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Tristan Ridley

Cycling 100,000 kilometres around the world


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My story

[p]Hey, I'm Tristan. I'm aiming to cycle 100,000 kilometres around the world, solo and unsupported, through 100 countries on six continents, in a journey that will take more than five years to complete. As of August 2020 I have cycled more than 55,000 kilometres through 62 countries, having already spent three and a half years on the bike.[/p][p]I've teamed up with [b]Build Africa[/b], an amazing UK charity working to fight poverty in Kenya and Uganda using education to combat inequality. Having already cycled through some incredibly poor regions I have seen first-hand the huge uphill battle that many people face to claw their way up to a proper standard of living and to lead healthy, happy lives. Build Africa is now a part of [b]Street Child[/b], working in a total of 14 countries around the world.[/p][p]Street Child focuses on educating children and empowering communities to give them a real chance at a better life. In order to do this, I’m asking for your help. By sponsoring my ride and donating to Street Child, you’ll be part of something bigger, and you’ll know that you helped transform an entire community. On my way south through Africa I visited a number of school projects in Kenya and Uganda so I was able to see for myself the wonderful ways in which, with your help, Street Child can work together with these communities to overcome the barriers of poverty and inequality. The work Street Child is doing is so important - these are real people who deserve better, so please - help me support them. [/p][p]Thank you![/p]
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01 Jan 2023



Aug 3, 2020


Splendid effort. So much more effective than protesting about blm...


Oct 6, 2019

Stephen and Annemarieke Golding

Hi Tristan, we enjoyed meeting you with the Prews and listening to your talk. Good luck with your South American leg of the trip and with raising your money target.


Aug 14, 2019

Sarah and Louis

Great to hear that you saw such good work being done by Build Africa. Congrats on almost reaching the end of Africa! Stay safe and keep having fun as you continue on this extraordinary journey. Xx


Jun 11, 2019

Muthaiga Country Club

Event at Muthaiga country Club on 3 May 2019


Jun 8, 2019

Mountain Club of Kenya

Good luck with the rest of the trip & thanks for sharing your story with the MCK!


Jun 4, 2019

Billy Evans

Keep killing it out there my man! You're an inspiration to us all (or at least me haha). All the best and stay safe!


May 19, 2019

Cam Woodsum


May 4, 2019

Mathaiga Country Club, Nairobi

Cash raised at the Mathaiga Club, Nairobi, from a talk given by Tristan. 17,000 KES.


Apr 30, 2019

Steve B

Nice Jordan video! Have a safe and successful trip. Came to you via


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Apr 30, 2019


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