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My story

[p][i]Hi! I'm Ricardo![/i][/p][p][i]I'm a Spanish-Italian Radiographer working at the Imaging department in Queen Elizabeth Hospital of the Greenwich and Lewisham NHS Trust in London.[/i][/p][p][i]Radiographer and Marathon Runner in my free time before and after work.[/i][/p][p][i]After that I have been diagnosed in 2006 with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, I never believe could be able to enjoy doing sport anymore. After 10 years, I started to run and I pushed my body against tough challenges, one bigger than another one, trying to win the atrophied muscles in my thighs and knees and trying to don't pay attention to the constant pain in any single step.[/i][/p][p][i]Achieving my first Marathon in November 2016 the pain for the very first time ever has disappeared.[/i][/p][p][i]Finally, after 12 years I won Guillain-Barre, and now I'm fundraising for the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund to be able to take part in one of the biggest marathon in the world, the city where I live: LONDON !!!! [/i][/p][p][i]I chose to raise money supporting the Ron Pickering Memorial fund because I agree with their view of support and dedication to sport and young people that can be resume in the words that I took from their website: [/i][/p]“Sport was born of philosophers and teachers and has survived thirty-three centuries because it is based on the ethic of fair play. Athletics is special to me because it caters for the young and the old, the fat and the thin, the best and the beginner…Sport is the most precious commodity we have to hand on to the next generation.”[p][br][/p][p]"The Fund is dedicated to assisting aspiring young athletes who have shown by their attitude and dedication that they possess the qualities which will ensure the growth and protection of sport." [/p][p][i]With your help I will celebrate as Athlete the biggest race on earth and finally feel like since I started therapy and I started to walk again in a fight I definitely defeated this illness.[/i][/p][p][i]From a Wheelchair to Run a Marathon in London!! Are you ready to cheer me loud in the most iconic Marathon in the World?[/i][/p][p]Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.[/p]
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Apr 21, 2019


Good luck man, your mad

Apr 14, 2019

Ricardo Martins


Apr 14, 2019


Buena suerte


Apr 10, 2019


Goodluck and Godbless Ricardo!! - Cherryl and Elaine


Apr 10, 2019


Go Riccardo!

Apr 6, 2019



Apr 4, 2019


Good luck Riccardo, we’ll be cheering you on


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Apr 1, 2019

Anna colclough

Good luck!


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Apr 1, 2019



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Mar 30, 2019

Ricardo the Athlete

Charity Event Queen Elizabeth Hospital


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