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Sue Burriss

Sue Burriss

sue cycling to 70


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My story

[p][b]Riding into 70[/b][/p][p][b]Challenge met[/b][/p][p][b]on my last[/b][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p]On my last day of being 69 I finished my final 9 kilometres to reach my target of 5321 kilometres, arriving at my 69th city.[/p][p]This is how it started a year ago [/p][p]I have now reached 69, so naturally I’ve decided to set myself the hardest, most ambitious, challenge of my life all in aid of two charities whose vital work has made a real difference to my family’s and my life.[/p][p][b]The Challenge: [/b]Cycling between all 69 cities in the UK[/p][p]There are 69 cities in the UK, I’m 69, why don’t I spend the WHOLE YEAR cycling between them? Life commitments, not being foolhardy and the restrictions around the coronavirus, that’s why. Therefore, I’m going to ignore all bar the last point and attempt to cycle the DISTANCE BETWEEN ALL 69 CITIES IN THE UK on an exercise bike, in my own house. All before I reach 70 and am officially too old for this kind of thing. [/p][p]To put this in perspective; I’m going to attempt to cycle around 2,500 miles over a year, that’s 80km a week. A frankly massive undertaking, all in aid of two exceptional causes.[/p][p]I have checked the figures and have cycled over 3000 kilometres. Some of my additions are not accurate, but the weekly totals have been recalculated, which is good as the physio wants me to calm down a little, to look after my replacement knee![/p][p][br][/p][p]Progress so far [/p][p]Week 1 [/p][p]157.2 kilometres, much more than I expected, thanks to lockdown. Heading towards Truro [/p][p]Week 2[/p][p]140.3 kilometres Truro ✅total 187 kilometres [/p][p]Week 3[/p][p]139 kilometres Plymouth ✅total 326 kilometres [/p][p]Week 4[/p][p]136.2 kilometres Exeter ✅total 362.2 kilometres [/p][p]Week 5[/p][p]130.8 kilometres Salisbury ✅Winchester ✅Southampton ✅Portsmouth ✅total 623.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 6[/p][p]150 kilometres Chichester ✅Brighton and Hove ✅total 773.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 7[/p][p]140 kilometres Canterbury ✅total 913.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 8[/p][p]127 kilometres Westminster ✅London ✅Chelmsford ✅total 1040.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 9[/p][p]138 kilometres St Albans ✅Oxford ✅total 1178.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 10[/p][p]116 kilometres Bath ✅total 1294.8 kilometres[/p][p]Week 11[/p][p]132 kilometres Wells ✅Bristol ✅Gloucester ✅total 1657.5 kilometres [/p][p]Week 12[/p][p]77 kilometres Worcester ✅Hereford ✅total 1701.5 kilometres [/p][p]Week 13[/p][p]44 kilometres total 1745.5 kilometres [/p][p]Week 14[/p][p]112.2 kilometres Newport ✅Cardiff ✅Swansea ✅total 1857.7 kilometres [/p][p]Week 15[/p][p]137 kilometres St David’s ✅total 1994.7 kilometres[/p][p]Week 16[/p][p]131.1 kilometres total 2125.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 17[/p][p]100 kilometres total 2225.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 18 [/p][p]75 kilometres total 2300.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 19[/p][p]72 kilometres total 2372.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 20[/p][p]151 kilometres Newry ✅Armagh ✅total 2523.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 21[/p][p]93 kilometres Derry ✅total 2616.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 22[/p][p]130 kilometres Lisburn ✅Belfast ✅total 2746.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 23[/p][p]118 kilometres total 2667.1 kilometres [/p][p]Week 24[/p][p]123 kilometres total 2869.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 25[/p][p]75 kilometres ✅Bangor total 2944.8 kilometres [/p][p]Week 26[/p][p]60 kilometres ✅St Asaph total 3004.8 kilometres [/p][p] Week 27 [/p][p]99.2 kilometres ✅Chester ✅Liverpool ✅Preston total [/p][p] 3104 kilometres [/p][p] Week 28 [/p][p]53 kilometres ✅Lancaster total 3157 kilometres [/p][p] Week 29 [/p][p]97 kilometres ✅Manchester total 3254 kilometres [/p][p] Week 30 [/p][p]85 kilometres ✅Sheffield ✅Stoke on Trent total [/p][p] 333.9 kilometres [/p][p] Week 31 [/p][p]105 kilometres ✅Derby total 3444 kilometres [/p][p] Week 32 [/p][p]48 kilometres ✅Nottingham total 3492 kilometres [/p][p] Week 33 [/p][p]26 kilometres ✅Leicester total 3518 kilometres [/p][p]Week 34 [/p][p]78 kilometres ✅Lichfield ✅Wolverhampton total 3596 kilometres [/p][p]Week 35[/p][p]62 kilometres ✅Birmingham ✅Coventry total 3658 kilometres[/p][p]Week 36[/p][p]115 kilometres total 3773 kilometres [/p][p]Week 37[/p][p]93 kilometres ✅Cambridge ✅Ely total 3866 kilometres o[/p][p]Week 38[/p][p]121 kilometres ✅Norwich total 3987 kilometres [/p][p]Week 39[/p][p]97 kilometres ✅Peterborough total 4084 kilometres [/p][p]Week 40[/p][p]119 kilometres ✅Lincoln total 4203 kilometres[/p][p]Week 41[/p][p]96 kilometres ✅Kingston upon Hull ✅Wakefield total 4299 kilometres[/p][p]Week 42[/p][p]115 kilometres ✅Bradford ✅Leeds ✅York total 4414 kilometres [/p][p]Week 43[/p][p]93 kilometres ✅Ripon total 4507 kilometres [/p][p]Week 44[/p][p]121 kilometres ✅Durham ✅Sunderland ✅Newcastle upon Tyne [/p][p]total 4628 kilometres [/p][p]Week 45 (not so much bad knee!)[/p][p]46 kilometres ✅Carlisle total 4675 kilometres[/p][p]Week 46[/p][p]78 kilometres total 4753 kilometres [/p][p]Week 47[/p][p]90 kilometres ✅Glasgow total 4843 kilometres[/p][p]Week 48[/p][p]90 kilometres ✅Edinburgh total 4933 kilometres[/p][p]Week 49[/p][p]91 kilometres ✅Sterling ✅Perth ✅Dundee total 5059 kilometres [/p][p]Week 50[/p][p]90 kilometres ✅Aberdeen total 5149 kilometres [/p][p]Week 51[/p][p]55 kilometres total 5204 kilometres [/p][p]Week 52[/p][p]117 kilometres ✅ Inverness total 5321 kilometres [/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][b]How can you help?[/b] DONATE![/p][p][br][/p][p][b]The Charities:[/b] PACSO and Poole Hospital and why they mean so much to me…[/p][p][b]Parents and Carers Support Organisation[/b][/p][p]PACSO is a charity based in West Sussex providing a lifeline for families who have children with special needs, like my grandson Finley. They offer a number of vital services including after school and holiday activities. PACSO doesn’t just help Finley, but the whole family. Finley and his sister Rose love going to PACSO where they have fun in a secure and caring environment. It’s wonderful![/p][p][b]Poole Hospital[/b][/p][p]I have a lot to thank the NHS for, having reached 60 with no health issues, my body started to let me down, carpal tunnel operation, knee replacement, then in September 2013 my dentist was uneasy about a hard lump that was developing under my lower front teeth. After many visits to Poole hospital a biopsy finally identified an Ameloblastoma, a rare tumour, non cancerous but vigorous. In July 2014 the tumour was removed with several teeth, nerves and what was left of my lower jaw was strengthened with a titanium plate. My mouth was left to heal, for some time I could only have a soft diet. Once they were confident that the tumour had been fully removed I had several operations to fit first and second stage implants. Not without problems, special abutments had to be sourced and made to fit the unusual length and angles, then finally a titanium bridge to replace the 8 teeth, all funded by the NHS. Thanks to Mr Ellis, consultant in Restorative Dentistry, and the whole Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Services at Poole Hospital. My treatment has not quite finished yet. I will have more appointments with Mr Ellis and the Dental Hygiene team. But I now have a full set of teeth to smile with and eat anything I like. Thanks to Poole Hospital, not only the wonderful work through the Covid 19 crisis but for all the life-altering treatment you have given me over the last few years.[/p]
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May 4, 2021


Walked past during lockdown and fantastic to see your progress. Well done


plus £1.25 Gift Aid

May 4, 2021


from Liz and Les


May 4, 2021

David and Sallie

Hi Sue Congratulations on your epic cycle ride for such worthwhile causes. With love from David and Sallie XX


plus £17.50 Gift Aid

May 4, 2021


Congratulations Auntie Sue!!!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

May 3, 2021


Congratulations Sue, and you and Mike prove you are never too old for anything! Love Claire & Lucy xx


plus £6.25 Gift Aid

Apr 30, 2021

Jenny Jones

Well done Sue, an amazing achievement. Have a wonderful 70th birthday..


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Apr 27, 2021



Apr 5, 2021


Money raised over the Easter weekend


Apr 3, 2021

Gail and Richard

Brilliant, you're a star. Nearly there... X


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Mar 16, 2021


More donations from local dog walkers and people who pass on their way to the heath, thank you


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