Tanya Edwards

Tanya Edwards

Cycling 20,000 km through Europe and Africa


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My story

[p][b]We are Tanya and Simon, currently cycling 20,000 km through Europe and Africa with the aim to raise money for 'Save the Rhino International'. Check out our fun reward system for your donations![/b][/p][vmgvideo class="ql-video" allowfullscreen="true" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cD7KqDtoMGI?showinfo=0&rel=0&iv_load_policy=3" frameborder="0"][/vmgvideo][p][br][/p][p]Africa, the continent of endless savannas, dry deserts, colorful cultures and free roaming wildlife! Exploring such a place and crossing the entire continent on a bicycle is a daunting undertaking. Being exposed to the wind, heat and rain, feeling and smelling everything around you cannot just be a dream! But this magical place, and especially its large mammals are in great danger![/p][p]Our journey is called [b]Rock, Road & Rhino[/b] ([url=http://www.rock-road-rhino.com]www.rock-road-rhino.com[/url]), as it combines our three passions: rock climbing, cycle touring and conservation of nature and wildlife. We aim to raise money to fight the extinction of the rhino.[/p][p]We came up with this crazy idea to cycle from Simon’s hometown in Germany to Tanya’s hometown in South Africa. Everything we need to survive, a tent, cooking supplies, clothes, tools, water filters… and even a solar panel is carried on our bicycles! Our trip started in May 2017 and we have cycled through Europe and northern Africa, covering already 8000 km. [b]The entire cycling trip will be roughly 20,000 km.[/b][/p][p]Our other motivations were to see the world through a different, slower perspective, get closer to nature and ‘travel by fair means’ in a way that is less harmful on the environment. The insights into ourselves and the world around us have been invaluable and we have pushed our limits further than we thought possible. [/p][p][b]Your rewards for donating money:[/b][/p][p]We want to say a big [i]Thank You[/i] for donating to Save the Rhino and we will reward you with a small present. If you are willing to donate:[/p][p]- Any amount: a massive [b]Thank You[/b] from us, 'Save the Rhino' and probably the rhinos themselves.[/p][p]- £30: We will send you a postcard from our trip with lots of love and a bit of sweat. [/p][p]- £60: Cycle a day with us! Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually peddle, but we will send you live messages and videos from our cycling adventure, giving you a unique insight into our everyday life. This can be done either via WhatsApp, Skype or Facebook Messenger.[/p][p]- £200: We will give a presentation for you, your friends or colleagues on our cycling adventures. This presentation can be done at some point along our trip (for details on our route see www.rock-road-rhino.com/map), or you invite us to your location (but then you have to cover the logistic costs). This price is a special offer for the first three donors and will be at £500 afterwards. So be quick![/p][p]- £500 and more: Sponsoring! We are happy to collaborate with you or your company and promote your products or cause during our cycling trip. Please contact us personally if you are interested.[/p][p]If you donate, please leave a comment including which reward you would like to have, or contact us via [b]contact@rock-road-rhino.com[/b][/p][p][b]Save the Rhino[/b][/p][p]In the last century, the population of wild rhinos has decreased by 97%. A shocking figure, considering these majestic beasts have been around for 50 million years. Today, there are only 29,000 rhinos left in the wild. After coming back from the brink of extinction in 1985, the rhino is again being hunted and mercilessly killed for unproven claims that its horn has medicinal benefits. Save the rhino works with projects across Africa and Asia to protect the remaining 5 species of rhinos. For more information see ([url=http://rock-road-rhino.com/save-the-rhino]http://rock-road-rhino.com/save-the-rhino[/url]). Save the Rhino International’s much needed efforts cover a wide scope, for example anti-poaching and monitoring patrols, translocations of rhinos to former habitats, community and education programs, captive breeding programs or public awareness campaigns and wildlife crime units.[/p][p]In March 2018, sadly the last remaining male Northern White Rhino, named ‘Sudan’, died of old age, meaning yet another subspecies could soon go extinct. To not let this happen again – we need your help![/p][p][b]Where will your money go?[/b][/p][p]- £10 will buy a foam mattress for a ranger on patrol[/p][p]- £25 fund a days food at a rhino sanctuary[/p][p]- £55 will buy a sleeping bag for a ranger on patrol[/p][p]- £110 will buy a tracking tag for one rhino horn [/p][p]Every amount counts and we also want to stress that all your money goes directly to 'Save the Rhino International' and does not go towards our cycling trip. Thank you again for your support!![/p]
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13 Jul 2018




I heard about you through the podcast episode from the Cosmic Savannah. I am a South African, scientist and lover of the outdoors and have also just completed my PhD in Heidelberg. Thanks for telling this great story and making it happen!



Dear Simon, dear Tanya, this is our Christmas present for you and your important work to raise awareness for the rhinos - and of course for little Meimei! Wishing you all the best, Judith & Sheetos



Lauren Brandt

Thank you for all you are doing!




Hi, I met your dad at Goffs oak coop this morning. He was so proud of you and shared your pictures. He wanted to give me his last card so that I could sponsor you. I told him to keep it and promised I’d remember the name of your website. Kind regards,



Good luck guys! You are having an amazing journey!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid


Eddie and Justyna

Hey Guys! We are so proud of the good work you are both doing for a great cause. Keep it up!


plus £12.50 Gift Aid


ad zatts

HELLO TANYA, I am proud of your guys to go on this journey for the plight to save the Rhinos from the horrid poachers ! this was my presentation in college last year "to save the rhinos". i was intending to go to Zimbabwe in 2017 to meet aust.digger .







Enjoy the ride guys !




Hi guys, good luck with reaching your donation goals, I tried to make it closer for you )


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