Ken Fowler

Ken Fowler

Yodare - Dinghy Sailing Island Adventure


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My story

[p]Your father dies when you are only 24. 29 years later you still miss him deeply, especially at those special occasions - weddings, holidays, grand children's nativities, family birthday's. Cancer does that - it rips apart your world and turns life upon its head. During 2016, in memory of my father and mother-in-law, I sailed over 850 miles in a dinghy as big as 2 bathtubs and just as wet, with the aim of sailing from one end of the UK (Lands End) to the other (John O Groats). I finished an agonising 45 miles short beaten by the weather and the fact that as an "ordinary working person" I had ran out leave, having given up all my summer leave to attempt the adventure. The aim from that trip was to raise a massive £50,000, the target coming from the fact that 50% of us will develop Cancer during our lifetime. Thanks to the generosity of many inspirational people I raised over £37,000 for Cancer Research and the amazing Oakhaven Hospice in Lymington. That left me £13,000 short of the target. [/p][p]With Cancer you can't walk away from the illness and say "I did my best" , so I have decided to embark on an even more challenging adventure in Yoda (my very very small dinghy) to help raise that "missing" £13,000. Over the next two years I will be sailing around every one of over 200 islands of England and Wales, covering over 1,200 miles and hopefully becoming the first person to ever achieve this. So please help raise that "missing" £13,000 and help fight the Cancer that touches all our lives with such devastation. All donations, however large or small are greatly appreciated and will make a real difference in the fight against Cancer. Thank you with all my heart. Ken[/p]
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Personal Challenge Date

16 Dec 2023


Oct 28, 2021

The Royal Motor Yacht Club Sandbanks Poole

Thanks for a great talk last night about your Race To Scotland adventure. It was inspirational listening to your adventures and we look forward to having you back to talk about your Yodare islands adventure when complete.


Jul 25, 2021


From the varying people on St Mary's who watched you launch early every day and head back in to the port at the end of long days sailing. Well done on all the islands and for not getting sunk by Wally the Walrus. All the best for your adventure.


Jul 25, 2021


Good luck Ken from everyone on the Golden Spray going to St Martins.


Jul 25, 2021


From all of us on the inter island boat to Bryher. Great challenge and so many islands to do here in the Scillies. Good luck.


Jul 25, 2021

Passengers on board the Isles Of Scilly ferry

From all the passengers on the Scillonian III on your journey to the Scillies. Good luck with your amazing adventure and happy sailing in the Isles of Scilly.


Jul 17, 2021

Sandra Fisher

Good Luck! Just seen you arrive back at St Mary’s IOS.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Jul 17, 2021

Helen Finch

Well done Ken!


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Jul 13, 2021


Keep going Ken with you in spirit 👍


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Jul 12, 2021


Good luck raising the £50k bud. The stewards onboard Scillonian 3 are with you.


Jul 11, 2021


Excellent. Good on you xx


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

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