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Maestro Madness Team

Maestro Madness Team

Maestro Madness Road Trip - August 2021


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[p][b]***NEWS UPDATE***[/b][/p][p][b]Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have made the decision to postpone our road trip until August 2021. The new dates are listed below. Thank you all for your continued support. The MM Team.[/b][/p][p][b]*************************************************************************************************************************[/b][/p][p]Original planned for the summer of 2020, 11 friends (Chris, Rob, Tom, Simon, Harris, James, Matty, Mike, Neil, Martin & Steve) are going on a road trip to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. [/p][p]Many people we know have been diagnosed with it, including Rob's Father and Father-in-Law. Our trip is fully supported by the Prostate Cancer Research Centre.[/p][p][b]Stay tuned for more updates on our purchasing progress, car preparation and trip planning. [/b][/p][p][b]Thank you for your support.[/b][/p][p][b][i]The Maestro Madness Team[/i][/b][/p][p][img]//:0[/img]Twitter: [url=https://twitter.com/maestroroadtrip]@maestroroadtrip[/url][/p][p]Facebook: [url=https://www.facebook.com/groups/1269523273436723/]Maestro Madness Road Trip 2020[/url][/p][p]Instagram: [url=https://www.instagram.com/maestromadness2020/]@maestromadness2020[/url][/p][p]YouTube: [url=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFV7R7Yb-WgxYV0qpHDJiIw/featured?disable_polymer=1]Maestro Madness[/url][/p][p][br][/p][p]The trip is scheduled to take place between the [b]25th - 30th August 2021[/b].[/p][p]Our road trip challenge is to drive to UK towns with the letters P.R.O.S.T.A.T.E. [b]Our final route IS NOW CONFIRMED![/b][/p][p][b]Wednesday 25th August 2021[/b][/p][p]Leave Kop Classics and head to[b] O[/b]XFORD,[b] [/b]The birthplace of the Maestro at the Cowley plant. [/p][p][b]Thursday 26th August 2021[/b][/p][p]Drive to [b]S[/b]ILVERSTONE - The home of British motor racing, then to Caffeine & Machine in [b]E[/b]TTINGTON and then finish in Ironbridge in [b]T[/b]ELFORD.[/p][p][b]Friday 27th August 2021[/b][/p][p]Drive to [b]A[/b]MBERGATE[b] [/b]- The home of Drive Dad's Car, a classic car driving experience centre (www.drivedadscar.com), then on to [b]T[/b]ADCASTER to visit Samuel Smith's and John Smith's breweries[/p][p][b]Saturday 28th August 2021[/b][/p][p]Drive to[b] P[/b]ICKERING - The home of Mathewsons Classic Car Auctions in North Yorkshire (www.mathewsons.co.uk) and then a nice leisurely drive through the Yorkshire Moors.[/p][p][b]Sunday 29th August 2021[/b][/p][p]Drive to [b]R[/b]IPON Classic Car and Bike Show (http://www.markwoodwardclassicevents.com) and then back to Peterborough.[/p][p][b]Monday 30th August[/b][/p][p]Head home[/p][p]Obviously, a straightforward road trip would be dull and uneventful - some would say easy! So as we are all classic car fans and owners, the trip had to be made in a classic car. And what more of a classic could you get than the quite literally sensational Austin Maestro! We have now purchased 7 of these timeless classics for the trip and a car that we stripped for parts as the engine was beyond economical repair (to be driven by Rob & Tom, James & Matty, Mike & Neil, Martin & Steve, Simon and Chris) and a Maestro Van as a 'Support Vehicle', to be driven by Harris (he's the best qualified for this role). This was a difficult task in itself as there is just 250 left taxed on UK roads! [/p][p]Of course there’s a reason for this, mainly that no one wanted to save them, but we can see through this misguided attitude and see them for the classic British icons they are.[/p][p][b]July 2020[/b][/p][p]Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be making an announcement soon regarding the postponing of our 2020 Road Trip AND the addition of another car which will perform the role of 'Pace Car'...[/p][p][b]June 2020[/b][/p][p]Targa Red is back! Matt at MH Bodyworx has done an amazing job. He had to fabricate the wheel arches from the Montego parts and match the 34 year old paint. It turns out that 'Targa Red' is best matched to a colour used on Suzuki cars. It matches perfectly.[/p][p]Chris now has a list of jobs to complete, which include thoroughly cleaning the interior, refitting the boot trims, new speakers and a period Philips Radio/Cassette, the refurbished 'Cheesegrater' wheels, mudflaps, oil pressure switch (this is leaking badly) and then finally renovating the rest of the bodywork.[/p][p]In other news, sadly the engine in the van has blown up! It's hardly surprising, it has covered over 170,000 miles, 10,000 of which was on the 2017 Mongolian Rally. Our search for a replacement engine continues.[/p][p][b]April 2020 Update[/b][/p][p]Not much news to report during 'lockdown'. We do hope all of our supporters and followers are keeping safe and well.[/p][p][b]March 2020 Update[/b][/p][p]The work on Targa Red has started at MH Bodyworx. Matt has found a little more than he (and Chris) had bargained for. Both rear wheel arches need to replaced using Montego body parts (Maestro arches are impossible to find), the tailgate needs to be repaired, the panel behind the bumper. [/p][p]We replaced the headlining on TOF. This is a pretty common job on a Maestro and gives the interior a fresh, new look. We created a time lapse video which has been posted on our YouTube channel. [/p][p][b]February 15th 2020 Update[/b][/p][p]Targa Red went off to MH Bodyworx today to have its rear wheel arches and rusty tailgate repaired. Matt is going to do it 'between jobs', so Chris probably won't get it back for a few weeks. How will he cope?![/p][p][b]February 10th 2020 Update[/b][/p][p]We’ve passed the £1,000 mark in donations! A massive thank you to all our family, friends and work colleagues who have donated. We still have along way to go to hit out £10,000 target, but we’re on track.[/p][p]The ‘Cheesegrater’ Alloy wheels arrived back from Wheel Care in Bury St. Edmunds for Targa Red. Chris is very excited about this.[/p][p][b]January 2020 - Update 4[/b][/p][p]It’s been a busy week! In the space of 3 days, we have bought 3 more cars! [/p][p]This completes our fleet. Simon has secured his car for the trip - a lovely MG Maestro 2.0 in Moonraker Blue. This is a rare thing indeed, albeit much work is needed with the welder and spray gun. [/p][p]Quick on the heels of this purchase was a Henley Blue 1.3 Clubman 'Olivia' fitted with a beautiful set of white ‘Advantage’ wheels – [i]causing much debate on the ‘socials’[/i]. This one is for Steve and Martin from Autoclenz. [/p][p]This was the car that started it all back in the autumn of 2019, but hadn't been available since we'd failed to buy it on Ebay at the time. Then, just like busses, the day after a Azure Blue 1.3 City X 'VOD' appears on Gumtree and it's snapped up for James and Matty. We now have 6 cars, all of which are different models, and the van![/p][p]Chris purchased a set of 'Cheesegrate' alloy wheels in December and these have been sent off for refurbishment and a new set of tyres. They will be fitted to 'Targa Red' when it returns from the body shop in March.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]January 2020 – Update 3[/b][/p][p]Good news… then bad. We bought our third car, another 1.3 LX model for James and Matty to drive, but whilst expecting it to need a head gasket when purchased, closer inspection revealed that the engine had imploded, and we were left with no choice to strip the car to a shell for spare parts and have her scrapped. [/p][p]Sad times. As it was the same model as ‘TOF’, it yielded some useful parts that Rob needed, not to mention several for Chris and his "Targa Red" 1.3, and a stash of others. [/p][p]The van also got a front seat upgrade too. There were only 11 1.3 LX models left on the road and now there are just 10 – ‘TOF’ is now become a little rarer.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]January 2020 – Update 2[/b][/p][p]‘TOF’ has been treated to a set of new tyres and a wheel geometry check. The results are amazing, with the road handling transformed (for a Maestro). The spare was the original fitted to the car when new (1991) and the other 4 were all 14 years old. No wonder they didn't drive well![/p][p]The van is now 5 speed! Simon and Harris have swapped the faulty 4 speed for a replacement 5 speed box and you no longer need to wear ear defenders to drive above 50mph. its positive luxury.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]January 2020 – Update 1[/b][/p][p]We now have another car! Mike and Neil have purchased a white Maestro Special 1.3 and drove it back from Southampton without issue. The car needs the once-over and ideally a replacement bonnet however, it seems like an honest, reliable car.[/p][p]#TargaRed is back on the road! Targa Red’ has now had all its brakes replaced, including a new Master Cylinder and now it stops properly. The rear exhaust box was blowing too, so that’s also been replaced. It’s starting to resemble ‘Trigger’s Broom’ [/p][p]Chris took it on its first proper journey in 13 years on Saturday 11th January (to go and see his Mum). It runs really well for a 33-year-old car.[/p][p]It still needs a carburettor service and then it'll be off to BodyWorx to have the rear wheel arches and some other cosmetic work done.[/p][p]We've also confirmed our route! You'll see that I've updated this at the top.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]Christmas Update![/b][/p][p]Merry Christmas every one![/p][p]Chris underestimated two things... Christmas 'shut down' of Motor Factors and the fact that when you order parts that are listed for your car they are often fitted with something different (it was the British Leyland way!). So currently ‘Targa Red’ is on stands awaiting parts, which we’re hoping to get in the next week or so. Chris can then start using the car and putting some miles on it. [/p][p]In other news, Rob's 'TOF' is set for stardom and will be on display at the [b]Practical Classics Classic Car Show at the NEC from the 27th - 29th March[/b]. [/p][p]Come and see TOF (and meet Rob & Chris) at the show on the Montego and Maestro owners club stand in hall 3[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]December 2019 Update 2[/b][/p][p]During the Christmas break, Chris thought it would be a good idea to start assessing ‘Targa Red’ to what work will need to do in preparation for our road trip in August.[/p][p]First job: fit a new battery and a in-line fuel filter (as it's been sat for so long, we don't want old fuel clogging up the carburettor). Jobs on the to-do list include a rear wheel bearing, front brakes and a brake fluid change, full service and new distributor cap, plug leads etc. I will clean out the carburettor and the engine breathers and change the water pump and coolant. There's a bit to keep him going.[/p][p]The previous owner had fitted a number of 80s gadgets to the car - including air horns, external temperature gauge, running lights and an alarm - none of which work! So one day will be spent removing all of this.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]December Update 1[/b][/p][p]Chris has a car! After many hours scouring the Internet and the usual online classified channels, Chris has purchased a 1986 (D Reg) Austin Maestro 1.3 L, 4-speed manual, 68,000 miles, one owner from new and finished in Targa Red. Chris saw in on eBay late one Friday evening and on the Saturday morning drove to Kidlington in Birmingham to see it. It initially struggled to start due to the old battery, but once we jump started it ran pretty well.[/p][p]Our main concern was that it hadn't been used for 12 years! It was MOT'd in April 2006 and then parked up in a garage, as the previous owner couldn’t drive it. It looked pretty solid underneath. There was rust in the usual places however Chris was willing to take a gamble.[/p][p]Chris had #TargaRed recovered to Kent and put it through an MOT with a view to giving him a list of jobs to get it back on the road once again. To our total surprise it passed!! We couldn't believe it. There is of course a list of items that Chris will replace/attend to over the next few months as a matter of preventative maintenance however, We have a road legal Austin Maestro! [/p][p][br][/p][p][b]November Update 2[/b][/p][p]Rob has a car! Affectionately known as ‘TOF’ (due to it's registration plate), it's a 1991 Steel Grey Rover Maestro LX. Purchased in Bromsgrove, this 3-owner car has just 50,000 miles on the clock. Fitted with a tilt slide sunroof, electric front windows, velour trim and a rear centre armrest, this really was mid range luxury motoring ‘Rover Style’. [/p][p]Rob and Chris drove to Bromsgrove early one Saturday morning to collect ‘TOF’ and it is currently having some mechanical work done at Kop Hill Classics to replace some worn maintenance items such as fan belt, radiator, water pump, expansion bottle, plugs and leads.[/p][p][b]November Update 1[/b][/p][p]We now have an Austin Maestro van! Our van is a special one though, having recently completed the gruelling Mongolia rally. Currently in need of a gearbox change due to not having 3rd gear (we have a spare 'box) and smelling mildly of oil, it is currently at Kop Hill Classics (Maestro Madness World Headquarters and Technical Centre) for remedial work. A unique feature of the van is that the cab is fitted with ultra bright LED lights, presumably for map reading on the Mongolia rally. It's bright enough to light a small town.[/p]
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May 17, 2021

Bradley Burgoyne

Good luck Gents!


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

May 15, 2021

Chris’s Mum


plus £6.25 Gift Aid

May 15, 2021

Ian Drew

Go for it guys!


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

May 15, 2021

Steph Osborne

Great cause, thank you

May 14, 2021

James Mepham


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

May 14, 2021

Commence Marketing

Commence Marketing are very pleased to sponsor Martin & Steve in this extremely important charitable cause. Sounds like a lot of fun too!


plus £250.00 Gift Aid

May 13, 2021



plus £2.50 Gift Aid

May 13, 2021

Matt Taylerson

A great way to celebrate an amazing cause. Good luck on the trip and importantly have fun!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

May 12, 2021

Ryan Smith

Good luck guys!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

May 9, 2021


go go go!


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