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Dave Reading

Dave Reading

Dave Reading's fundraising page


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My story

[p][b]Dave's Running journey which turned to an online Bullying and Trolling nightmare.[/b][/p] [p]In 2014 I made the decision to quit my smoking habit, after many years of smoking this was a tough call to make. I had seen my local nurse who had issued me some tablets to help with the cravings but after many years of addiction this was proving to be harder than I first imagined. On one of my appointments to see the nurse she advised me to take up exercise. So that was it I bought a cheap pair of trainers and went for a run, well I managed about 100 yards and was sick. I didn't give up I tried again got a little further and carried on and after several weeks I managed a mile. I also joined a gym and had had some personal training session on I still hadn't touched a cigarette. My wife had lost her Dad to cancer he was only 58 years old and Terrie (my Wife) had to struggle through funeral arrangements and this was tough time for her. I wanted to make Terrie smile again so without thinking about I said I'll apply to run the London marathon 2015, this was January 2015 I had not run/ walk much further than 5 miles I had approximately 11 weeks to train to run the gruelling 26.2 miles of one of the most iconic Marathon’s. I bought a better pair of shoes looked at a beginner training plan and of I run. April 2015 come, my longest run in training was 21 miles I went to London and completed my first marathon, and what an amazing feeling it was a life changing and yes it made Terrie smile again, when I returned home she was so proud that we had done something to celebrate the life of her Dad (Steve).I got the running bug and run regularly that year I completed another marathon(Bournemouth)and the Norwich half marathon. In 2016 i applied to run the London marathon again and got my place. I had approached a local running shop owner who trained people to help me with my training I had a target to attempt to run London marathon in under 3 hours 30 minutes, this was a massive challenge but would have been made worthwhile with a pledge of a donation to my chosen charity. Once again April come round and of I went to London, I was nervous I had trained hard and really wanted to achieve my target time. I completed my run and as always at the end phoned Terrie, there was concern in her voice I asked her what was wrong, Apparently the app that allows you to track runners had not worked and we later found out after speaking to the London marathon organizers that my timing chip had not worked and that they could only give me a start gun time. I had used the Endmonondo app on my phone to track my own progress and my tom tom running watch they both said completely different times. We had a meeting with our pledge donation people and we agreed to defer the pledge until a later race. Once again I carried on training taking part in some local events and preparing to run the 2016 Bournemouth marathon. I had spoken to Terrie and said I would like to have ago at something big so we discussed it over time and decided i would run/walk from Land's End to John o' Groats, we looked into what would be involved and the planning required. We was put in touch with Sharon Gayter the 2006 female world record holder, Sharon was fantastic she gave us lots of advice and even gave us her original set of route maps and gave me a little advice on training for such an event. 2017 was soon upon us and we had trained all through the winter all the team was in place we had ticked all the boxes and we had also made the run an official world record attempt. I knew that I was not a fast runner but we knew if we could just keep moving then who know's, going for the world record was never the main goal in this but we had the team in place so why not have ago. We was raising money for a local military charity and trying to raise awareness for mental health a subject that was close to our hearts. March 2017 was madness media attention was growing we had acquired several very good sponsors support vans were donated support bikes were loaned to us it was all in place to have ago at something amazing and raise funds for a worthy cause, a large local mattress company had donated their time and media skills to promote us through a social media campaign we were good to go. The weekend before we were leaving home for Land's End I had a Polite message interested on how we were tracking the event I explained that we had followed Guinness world record rules and would be tracked via a tracker that we had rented and it would be live on our Facebook and website. From that Sunday morning in April 2017 life changed for me and my family we ended up on an Ultra Running Community Facebook page being questioned on our ability to do the run and then threats were made that if we did not abort our run we would end up on the Lets Run.com site. To be honest we had never heard of it and we had spent too much money and time to listen to a bunch of people that I had never met in my life before on a chat site. IT become quite nasty private messages were being sent to myself my team and some of my sponsors. We left home and headed for our accommodation that we were staying at two days prior to the start of our challenge. The mood in the team was not good we had taken a hammering on social media we was getting news from home that the charity was being called into question, my sponsors had been contacted and were being accused of being in on what was now being labelled as a scam, my running events prior to the challenge had been bought into question it was reported that I had cut the course at London marathon 2016 and at the Bournemouth marathon 2016, it was claimed that in the 2015 Norwich half marathon i had had someone else run the race. Allegation that we were stealing the charity money were also being made. Like most fundraising we had set up a virgin money page were people could directly donate money we had received a cheque from corporate sponsor that was made out direct to the charity. The allegations were absolutely nuts.  Terrie and I had spent thousands of pounds of our personal money to get this challenge of the ground and spent many hours training. We did start the challenge we was set of By the Mayor of Penzance, we had also had a letter from HRH Prince Harry wishing us luck with our challenge but at day two and one of my support crew had had a call from his wife and she had received threats via Facebook messenger so he requested to return home. On our return we still come under attack we had gone viral on the American lets run.com site and was under serious scrutiny from a particular Troll he had searched our marriage records gone through companies house and investigated businesses I had been director of he had found that I had changed my surname to my wife's maiden name, this was considered to be all part of an elaborate scam that we had thought up many years ago. Even though we confirmed through all the correct channels that all funds were received by the charity, and that the organizers of London marathon had clarified through photographic evidence and GPS data from my running watch that I had not cheated in the marathon, Norwich half marathon had admitted in a press article that I commented on that there was a fault with their chip timing and there was issues with final results, Bournemouth marathon never banned me from running in there event and I shall return this year 2017. All the allegations that these Trolls/Haters jealous people made are totally false cruel and total rubbish. We made some mistake's who hasn't,  "the man that never made a mistake never made anything" We received an email from one of our troll's who was located in the USA and it was an attempt to blackmail us he told us he had lots of personal information on Terrie and I and would release it if we didn't confess to him, he had included several bits of personal information and he told us that he would then work with us to make this hate campaign finish. This was serious I then spoke to a UK based charity Bullying UK I rang their helpline explained my situation and got some great advice, we contacted the police and made them aware of what was going on. The police were helpful but could only record my concerns just in case they escalated further. Terrie and I spent weeks thinking about what to do, in the end we posted the email on our Facebook page ourselves, it ended up on all the threads that we had been involved on, but it had a strange effect, the trolls turned on the troll we had brought him out in the open. We then received an apology email from this nasty troll, something we would never have received had we not exposed him. One thing we have learnt about these sad people is they have a problem with admitting what they are, bullies that can only attack from behind a keyboard I have asked to meet with many of my tolling friends I have even invited them for tea and cake but they never turn up. STRANGE. We must remember these people that question our life's often have issue's in their own, so in my own way I feel for them as they are the people that this running challenge was meant to help people with Mental Health issue's.  I could go on about what we went through but it is time to move on Terrie and I and my children will continue with our campaign to raise awareness to what is becoming an even more dangerous problem every-day, we can help educate and advise people that may be going through what we still to date go through our problem has not gone away we have just learnt to deal with it. I shall go on to run in future events and next year my son George and I will finish our journey from John O Groats to Land' End on foot and bike to raise awareness and much needed funding for the charity that helped us through the toughest challenge I have done to date. Once again Terrie and I would like to thank all of those who have stood by us and remember #TRAINFORITDONTTROLLIT.[/p]

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