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[vmgvideo class="ql-video" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" src=""][/vmgvideo][p][br][/p][p]follow my journey so far:[/p][p]Hi guys..... so this SEPTEMBER im going to be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro..... in doing this im hoping to raise £10,000 (100,000kr) for an orphanage based in Tanzania called Feathers Tale here is a link to their website showing all the amazing work they do, please have a look it really is amazing:[/p][p]The guy who founded this village for disabled children and homeless single mothers, has also established a centre for supporting street children of which have been victims of gang rape and some as young as 11 intravenously using heroin. [/p][p]Alongside this the village also has an animal rescue centre currently looking after 56 dogs. [/p][p]It's amazing that IN THREE YEARS they have managed to and rehome nearly 1000 homeless children and now, with a staff of 80 volunteers, Feathers Tale Village looks after over 100 themselves.[/p][p]This is by no means a large charity in fact it's incredibly small, so donations to them make a difference you can actually see.[/p][p]The reason Im raising funds for this charity particularly is because its founder has also helped me and im sure a great deal more people with advice on spiritual practice through his youtube channel:[/p][p]As some might know, I have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for at least 10 years now. At the age of 32 i have realised that im a manchild, still a boy. Through so many years hooked on drugs or drink I have left myself only looking inward, full of self pity and totally lacking in empathy. I want to achieve this goal so I can can meet these children see their suffering and compare it to my own, realising how inward I have been. [/p][p]I want to raise this money as a way of balancing the amount of hurt I have caused to so many friends and family in my life. [/p][p]And if together we help these children, then maybe I'd be able to look myself a little better in the mirror.[/p][p]To climb that mountain look out into the distance and finally feel like.... a child!?!?!? [/p][p]Well at least I should see the next step forward. [/p][p]There is a zen saying[gt] [/p][p] [/p][p] first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain and then there is....[/p][p]The goal I have set of 10k seems quite high and if im honest I feel quite daunted by the prospect of raising such a substantial number but if 2000 people donated £5 or 50kr each then together we have reached the target. [/p][p]This isn't just me trying to get out of this hole I have dug myself, it really does help people who weren't lucky enough to be born into better circumstances than us. £3 or 30kr will sponsor a child for a week, that's just a cup of coffee in the west![/p][p]If you've read this far thanks so much for listening [/p][p][br][/p]

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Nov 24, 2018


Be nice


Oct 21, 2018


Sorry it's so late man, I really hope the money will be spent on the things you are passionate about. Well done Alex! Your an inspiration and a force.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Oct 9, 2018

The British Brawler Black Jack


Sep 25, 2018

Lillian and Tine


Aug 28, 2018


Can I get a shout out from the top?!


Aug 22, 2018


Save the children


Aug 17, 2018

Olivier Twist

I hope one day we will beat this system and you (everybody) will live decently


Aug 12, 2018

Jono McNeil

Nice doing push-ups on the bridge with you xx


Aug 10, 2018



Aug 10, 2018


Good luck mate


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