RBG Revs Runners- Inverness to Plymouth Relay


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Team story

[p]Revolution Bars Group Employees started with a 100KM+ relay challenge, but now due to over 150 employees signing up to take part we are now aiming to run/ walk the distance between our most Northern bar, Inverness Revolution, to one of our most Southern bars, Revolution Plymouth. We will be raising money for our company partner charity Shelter and also NHS Charities together. Our Team will be running, locally to them of course, to see how many kilometres we can tot up over 8 days straight starting on Bank Holiday Friday! You'll be able to stay tuned to see how we get on all over our social media!! [/p][p]Please donate whatever you can to help raise money for these 2 great Charities![/p]

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Personal Challenge Date

08 May 2020


May 26, 2020




May 24, 2020

Danny Atherton

Well done all involved, cracking effort!!


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

May 23, 2020



plus £3.85 Gift Aid

May 23, 2020

Laura Castleman

Well done Katie and all the runners. Great effort! Xxx


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

May 22, 2020



plus £5.00 Gift Aid

May 22, 2020


Gwaaaarrrrnnnnn Tempz, Andreas, Soraiya n the whole Revs team. You have smashed it

May 22, 2020

Lee Moody

Great effort everyone - proud of you all.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

May 21, 2020

Simon Robins


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

May 21, 2020


Well done guys! From Liam in Aberdeen’s mammy 😁xx


plus £1.25 Gift Aid

May 21, 2020

Anne BW


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

David Berry

David Berry

Jonathan Edes

Jonathan Edes

Lisa Sansom

Lisa Sansom

Em Thomas

Em Thomas

Jack Cross

Jack Cross

neil munday

neil munday

Ellie Waite

Ellie Waite

Rakesh Vaja

Rakesh Vaja

Charli White

Charli White

Charlie Saul

Charlie Saul

Matthew Dyer-cole

Matthew Dyer-cole

Amber Trakimaite

Amber Trakimaite

Ellis Noonan

Ellis Noonan

Gem Malek

Gem Malek

Lewis Taylor

Lewis Taylor

Joe McHale

Joe McHale

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Calum Russell

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Dilmi Mahesha

Meganne Hope

Meganne Hope

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Lauren Taylor

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Lorisse Taylor

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Lily Campbell Hewson

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Katie Mackay

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Leah Cross

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Rachel Taylor

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Kane Hagen

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Edward Turton

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Mhairi McDade

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Matt Spindley

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Regan O'riley

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Daniel Payne

Peter Altwegg

Peter Altwegg

James Garriock

James Garriock

Aynsley Brittle

Aynsley Brittle

Imogen Shearin

Imogen Shearin

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robyn huxley

Becky Power

Becky Power

Jodie Nesbitt

Jodie Nesbitt

Natalie Goode

Natalie Goode

Nicole Podger

Nicole Podger

Grace Handebeaux

Grace Handebeaux

Rowan Hadfield

Rowan Hadfield

Leah McDonald

Leah McDonald

Annie Salt

Annie Salt

Jemma King

Jemma King

Lucy Dixon

Lucy Dixon

Holly Muldoon

Holly Muldoon

Louie Salmons

Louie Salmons

Aoibheann Murphy

Aoibheann Murphy

Amy Buckley

Amy Buckley

Lizi Cropper

Lizi Cropper

Laura Smeaton

Laura Smeaton

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Nick Porter

Nick Porter

Tilly Leefé

Tilly Leefé

Danielle Double

Danielle Double

Beth Anderson

Beth Anderson

Alistair Berry

Alistair Berry

Oliver Tootill

Oliver Tootill

Rob Pitcher

Rob Pitcher

Ashleigh Casati

Ashleigh Casati

Laurie Llewellyn

Laurie Llewellyn

Chris Chavez Cronin

Chris Chavez Cronin

Laura Knight

Laura Knight

Stephanie Stone

Stephanie Stone

Soraiya Gihawi

Soraiya Gihawi

India Templeman

India Templeman

James Litherland

James Litherland

Barbara Iwanicka

Barbara Iwanicka

Ryan Paterson

Ryan Paterson

Rob Litchfield

Rob Litchfield

Brenda Christie

Brenda Christie

Ben Graham

Ben Graham

Dan McGee

Dan McGee

Shane Mc Gann

Shane Mc Gann

Andrew Sykes

Andrew Sykes

Jessica Sisley

Jessica Sisley

Ethan Oliver-Newman

Ethan Oliver-Newman

Jake McGinty

Jake McGinty

Samuel Cooney

Samuel Cooney

Joe Brown

Joe Brown

Catrin Walker

Catrin Walker

Heather Hayes

Heather Hayes

Jemma Johnston

Jemma Johnston

Nick Gilling

Nick Gilling

Reanne Brown

Reanne Brown

Gordon Duthie

Gordon Duthie

Neil Lovett

Neil Lovett

Molly Wooders

Molly Wooders

Tim Jessop

Tim Jessop

Niamh Dunne

Niamh Dunne

Nicole Mcteggart

Nicole Mcteggart

Tom Dolby

Tom Dolby

James Wright

James Wright

Benjamin Rata-Simpson

Benjamin Rata-Simpson

Jenna Bezance

Jenna Bezance

Rafal Zbiciak

Rafal Zbiciak

Christaki Frangeskou

Christaki Frangeskou

Michael Appleby

Michael Appleby

Shannon Joyce

Shannon Joyce

Stephen Furnival

Stephen Furnival

Emma Burton

Emma Burton

Danielle James

Danielle James

Tony Keen

Tony Keen

Daniele Fitzgerald

Daniele Fitzgerald

Ashlea Furness-Grimshaw

Ashlea Furness-Grimshaw

Kathryn Sale

Kathryn Sale

Jamie Thorne

Jamie Thorne

Jade Blackburn

Jade Blackburn

Tommy Nelson

Tommy Nelson

Rosian Donnelly

Rosian Donnelly

Jack Lucas

Jack Lucas

Chris Sleaford

Chris Sleaford

Emily Wilkinson

Emily Wilkinson

Robyn Hartley

Robyn Hartley

Siobhan Brogden

Siobhan Brogden

Amy Youll

Amy Youll

Sophie Buscall

Sophie Buscall

Becca Maclean

Becca Maclean

Jordan Squire

Jordan Squire

Alicia Kelly

Alicia Kelly

Gabrielle Russell

Gabrielle Russell

Eoin Smith

Eoin Smith

Millie Parker

Millie Parker

Rachel Westwood

Rachel Westwood

Josh Childs

Josh Childs

John Lear

John Lear

Sophie Parkin

Sophie Parkin

Daniel Mitchell

Daniel Mitchell

Paul Foulder

Paul Foulder

Melissa Reid

Melissa Reid

Jess Dignam

Jess Dignam

Chris Coutanche

Chris Coutanche

Katy Gough

Katy Gough

Nica Craig

Nica Craig

Hayley Sasserath

Hayley Sasserath

Sherriden Wells

Sherriden Wells

Poppie Brogan

Poppie Brogan

Matthew Gough

Matthew Gough

Georgina Oliver

Georgina Oliver

Richard Coyle

Richard Coyle

Andy Dyson

Andy Dyson

Jack Southwell

Jack Southwell

Amy Gibson

Amy Gibson

Oliver Pearce

Oliver Pearce

Thomas Morley

Thomas Morley

Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell

Rachel Lane

Rachel Lane

Hannah Mead

Hannah Mead

Ryan Osborn

Ryan Osborn

Bex Luke

Bex Luke

Adam Bartle

Adam Bartle

Lennox Paul-David

Lennox Paul-David

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Jess Finch

Andy Black

Andy Black

Andrew Barker

Andrew Barker

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Ben Jones

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Glen Olsen

Alex Duranova

Alex Duranova

Ania Szolc

Ania Szolc

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Andy Davenport

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Daniel Bernet

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Hayley Shaw

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Chris Wall

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Joe Jago Dunn

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Jon Hughes

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Chris Burton

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Michelle Hollingworth

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