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[lt]h2 style="text-align: center;"[gt][b]Try Making A Difference[/b][lt]/h2[gt] [p][span=font-size: 10px;]It's often not the big things that we do in life, but the little things that really make a difference...[/span][/p] [p][span=font-size: 10px;]We often don't realise how the small things we do, can often have a massive impact on other people's lives - random acts of kindness, casual displays of generosity, or just generally trying to help others. [/span][/p] [p][span=font-size: 10px;]People say that we should always grab an opportunity if it arises, or do something as soon as we can - take it from me, as someone diagnosed with an incurable, progressive, neurological condition (called Cerebellar Ataxia), that is so true - I have witnessed it so many times now personally through my fundraising efforts[/span][i] [/i][/p] [p]As you may know, during the past four years, I have completed five week-long international bike rides - across Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Israel (three times) to raise money for Norwood, a charity which helps children and young people with disabilities. Incredibly, with the help of two friends, Paul (Tuhrim) and Stephen (Harrison), we have so far raised £125,000! In fact, after my return home last November, I was even given an award by the Prime Minister, David Cameron.  He also said some very nice things about me.[/p] [p]Last year, we were joined by my (then 17-year old) son, Zachi. Doing a ride with Zachi also let me personally realise a dream that I never thought that I would be able to after my diagnosis, especially with the physical difficulties that I have  experienced for over a decade, the last five done from a wheelchair.[/p] [p][span=font-size: 10px;]Who knew that my life would be turning out like this?[/span][/p] [p][span=font-size: 10px;]But I couldn't have done any of this without the support of other people like you,  supporting me through generous financial donations. As I said last year, I have now decided that I am not going to let myself give up, so am intending to keep doing bike rides for as long as I can, to raise even more money for charity.[/span][/p] [p][span=font-size: 10px;]So, in November this year, I am returning to Israel again with Paul and Stephen (and Zachi) to attempt my sixth (yes 6[/span][sup]th[/sup][span=font-size: 10px;]!) week-long bike ride (this time from the Negev desert up to the [big hill] of Jerusalem) to try and once more raise a significant amount of money for Norwood.[/span][/p] [p][span=font-size: 10px;]That's where you come in. - I obviously want to try and raise as much money as possible, so I need your help to sponsor me (perhaps again) to help me yet once more help others - you can sponsor me here [above, top right][/span][/p] [p][span=font-size: 10px;](You can also watch a video here of David Cameron talking about me if you want! [to the right])[/span][/p] [p][span=font-size: 10px;]I'll continue to do the big things but, in order to do so, I need you to help me by doing the little things.[/span][/p] [p][span=font-size: 10px;]Together, we'll hopefully be making a difference….[/span][/p] [p]With best wishes[/p] [p][b]Douglas [/b][/p] [p][span=font-size: 10px;]P.S. Many people have helped me previously by forwarding my messages onto others by email or by using Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc). so please do the same with this message if you can.[/span][/p]


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08 Nov 2015



Jan 12, 2016

Ruth Simmons

Hi Douglas, Well done to you and the team on another amazing achievement. You are my inspiration in the gym. Much love

Dec 24, 2015

Angela Jackman

Well done everyone.


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Dec 23, 2015

Keith Graham

Well done-you're an inspiration to us all

Dec 20, 2015

Your neighbours from No. 25

Better late than never! Well done Douglas!


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Dec 10, 2015

Stephanie Free and Ian Laming

Good luck Douglas! Best wishes


plus £50.00 Gift Aid

Nov 24, 2015

Mamatha and Shuman Hussein

Good Luck! All best wishes for a successful journey. Best wishes Mamatha and Shuman Hussein (London)


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Nov 20, 2015

Stuart Grimley

Congrats - again - great effort all round !


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Nov 20, 2015


Hey Douglas, sorry it's a bit late. Every little helps. Hope all goes/went well. Ash.


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Nov 20, 2015

The Reingolds

Well done to Team Douglas.


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Nov 16, 2015

sivi harounoff

Douglas Silas

Douglas Silas

Paul Tuhrim

Paul Tuhrim

stephen harrison

stephen harrison

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