Katrina Hodge

Katrina Hodge

Great British Katwalk - fundraising adventure

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My story

[p]My latest charity fundraising consists of me facing my fear of heights and jumping out of a plane! I would love your support as it’s my mission to raise as much as possible for my two chosen charities. [/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p]I am walking and running 874 miles virtually from Lands End to John O’Groats! This is no mean feet as I am extremely unfit now....but I do love a challenge and the ex squaddie in me is determined to do this. [/p][p]At the time of setting up this page I am 10 days in having started the challenge on 22nd November. I have managed to walk/run 10 miles a day so far and am on track to finish it in 3 months - which would be incredible! That said I do have a entire year to complete this but my aim is to do it as quickly as mentally and physically possible [/p][p]Im raising money for two incredible charities. Cancer Research UK - with 1 in 2 people now getting a form of Cancer in their lifetime. Sadly Cancer now effects all of us. The vision is to bring forward the day when all Cancers can be cured. Sadly this year I lost a friend to Cancer so this charity is close to my heart. [/p][p]Im also raising funds for Alex’s wish. A charity with a mission to eradicate Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne [b][u]affects 1 in every 3,500 boys[/u][/b] born. It’s a devastating aggressive fatal muscle wasting disease which leaves children completely paralysed by late teens. [/p][p]I hope you can support me and donate anything you can to these wonderful causes. I know it’s been a tough year for many - so I can’t thank anyone who donates enough. [/p][p]My Charity challenge is part of the Ms Great Britain competition. A pageant aimed at older women of all shapes and sizes to celebrate being unapologetically themselves! [/p][p]Comeback Queen...For a long time I have been mentally competing with my former self - I have hated myself and who I’ve become. Women in their 30s and 40s should stop comparing themselves to their younger self, which in truth is something I’ve done for a long time. I’m constantly comparing myself to how I used to look etc - I’m sure many women out there can relate to this but it is still so rarely talked about. [/p][p]When I held a title before I was always a huge advocate of the fact that it wasn’t about being the most beautiful girl - it was much more than that, and what you could offer trumped what you looked like on the outside. I do still believe this with all my heart ❤? [/p][p]But for many years I have struggled with people introducing me or knowing I was “Miss England” and not seeing me in full Pageant titleholder glam mode. Goodness knows why, because I should be proud of all the incredible work I have done over the years instead of worrying about or justifying my appearance. It’s never been about looks - but the general public don’t always see it that way, particularly if they've never had any connection to the Pageant world. I’d love to change that once again, and continue the journey I started over a decade ago. I’ve never been a model and I’ve always struggled with self confidence. People don't always see that when they see all the photos of you in a crown and they automatically assume you're super confident 24/7. [/p][p]2020 has very much taught me that you shouldn’t give a damn what anyone thinks of you, or your life choices. People are always going to talk, so you may as well give them something to talk about! [/p][p]I was laughed at when I said I was joining the Army all those years ago. I was laughed at when I said I wanted to be Miss England and I’m sure many people will laugh at my decision to do Ms Great Britain. But guess what - I don’t care! I am doing what makes me happy, and pageantry is like a sport in its own bonkers way. I think it’s incredible that a competition has opened up to celebrate women of all ages, backgrounds, dress sizes and everything in between. I cannot wait to meet all the other ladies and have a whale of a time once more. [/p][p]I need a focus to stop eating pizza, cake and I need a goal with an end date...It’s time to get rid of “Dave” my double chin (and his little relatives that have snuck up on me during lockdown). Ms Great Britain is the perfect opportunity to work towards a goal, getting to a point physically and mentally where I am proud, confident and unapologetically myself.[/p][p]I’m doing this so I can find “Kat” again as I think for some time I’ve lost myself. Win or lose, I can’t wait for that moment when you walk on stage - the buzz is unreal and like no other! I am so far from the glamorous queen I once was - I hardly wear make up or even do my hair, live in leggings and hoodies. But for “one night only” (spot the song) I just want to feel fabulous and like ME again! But more than anything, I want to show that women my age don't need to try to regain who they were in their early 20s, which is why this competition is so fabulous - we can be proud of ourselves and the journeys we have been on. I want to learn to celebrate being unapologetically me and encourage others to feel the same about themselves. [/p][p]I joke that most of my body might have gone south 😂 but my heart is still in the same place and I know I can give this my all! [/p][p]Whether I lose weight, tone up or not I think this will be a incredible journey of self acceptance. I’m not in my 20s anymore, I’ve had two kids, covered in stretch marks....but I am me and know that I have a lot more to offer then how I look, and want to embrace it and be happy and hopefully encourage others to do the same! Be proud of the lady you have become - not compare yourself to the girl you once were. [/p][p]I’ve worn a crown, judged, coached and been an Organiser in pageants...now to remember how to walk in high heels again!! My feet are throbbing already 😂[/p][p]I’ve wanted to compete again for years but the time or opportunity has never been quite right - but when I saw Ms Great Britain 🇬🇧 I knew this was the one to take me out of retirement! I always tell girls that they should never compete unless they can handle the fact they may not win - I’m going into this fully prepared that I may not succeed, but as long as everyone has fun then that's the most important part! I’ve not won before and that turned out ok 😉 but of course I would also love to have the winning moment I sadly didn’t get the opportunity to properly experience last time.[/p][p]So, judge away...but I’m not doing this for anybody else. This is purely to find ME again, to have a goal and a bloody fantastic time! [/p]

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Personal Challenge Date

31 Dec 2021


Jun 11, 2021

Sarah-Victoria Bayley

Doing amazing 🤩 looking forward to meeting you at the training day.


May 19, 2021

Mr Sarcastic

Who are you? What have you done with the real Kat ‘PT Dodge’ Hodge? Fantastic effort Kat xx


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

May 19, 2021


Super inspiring. Best of luck x

Apr 24, 2021



plus £137.50 Gift Aid

Mar 29, 2021



Mar 26, 2021


See you on the way back down!


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Mar 5, 2021


Feb 28, 2021


A Great British Quiz Night fundraiser You got this xxxxx


plus £30.00 Gift Aid

Feb 27, 2021



plus £1.25 Gift Aid

Feb 21, 2021

Lou roll

Another little something for completing this absolute monster of a challenge!! Well done Katman!!!

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