Karen and Jeremy - Team OurGoatRyan

Karen and Jeremy - Team OurGoatRyan

MonteCarlo and Pompeii Charity Banger Rallies


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My story

[p]On the 15-19 August 2019 and 28 September-3 October 2019 we shall be taking part in two Charity Banger Rallies. The one on the 15 August is with the Two Ball Rally to [b]Monte Carlo/Nice[/b] and the other on the 28 September is with Bust Rallies to [b]Pompeii[/b]. The main condition to enter these charity events is that the car we use has to cost less than £500, the banger we bought is a VW Beetle which cost £325 from a car auction. Follow links shown below (or copy and paste them into the search bar) to get an idea of what these challenges are about, the main thing is a lot of money is raised for charity while having lots fun in the process.[/p][p][url=http://www.bangerrallychallenge.co.uk/]http://www.bangerrallychallenge.co.uk/[/url][/p][p][url=https://www.twoballbangerrally.co.uk/the-route/original-rally.html]https://www.twoballbangerrally.co.uk/the-route/original-rally.html[/url][/p][p]Last year my both my sons and I having undertaken many road trips together decided to take part in these road trips because we could combine our pleasure of travelling and cars with raising money for charity. In October 2018 we bought our banger, this gave us plenty of time to get it roadworthy as lot of work was needed. This was perfect because we all liked working on cars and that was going to be part of the satisfying achievement of the challenges. However, sadly in November 2018 my eldest son Ryan was involved in a car accident and tragically died.[/p][p]Ryan was a well liked, popular and respected lad with so many tributes coming from his workplace (Interface Engineering, Hasting) where he had just finished his engineering apprenticeship, from his karate club (Canton Martial Arts) where he trained for many years to 3rd Dan black belt grade and was an instructor, also from the local 'Car park car meets' community where he found a common passion for cars and bikes and made many a good friends. He is very much loved by his family and friends so his sudden passing had a devastating effect and was widespread. See below a link to a Facebook video which was made by his 'car friends' which best describes his popularity and the loss that everyone felt.[/p][p][url=https://eur03.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fstory.php%3Fstory_fbid%3D10156927830297459%26id%3D800722458%26sfnsn%3Dmo&data=02%7C01%7Cjeremy.thorpe%40eastsussexhighways.com%7Ca08af9881e344448553d08d6ee38e7cc%7C8cb09124b2c74dab89abb3781aa4e809%7C0%7C0%7C636958325501053468&sdata=qWzQN%2B2i10jQfdb5ZZJoGvsj1WDdI%2FpHmC9pehwdut8%3D&reserved=0]https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156927830297459&id=800722458&sfnsn=mo[/url][/p][p]So the only choice for both my youngest son Samuel and my partner Karen Young(who is hoping to join us on the trip to Pompeii) was to decide that we should still continue with the rallies in memory of Ryan as number of the places we travel through we have already visited in previous years with Ryan. A lot of fond memories will be rekindled during these rallies.[/p][p]We have now virtually finished work on our banger to make it a roadworthy although we still need to decide our fancy dress theme. [/p][p]I have paid £250 to each of the organisers of these events and that goes to their chosen charities and I have set this Justgiving page up to raise additional money for my chosen charities. All of the money raised will go to my chosen charities, RoadPeace and Brake. It would be good if you could spare a moment to look at their sites to see the good work they do but essentially they campaign for continuous road safety improvements plus assist and support the families of accident victims through the difficult times. Any size of donation would gratefully received. [/p][p] [/p]

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Personal Challenge Date

15 Aug 2019



Oct 27, 2019

East Sussex Highways-Name the Baby


Oct 2, 2019

From Jan and Philip


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Sep 25, 2019

Sally Bolton


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Sep 22, 2019

Aunty Lynne


Sep 4, 2019

Anthony Kwong


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Aug 22, 2019

Ben Hiscott ALC

Best of luck with the challenge, I hope you achieve all that you have aimed too and that you enjoy the journey along the way!


Aug 9, 2019

Grandma and Poppa

Have a safe journey, Ryan is missed so much every day


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Aug 9, 2019

The Sargents

Have a safe journey.


Aug 8, 2019

Tess Scrutton

Good luck and don't forget to take the rock!!!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Aug 2, 2019

East Sussex Highway

East Sussex Highways Funky Sock Competion


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