering over [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][span=background-color: #00ff00;][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][lt]span style="background-color: #ff0000;"[gt][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][b]1 million metres by the end of 2013 . [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: center;"[gt][span=background-color: #00ff00;][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][lt]span style="background-color: #ff0000;"[gt][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][b]This will be achieved by completing a number of organised runs and a Coast to Coast bike ride.  [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Any donations are greatly appreciated and are going to two excellent charities[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]The planned itinerary is as follows:[lt]br /[gt]Sunday 20/01/13 Brass Monkey Half Marathon, York. [b]Unfortuantely [span=color: #ff0000;]CANCELLED[/span] (by organisers due to adverse weather conditions in York) [/b][url=http://www.yorkknavesmireharriers.co.uk/]http://www.yorkknavesmireharriers.co.uk/[/url] [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt][b]Saturday 26/01/13[/b] [b]Local Half Marathon 13.8miles[/b] - [span=color: #99cc00;][b][lt]span style="color: #00ff00;"[gt]COMPLETED[/span][/b][lt]/span[gt] (Total of [b]66,627 metres done[/b]) We are off and literally running! [url=http://www.sportdistancecalculator.com/?id=10023#map]http://www.sportdistancecalculator.com/?id=10023#map[/url] [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Sunday 10/02/13 St Wilfreds Muddy Boots 10K, Ripon - [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED [/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of [b]30,000 metres done[/b]) [/span][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Sunday 10/03/13 Run Northumberland Half Marathon - [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 63,293 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Sunday 17/03/13 Lightwater Valley Challenge 10K - [span=color: #339966;][lt]span style="color: #00ff00;"[gt][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 30,000 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt][span=color: #339966;][lt]span style="color: #00ff00;"[gt][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt]Sunday 31/03/13 North Tyneside 10K - [lt]span style="color: #339966;"[gt][lt]span style="color: #00ff00;"[gt][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 20,000 metres done -[/b] Andrew was unfortunately ill but will make up 10k at a later date[b]) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Sunday 28/04/13 Half Marathon of the North - [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 63,293 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt]  [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Monday 06/05/13 Tees Barrage 10K [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 30,000 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Sunday 12/05/13 Leeds Half Marathon  [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 63,293 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt] [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt] [lt]br /[gt]Sunday 09/06/13 Blaydon Race 5.7 miles [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 27,519 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt][span=color: #00ff00;][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt][lt]span style="color: #0000ff;"[gt][b][lt]span style="color: #ff0000;"[gt]Stephen unfortunately has fractured his collar bone whilst training for the C2C cycle ride. He is therefore currently unable to run/cycle but is already planning his return to the Challenge. We wish him a speedy recovery and will update the page when he's back.[/span][/b][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt]                                                       [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Sunday 23/06/13 Great North 10K [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 20,000 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt][span=color: #00ff00;][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt][b][/b][/span][lt]/span[gt]                                                      [lt]br /[gt]June 29th & 30th COAST TO COAST WEEKEND bike ride [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 560,052 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt][span=color: #00ff00;][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt][b][/b][/span][lt]/span[gt] [lt]br /[gt]Sunday 14/07/13 Northumberland Coastal Run 14M [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 45,062 metres done)[/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt][span=color: #00ff00;][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt]A massive thanks to our friends [lt]span style="color: #ff0000;"[gt]Mark Brown [/span]and [span=color: #ff0000;]Steve Watson[/span] for their mammoth effort completing the C2C bike ride in ONE day back in July. They raised a massive £1200 sponsorship, thanks to everyone who sponsored them. A very special thanks goes to their employer [span=color: #ff0000;]Hathaway Roofing[/span] who have matched their fundraising efforts and have donated another £1200!!![lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt][span=color: #00ff00;][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt] [/span][lt]/span[gt] [lt]br /[gt]Sunday 11/08/13 Darlington 10K [span=color: #ff0000;][b]Stephen is back running![/b] [/span]- [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED [lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 30,000 metres done)[/b][/span] [/b][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt] [lt]br /[gt]Sunday 08/09/13 Tees Pride 10K, Middlesbrough - [b]Andrew unfortunately has a back injury so couldn't run[/b] [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED [lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 20,000 metres done)[/b][/span] [/b][lt]/span[gt] [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Sunday 15/09/13 Great North Run Half Marathon [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 63,293 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt] [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt][lt]br /[gt]Sunday 29/09/13 Redcar Half Marathon [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 63,293 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt] [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Saturday 12/10/13 Coniston 14 miles [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 67 593 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt] [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Sunday 20/10/13 Gibside Fruit Bowl 6.8 miles [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 32 832 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt] [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Sunday 3/11/13 Derwentwater 10M [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 48 281 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt] [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Sunday 24/11/13 Northumberland 10M [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 48 281 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt] [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]Saturday 21/12/13 Saltwell Park 10K - [span=color: #00ff00;][b]COMPLETED[lt]br /[gt][/b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt](Total of[b] 30 000 metres done) [/b][/span][lt]/span[gt] [/p][lt]p style="text-align: center;"[gt][b][span=color: #ff0000;]******CHALLENGE321 IS NOW COMPLETE******[/span][/b][/p][lt]p style="text-align: center;"[gt][b][span=color: #ff0000;][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt]WE HAVE COVERED[/span] 1 MILLION 422,712 metres [span=color: #000000;]which is just over [/span]884 miles [span=color: #000000;]which is the same distance as [/span]Durham to Paris and back plus a few miles left over to run back to Ferryhill! [span=color: #000000;]THANKS to you all for the fantastic support and donations to two fantastic charities. Have a[/span] Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all. [lt]/span[gt][/b][/p][lt]p style="text-align: center;"[gt][b][span=color: #ff0000;][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt]James, Stephen and Andrew[/span][lt]/span[gt][/b][/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt]A [span=color: #ff0000;]£500 Matched Giving offline donation has been made [/span]by James' employer [span=color: #008000;][b]Lloyds Bank[/b][/span]. Each charity has been sent £250 direct. [/p][lt]p style="text-align: left;"[gt][span=text-decoration: underline;]We will all be covering the entry costs, accomodation and travel expenses ourselves and 100% of the donations will go direct to the charities[/span][/p][lt]p style="text-align: center;"[gt][b][span=background-color: #ff0000;][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt]Why we are doing Challenge321[/span][lt]/span[gt][/b][/p][p]Cancer, the very word strikes fear and uncertainty into even the most brave of people. Start talking about cancer and you’ll discover that almost everyone has known at least one person that has been affected by this dreadful disease.[/p][lt]p class="ecxmsonormal"[gt]It rears its ugly head in all manner of forms, including breast, lung, bowel...it has a devastating range across the human body. Rarer types include brain cancer and cancer of the blood; unfortunately these two conditions have touched us personally.[/p][lt]p class="ecxmsonormal"[gt]Commonly Brain tumours and leukaemia are the villains of stories you read about in magazines or when hearing about new treatments in the news. We’re all possibly guilty of thinking that these things affect others “this sort of thing will never happen to me or anyone close to me”. However the disease is indiscriminate and no matter what sex, age, race, religion...anyone one of us can be affected. Devastatingly for us in our small group of friends in our small town it has recently, TWICE.[/p][lt]p class="ecxmsonormal" style="text-align: center;"[gt][span=background-color: #ff0000;][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][b]Here are Seb and Philip’s stories[/b]:[/span][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p class="ecxmsonormal"[gt]Seb Gardner, he started to develop a bump with a bruise on his forehead just before Christmas 2011. On 3[sup]rd[/sup] February 2012 aged just 2 years and 5 months old Seb was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).[/p][lt]p class="ecxmsonormal"[gt]For Seb’s parents life as they had known it shattered into pieces around them. As well as the devastation and disbelief of what was actually happening Seb immediately had to start 9 months of intensive chemotherapy along with many invasive procedures that left him pained, weak and confused. With Seb’s immune system being weak he picked up infections along the way, meaning more overnight stays in hospital along with general visits 3 to 4 times each week.[/p][lt]p class="ecxmsonormal"[gt]A year on and Seb is on a maintenance programme which means he can receive his chemotherapy at home from his Mam and Dad at a much lower concentration than before.[/p][lt]p class="ecxmsonormal"[gt]We sadly lost Philip Stephenson on 23 December 2012 aged just 34 years of age. Philip bravely fought off brain cancer for 6 years but in only 6 short weeks it progressed and took Philip’s life. He never complained and since diagnosis in January 2007 ran over 5598 miles including long periods when undergoing treatment and 3 years of remission. Philip ran many events for charity and just for fun as running was something he loved. He was loved by so many people which speaks more than words could about the type of man Philip was. We love and miss him so, so much already. Husband, father, son, brother, friend - Love you forever![/p][lt]p class="ecxmsonormal"[gt]Philip was an inspiration to the three of us and we were privileged to complete a number of organised runs with him, the last a half marathon on 30th September 2012, less than 3 months prior to his passing.[/p][lt]p class="ecxmsonormal" style="text-align: center;"[gt][span=background-color: #ff0000;][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][b]Both Seb and Philip are our inspiration for this challenge but we are running for everyone who has been touched by cancer in some way.[/b][/span][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p class="ecxmsonormal" style="text-align: center;"[gt][span=background-color: #ff0000;][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][b][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt][lt]span style="background-color: #ffffff;"[gt]We will regularly update this page and our Facebook page: [/span][lt]/span[gt][/b][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][span=background-color: #ff0000;][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][url=http://www.facebook.com/pages/3-Men-2-Charities-over-1-Million-metres/316704698429700][lt]span style="color: #000000;"[gt][lt]span style="background-color: #ffffff;"[gt]http://www.facebook.com/pages/3-Men-2-Charities-over-1-Million-metres/316704698429700[/span][lt]/span[gt][/url][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][/p][lt]p style="text-align: center;"[gt][span=background-color: #ff0000;][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][b][lt]span style="color: #00ccff;"[gt][lt]span style="background-color: #ffffff;"[gt]Follow us on Twitter @Challenge321r[/span][lt]/span[gt][/b][lt]/span[gt][lt]/span[gt][/p][p][span=background-color: #ff0000;][lt]span style="color: #ffffff;"[gt][b][/b][/span][lt]/span[gt]Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor us and donations will be quickly processed and passed to our designated charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this. We really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.[/p]

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Cake raffle



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£15.00 plus £3.75 Gift Aid


Brian Robinson

£10.00 plus £2.50 Gift Aid


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well done boys

£5.00 plus £1.25 Gift Aid


John and Angie Heaviside

Well done lads great effort



Amanda Heaviside

Off line cash donations for the 2 Fairy Hill Cakes raffles, with the online donations the raffle raised £1395!! Sorry its late being added, been collecting in the last little bits! Thanks to all who took part Amanda x x x



Martin n Capita

£260.00 plus £65.00 Gift Aid


Pauline Hymas

Well done what a great achievement hope you are really proud of yourselves x

£100.00 plus £25.00 Gift Aid

James Latcham

James Latcham

andrew heaviside

andrew heaviside

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Stephen Buston