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Jackie Scully

5 challenges, 5 charities, 5 years clear


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[p][b]UPDATE: COAST TO COAST CYCLE WITH FRAN! [/b][/p][p]1) 28 hours [b]walking[/b] 66 miles round the [b]Isle of Wight[/b] = tick[/p][p]2) 7.5 hours [b]swimming, cycling and running[/b] a 70.3-mile [b]half ironman[/b][/p][p]3) 6 hours [b]climbing Ben Nevis[/b][/p][p]4) 9 hours [b]running[/b] a 34-mile [b]Ultramarathon[/b] along the south coast cliffs[/p][p]One event to go! My amazing friend Fran Walker and I will to be taking on the [b]cycling the Coast to Coast[/b] – 137 miles between the Irish and North Sea from Cumbria to Tyneside, passing through the northern Lake District before climbing the Pennines and descending to the railway paths of County Durham.[/p][p]This is a big deal. For Fran, after having her second child Bethany and taking 18 months off work, returning to exercise was tough. Getting back on her bike has been HUGE - not just finding her confidence, but also finding time between life, work and family responsibilities to start pedalling. For me, this ride (longest one ever for me) marks the end of an emotional epic five-challenge endurance year, five years on from my cancer diagnosis. My body is tired, but my mind is determined to make it to the finish line with a woman who has been such a rock for me for nearly 20 years. I am blessed to have her friendship. [/p][p]We ride together on the second anniversary of Fran's dad's death. He died of pancreatic cancer, so we'll be wearing our Cancer Research UK tops to show our support for research to beat this terrible disease and will be thinking of him as we go through the Lakes, which he loved. [/p][p][b]THE BACKGROUND TO THE FIVE YEARS CLEAR YEAR: [/b][/p][p]Five years ago, I didn't own proper trainers or a single piece of lycra. [/p][p]Five years ago, I was the woman with the hip full of metal (from reconstruction surgery in my 20s) who thought running for the bus was a marathon.[/p][p]And then five years ago, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. I turned to exercise as a way of getting through the day and getting out into the fresh air.[/p][p]Five years on, I'm about to take on the biggest physical challenges of my life.[/p][p]Five challenges, five incredible charities and five years clear of cancer. [/p][p]From walking 106km through to night around the Isle of Wight and completing (hopefully) a half ironman to climbing Ben Nevis, running an ultra marathon along the South Coast and taking on a mega spinathon, there are a lot of miles standing between me and the next 9 months. [/p][p]Why am I doing this? I ran my first ever 10km on chemo, did another to celebrate the end of treatment and then went on to get married and run the London marathon on the same day (before trekking the Great Wall of China for honeymoon). [/p][p]Exercise gave me a reason to live during treatment and was my way of reclaiming my body and taking back control when cancer had other ideas.[/p][p]Exercise and fundraising have been my way of giving back to all those who showed my family and me a lifetime of kindness in just one year.[/p][p]But, more than that. Exercise has helped me help others move forward – and there is no better feeling than that.[/p][p]I would be so grateful if you could add a few pounds to support Breast Cancer Care, Willow, Breast Cancer Now, Cancer Research UK and CoppaFeel! Without these amazing charities, thousands of people up and down the country wouldn't have the strength or confidence to face the day. They changes lives and, by supporting them, we can all make a genuine difference in the world.[/p][p]Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and for helping me celebrate being five years clear. [/p][p]#Thebigfive #fiveyearsclear[/p]
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Oct 10, 2019

Jenny Davies

I can't remember if I already donated! You're a hero!! Well done & huge thanks for all you do for Willow x


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Oct 8, 2019


Brilliant effort Jackie. Great to see you at the Willow 10k on Sunday.


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Oct 5, 2019

Alan Day

Hi, Alan a friend of Duncan, Fran's dad.


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Sep 28, 2019


Jackie, Fran - amazing effort. You guys are absolutely amazing. Karen and the Cooper family xxx

Sep 26, 2019


A huge well done and oodles of congratulations to SuperJackie and SuperFran! You are truly amazing! xxx

Sep 26, 2019

Peter and Kathy Briggs

Keep up the great work You are a Legend !


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Sep 25, 2019




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Sep 25, 2019

Kate Fawcett

Amazing achievement for a very worthy cause. Well done x


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Sep 25, 2019

Anna V

Well done for finishing such an epic endeavour! Now you must rest and drink litres of gin xx


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Sep 25, 2019


Congratulations! Well done for being such a force of fearlessness, productivity and positivity (what a combo!) and encouraging others to ‘find their edges too’ x


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