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Phil Moses

Cycling from Bangkok to Saigon


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My story

[p]As many of you will know, I’m NOT a keen cyclist. [/p][p]Open top cars are easier, safer and faster![/p][p]However, in late February I’ve agreed to join my friend Stuart Pearl on a cycle ride from Bangkok to Saigon, across from Thailand, through Cambodia and into Vietnam.[/p][p]It’s over 500km of cycling over a 2 week period, and of course it’s a holiday too.[/p][p]Many people have suggested to me that I raise money for charity , so I’ve chosen 4 charities to support ( in equal measure). [/p][p]I’m paying for the holiday ( which is organised by Exodus tours) so all the money raised will go to the charities.[/p][p]I have started a 6 week training course and am ( roughly !?) on schedule though I’ve only been out on an actual bike 4 times so far!![/p][p][b]Please support in any way you can, and I expect the biggest donations from the many people who have told me I’m too old, too unfit, too poor a cyclist, too lazy to train or just too soft to do this![/b][/p][p]22/2 update: We fly this weekend. I did my last ( and longest) training ride on weds morning: 45 km in the freezing cold! Took well over 3 hours! Not too bad but..........[/p][p]1st 3 days of the trip are 50km, then 60km then 90km. Wish me luck!!!![/p][p]First 6 day's cycling done! C 338 km in all! [/p][p]its gone well though we had 2 bad falls today in the group, one who banged her head quite badly.[/p][p]ive managed to keep up with the other 17 in the group and haven't been embarrassed by my lack of experience [/p][p]leaving Phnom Penh this morning Tuesday, and after short bus ride will be cycling 50k to the Vietnam border where we leave Cambodian bikes behind. [/p][p]Then after border another 30k in Vietnam.[/p][p]11/3 just arrived home this morning. Was an amazing adventure! And was a great group to be part of. [/p][p]We cycled over 500km which is over half the total distance from Bangkok to Saigon.[/p][p]Thanks for all the support [/p][p]phil[/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p]
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May 6, 2018


A very great, and very surprising!, achievement. Well done Phil.


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May 1, 2018

Susan Fox

Hi Phil... apologies for the delayed donation... you don’t look so bad in Lycra after all! A fantastic achievement and one to aspire to. Well done x


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Apr 29, 2018



Apr 26, 2018

Richard A

Well done Phil!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Apr 9, 2018

Josie Mackie

Congratulations Phil! You managed to do something that I couldn't! I know just how hard this cycle was!


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Apr 6, 2018


Well done Phil, an outstanding achievement. Glad to pay you for your holiday and weight loss and fitness regime! What goes around comes around..... -)


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Mar 27, 2018

David Coulson

well done mate


Mar 26, 2018


Hope it improves the stamina for the footy.


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Mar 24, 2018

Gary S

Hi Phil - well done and great effort for great causes


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Mar 18, 2018


Well Done - we didn't doubt you for a minute!!!!!!

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