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My story

[p](Update February 2020).[/p][p]I have Stage IV hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) - or primary liver cancer, that has subsequently metastasised (spread) outside of the liver.[/p][p]My cancer was first diagnosed at the end of April 2017. Following a ‘failed’ procedure, two months later I was told it was terminal and given 6 to 9 months to live.[/p][p]Following 4 other procedures, I underwent major surgery to remove more than 50% of my liver. A procedure that had hitherto not been possible to prescribe given the disposition of my cancer and the complication of having underlying cirrhosis. [/p][p]However, my tumour biology means that I am susceptible to recurrence, and at the beginning of May 2019 scans revealed secondary cancer outside of the liver. [/p][p]Since then, I have been on a couple of systemic drug treatments, that unfortunately have not stopped the growth of the disease. I have been told that my tumour burden is such that is inoperable.[/p][p]As I write this update I am hoping to meet the eligibility criteria for a very early stage Clinical Trial.[/p][p]After fighting the disease for the best part of three years, my future more than ever, feels very binary in the near term...but no matter what prognosis lies immediately ahead, I am firmly resolved to uphold what I said after my initial diagnosis - I refuse, absolutely refuse, to go quietly into the night. I’m still jabbing away though the Clinicians have been unsure as to why. This is the nature of liver cancer in many, many cases.[/p][p]I’ve used my passion for ultrarunning as a means to keep raising funds for research into HCC at King's College Hospital (KCH) in London - who had been caring for me as an outpatient for for my liver disease and who are now providing support and treatment for my cancer. [/p][p]I was fortunate to talk about it on Sky News in May, 2018.[/p][vmgvideo class="ql-video" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" src=""][/vmgvideo][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p] Your help with fundraising is crucial. I'm just not accepting of the fact that liver cancer is currently only curable by transplant (and the vast majority of us are either detected too late for that or are qualified out by other criteria). The monies raised via this page have been deployed to enable research into the 'mechanics' of liver cancer, to further understand disease progression...and ultimately to help target more precise treatment pathways for patients...and that is just so uplifting. I blogged about this deployment here: [/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p]This is just a start.[/p][p]By way of background...KCH is a leading NHS hospital and home to the well renowned Institute of Liver Studies...and it is brilliant. Everyone I've met there, from porter to nursing support to Consultant have been off the chart with their dedication to patient care. [/p][p]They all know that liver cancer patients have very poor prognosis. [/p][p]Having spent some time as a patient on the wards there, you just sense how much more the team want to do to fix you completely or to get you more time.[/p][p]But in the majority of cases they can't...the treatment options for liver cancer patients are very limited, the research £s are just not there for ‘less survivable cancers’ and I get the sense that NHS funding for critical illness is still massively triaged, let alone is it enough in relative terms. The big Pharma companies have their own agendas and preferred target markets.[/p][p]So, I'm going to do my bit to help KCH (Charity Fund), and thus am asking for your support. I've had tremendous support to date as I've taken on a number of races...ranging from running 100 miles continuously in the Sonoran desert in Arizona to 145 miles down the Grand Union Canal (from Birmingham to Paddington) to 100 miles in the forests of the Brabant in Belgium. However, I may not have run an ultramarathon for 15 months but my fellow runners have been outstanding in keeping the Charity front and centre. [/p][p]I find myself once again at the edge of that precipice...but am now even more determined to raise further funds to help beat this complex cancer.[/p][p]May I thank you for any and all support,[/p][p]Mark[/p][p]PS - if eligible, please don't forget to check the Gift Aid box![/p][p]email:[/p][p]twitter: @thorners125[/p][p]blog:[/p]
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Personal Challenge Date

28 Dec 2019


Jun 4, 2021

Rob Cowlin

Canary Buffs


Jun 4, 2021



plus £1.75 Gift Aid

Mar 19, 2021


Buffs from Allan xx


Feb 14, 2021

The Home Farm Shoot

In memory of Gerald from Chris, Richard, William, John, Trevor, Ian, David, Veen, Joe, Lawerence, Ed, Phil, Chris, Georgina & Linda


Feb 14, 2021


Just read the story and wanted to donate something


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Feb 11, 2021

Peter and Nicola Lewis and Family

We are donating to Mark's Thornberry's charity to remember his Father-in-Law, the late and great Gerald White who sadly passed away just after Christmas after 94 years of age. RIP Gerald - Love Peter,Nicola & Family x


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Feb 10, 2021


In loving memory of my father Gerald, who was so proud of Mark’s achievements. Miss you both so much xxx


Feb 9, 2021

Ann Braathen

In dear memory of Gerald my lovely Godfather. Love, Ann


Feb 9, 2021

Penny Tillyer

This donation is made in memory of Gerald White, a true gentleman and friend who I know thought the world of his son in law Mark.


Jan 7, 2021


New Buff please Mr Rumbles Thanks Kieran


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