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My story

[p]CANCER It does not choose .There are definitely risk factors .If you have them get help to change them .[/p][p] 5kmyourway/coldhamscommon 26th October First Birthday [/p][p]My story [/p][p]In 2018 I was most probably the fittest I had been for a long time .Back in the day I ran a 2.4216 marathon ! that was history but after various achilles operations etc I was back. I won my age group at Los Angles marathon by over 10 mins .I was the leading marathon runner of my age group in the UK .I was back !!- it was odd even after resting I was not recovering well after my marathon .Nothing specific just not me - it will take time -I am 'old'- (really) hard to convince anyone anything is wrong when you complain speed intervals are getting hard to do ! So on I went .[/p][p]Stretching one day I felt a LUMP - it was quite high in chest - surely too high to be breast tissue - 2 weeks later it was still there ? bigger . No I did not wait .[/p][p]My CANCER journey started . Biopsy POSITIVE - It was also classified as aggressive but early diagnosis was good news.I had my answer to why I was tired ! (It was not age!).[/p][p]It was BREAST CANCER.[/p][p]Scans - Mastectomy - then 4 months of high dose Chemotherapy followed by Herceptin injections for 1 year . 3 weekly appointments of sitting in a chair - ice cap on, ice gloves ,ice boots for my feet -anything to help the side effects of the strong medicines .Mrs Giggles who sat with me fed me frozen blueberries to try to preserve the lining of my mouth. Pete and Wiggo (my dog)who picked me up at the end of the day .It was so hard to walk that day but MOVE I did . I drank loads .I walked . I MOVED. Hanging on to Pete's arm -this chemotherapy was going to move around my body . Attack those CANCER cells .MOVE so that thebody will decide to make new healthy cells . I was determined to MOVE on with my diagnosis .[/p][p]Total 84 days and 21 days until the strong toxins were out of my body - thank you to those who supported me [/p][p][b][u]Cancer Research-[/u][/b] without you where would we be [gt] over 13 types of breast cancer and now so many different personalised treatments You have given so many Hope a chance to live with cancer [/p][p][b][u]Maggies Cancer Centre[/u][/b] - free practical , emotional social support for those people and families living with Cancer[/p][p]I shall never forget the first day I walked into Maggies in Cambridge I did not want to be there . Simply I did not want cancer .By opening that door I cancer was now a reality . It was the world I had entered. the lovely lady who smiled .It is still raw even as I write this moment is still RAW . I wan't to run , to knock this lady down and then I would not be in this world . instead she smiled again , gave me time ,talked and I was able to return . By the end I was happy to enter a safe haven . I received reflexology which on my bad week helped me so much .Thank you.[/p][p][b][u]Move Charity[/u][/b][/p][p]October 2018 I started 5kyourway on the last saturday every month at Coldhams Common park run for t-shirts and free sign up . Hilary Tunnicliffe has helped me run this every month . We walk . We Chat .We volunteer. We run . We drink coffee after at Nuffield Health and Wellbeing Gym [/p][p]Its 5kyourway/coldhamscommon Cambridge 1st Birthday on October 26th [/p][p]Let's celebrate LIFE .All donations will go to these wonderful charities monies will be divided evenly [/p][p]Thank you - if you would like to contact me please message via messenger or come and meet us at 5kyour way [/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p]

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Personal Challenge Date

26 Oct 2019


Dec 21, 2020


Thanks for all the advice Mary !


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Dec 20, 2020


Thanks so much for all you have done to keep us fit and mobile all year!


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Feb 12, 2020



Feb 12, 2020


Inspiring our rowers once again!

Feb 8, 2020



plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Jan 13, 2020

Sue H


Jan 5, 2020


Thank you for the lift to Ely 10k, Mary - and for all you do for 10kmyway - it's a great thing and all power to you!


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Nov 18, 2019


For circuits last week 😀


plus £1.25 Gift Aid

Nov 5, 2019


A really great cause and a lovely lady! Best wishes, DCBC

Nov 4, 2019


How amazing !! I love this strength in people, thanks for St Neots I will do it proud with a PB 😁 infact I set a time of 1h35m now !! And for every 1m I am over I donate £5 😂🤣


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

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