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George London

Crisis Xmas 2020 - This is Your Tradition


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[p][b]Crisis This Christmas 2020[/b][/p][p]It's no surprise that 2020 and COVID have changed many things around the homelessness landscape. The dangers and challenges are as real as they ever were, but many are framed in very new ways. In particular, working in the new context means that it's simply unsafe to gather 300 vulnerable homeless guests into one warm, dry, safe space. Especially if you're then going to rotate 500 volunteers across three shifts each day to support them![/p][p]This all means that Crisis Christmas this year looks very different than it ever has done before. [/p][p]I’ve stolen some words below from a fabulous Morning Shift human who I’ve greeted during half a dozen Christmases at around 6:15am each morning, as he arrives to get setup and let our Night Shift-ers head home around 8:30am. I’m sure he won’t mind…[/p][p][i]“The pandemic makes our usual way of working completely impossible to even consider and so we are in four hotels, housing 500+ guests until 4 January.[/i][/p][p][i]We'll be doing our best to ensure our guests have as good a time as ever, and benefit from a place of safety, warmth, companionship, good food and access to services like healthcare and advice. Instead of thousands of volunteers we'll have only a few hundred but that won't matter.[/i][/p][p][i]And for two weeks we'll make our guests' lives a bit better - and give them the real prospect of a permanent improvement in the New Year.” Stuart C.[/i][/p][p]In short;[/p][p]- Crisis will try to deliver as much of the normal support and experience as possible, to help hundreds of vulnerable people rough-sleeping and homeless, but they cannot deliver their normal Christmas offer.[/p][p]- They will do this using small volunteer teams based in hotels where they have block-booked rooms, and using technology to deliver as much of a "Crisis Christmas" as is practical.[/p][p]- Crisis This Christmas will run for two weeks instead of the normal one week.[/p][p]- They will not be able to utilise as many volunteers as normal, and can't use any who have medical vulnerabilities or have been shielding. This means thousands of volunteers choosing not to, or being unable to be involved, and thousands more who would normally join for the first time, not being able to have that experience.[/p][p][b]My Volunteering[/b][/p][p]Every hour I’ve volunteered and every person that I met since my first volunteering shifts at Crisis Christmas "Quiet Centre" more than a dozen years ago, have contributed to positive changes in so many aspects of my life. Crisis still needed experienced, senior volunteers this year, and I was asked to be involved, but due to my personal circumstances around Covid-19, I shan't be volunteering this year, for the first time since my first shift in 2008.[/p][p]I had to miss two shifts for the first time last year due to illness, and sitting out the whole thing this year is going to be extremely strange. I often said I would probably only miss a Christmas if there was something specific going on and I wasn’t physically in London, so to be at home with pretty much nothing else happening is a hard pill to swallow. It’s been a huge part of my life for a really long time, and I’m not used to being at home![/p][p]Stuart said, [i]“Although we have 200 guests in our hotel I've only got 16 volunteers on my shift instead of 110! What's that about?”[/i] but I have absolute faith in my Crisis Family to support the hundreds of guests at Crisis This Christmas. The volunteers on his shift, and all the shifts across both weeks and at all the centres will do an amazing job, and by donating a few pennies, you will demonstrate your support to them as well as to their Guests.[/p][p][b]Your Fundraising[/b][/p][p]So many of you have asked about my now-traditional fundraising, that I was reminded that our fundraising is YOUR tradition too, and have set up this 2020 sponsorship page so that - if you want to and are able to - you can stay involved.[/p][p]Traditionally, I set the fundraising targets based on my volunteering hours and ask you to match my volunteering time based on UK minimum wage. As I’m not volunteering, I obviously can't do that, so I’ve set all the targets the same as last year. This is at £785, which will provide 28 “places” for the hundreds of vulnerable street-sleeping and homeless guests accessing Crisis This Christmas.[/p][p]You can click below to donate in my name, but I’ve also added a couple of other links if you’d prefer to sponsor a volunteer who’s involved this year. These are all personal friends of mine, so please send them a huge hug from me, and tell them I sent you.[/p][p]- George G - [url=][/url][/p][p]- Stuart C - [url=][/url][/p][p]- Pri B - [url=][/url][/p][p]- Phil C - [url=][/url][/p][p]- Susanna W - [url=][/url][/p][p]Over the next couple of weeks, I may share any updates they make public on how they are making everything work under the shadow of 2020-craziness.[/p][p]For now though, I’m sending special love to all the team leaders and volunteers giving their energies this year, [/p][p]To all those I’ve ever volunteered alongside on Night Shifts, our sibling volunteers handing over from Afternoon Shifts and that we’ve handed-over to on Morning Shifts, to our cousins and extended Crisis Family, whether Nights, Days, Warehouse, Logistics, Services, Healthcare, Entertainments, or any of the other branches of the Crisis Family Tree (I may be pushing the analogy now…) including all on the CC Steering Group and the Crisis Staff who support our most vulnerable through the year, and help make sure that CC - especially this year - has a framework in which it can operate.[/p][p]To quote Stuart again, “It begins. And for two weeks we'll make our guests' lives a bit better - and give them the real prospect of a permanent improvement in the New Year. Nothing, not even a pandemic, not even Tier 4, can stop Crisis This Christmas!”[/p][p]Have yourselves a healthy, peaceful, and happy Christmas, and I look forward to spending time and actually sharing space with you soon.[/p][p]Be great.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]George. xxx[/b][/p]
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24 Dec 2020



Jan 5, 2021


Jan 4, 2021

Joel A

Love a good tradition, thank you George! Hope you're well as can be considering everything.


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Dec 31, 2020


We know you're there in spirit George - and you've done so very much over the years! All the best to all those volunteering, both this year and in the past - thank you...x

Dec 31, 2020


Love you G xx

Dec 30, 2020

Beverley Davyd-Whitrick


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Dec 28, 2020

Nicky and Roger

Hi George Always happy to support this brilliant cause. I am sure they will have missed you this year, but hopefully you'll be back in action next year. Happy New Year!


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Dec 27, 2020

Jude W


Dec 26, 2020

Martha Demetriou

Good luck George in collecting your full amount and some. This year has been been very challenging for all but hope you reach your your target.


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Dec 25, 2020


Thank you George.... yes a strange year and many of our Crisis family will be feeling a bit lost this week as not able to volunteer. At least there are 500 guests who can still experience a Crisis Christmas..... and New Year!


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Dec 24, 2020

Anna Savva

Great that you continue to do it


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