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[lt]h1[gt]Tusker does Tough Mudder! Welcome to our fundraising page. [lt]/h1[gt][lt]h2[gt]58 of us here at Tusker are taking part in this bonkers challenge to raise money for three extremely worthy charities. The charities we've chosen to support are all very close to our hearts and we're looking forward to raising as much money as we can for them.[lt]/h2[gt] [lt]h3[gt]In order for us to raise as much as possible, we decided that doing something easy wasn’t an option. So there won't be any jumping out of planes or cake baking... we are going to be taking part in the gruelling and physically demanding Henley, Tough Mudder, on Saturday 6[sup]th[/sup] May 2017. [lt]/h3[gt][p]This means we will ALL be put through our paces (some a lot more than others looking at the training plans that are being discussed) so you can rest assured, this won’t be easy for any of us. We want to earn and deserve any donations we receive. We are working hard for your generous support.[/p] [p][i]Please come and enjoy the day with us, come and support us but most importantly, please donate to our page and help us make a difference to these great charities.[/i][/p] [p]Thank you so much, The Tusker team (made up of[/p][p]Adam Butcher[/p] [p]Adam Lloyd[/p] [p]Amanda Davies[/p] [p]Andy Tamplin[/p] [p]Anna McMellin[/p] [p]Armando Morris[/p] [p]Ben Doughty[/p] [p]Ben Humphries[/p] [p]Bryan Davies[/p] [p]Carl Blott[/p] [p]Charlie Briggs[/p] [p]Chris Ward[/p] [p]Dan O'Connor[/p] [p]David Brockwell[/p] [p]David Hosking[/p] [p]Duncan Wisbey[/p] [p]Eleanor Sellars[/p] [p]Faye Tunnicliffe[/p] [p]Francesca Hadley[/p] [p]Gavin Jones[/p] [p]Heather Bruni[/p] [p]Jared Scott[/p] [p]Jodie Monaghan[/p] [p]Joe McDonough[/p] [p]Joe Tracey[/p] [p]Joe Trotter[/p] [p]Joy Jennings[/p] [p]Kareem Abu-Shahba[/p] [p]Katie Brown[/p] [p]Kelly Demello[/p] [p]Kim Gardiner[/p] [p]Lauren Dearden[/p][p]Lee Dixon[/p] [p]Lily Freed[/p] [p]Lorna Pettie[/p] [p]Lucy King[/p] [p]Marc Willis[/p] [p]Mark Godber[/p] [p]Mark Sellwood[/p] [p]Megan Brockwell[/p] [p]Naomi Wayne[/p] [p]Neil Scott[/p] [p]Nikki Lesirge[/p] [p]Oliver Adams[/p] [p]Paul Gilshan[/p] [p]Peter Adetoba[/p] [p]Phil Gillespie[/p] [p]Ross Forde[/p] [p]Russell Sealy[/p][p]Sarah Hayter[/p][p]Sean Briggs[/p][p]Simon Burton[/p][p]Sophie O'Connor[/p][p]Stephen McAllister[/p][p]Taylor Williams [/p][p]Veronica Hosking[/p][p]Wendy Mansell[/p][p][/p][lt]br /[gt]

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Jul 11, 2017


My brother Peace. Good luck bro


Jul 11, 2017


For Anna Well done everyone!


plus £6.25 Gift Aid

Jul 10, 2017


Well done Peter


Jul 10, 2017



Jul 10, 2017


Well done Peter Adetoba!


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Jun 5, 2017


WELL DONE ANNA, Awesome Effort. Danni, Zara, Basil, and dogs


plus £5.75 Gift Aid

Jun 2, 2017

John and Christine McAllister

Well done Stephen on another madcap event, hope you had a grand time.


plus £27.50 Gift Aid

Jun 2, 2017


Well done Kaz, smashed it bro!


Jun 2, 2017



plus £2.50 Gift Aid

May 30, 2017


Sorry I'm late donating, congrats again Kareem!! Tash xx


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Jodie Monaghan

Jodie Monaghan

Veronica Hosking

Veronica Hosking

Veronica Hosking

Veronica Hosking

Ben Doughty

Ben Doughty

Joe McDonough

Joe McDonough

Jared Scott

Jared Scott

Charlie Briggs

Charlie Briggs

Taylor Williams

Taylor Williams

Francesca Hadley

Francesca Hadley

Sarah Hayter

Sarah Hayter

Benjamin Humphries

Benjamin Humphries

Paul Gilshan

Paul Gilshan

Andy Tamplin

Andy Tamplin

Adam Lloyd

Adam Lloyd

Chris Ward

Chris Ward

Simon Burton

Simon Burton

Stuart Billins

Stuart Billins

Megan Brockwell

Megan Brockwell

David Hosking

David Hosking

Jessica Arnold

Jessica Arnold

David Brockwell

David Brockwell



Lucy King

Lucy King

Bryan Davies

Bryan Davies

Anna McMellin

Anna McMellin

Phil Gillespie

Phil Gillespie

Duncan Wisbey

Duncan Wisbey

Sophie O'COnnor

Sophie O'COnnor

Russ Sealy

Russ Sealy

Faye Tunnicliffe

Faye Tunnicliffe

Marc Willis

Marc Willis

Joe Tracey

Joe Tracey

Lorna Pettie

Lorna Pettie

Hannah Forsbrey

Hannah Forsbrey

Naomi Wayne

Naomi Wayne

Steph Patterson

Steph Patterson

Nicola Lesirge

Nicola Lesirge

Neil Scott

Neil Scott

Eleanor Sellars

Eleanor Sellars

Mark Sellwood

Mark Sellwood

Dan O'Connor

Dan O'Connor

Peter Adetoba

Peter Adetoba

Heather Bruni

Heather Bruni

Wendy Mansell

Wendy Mansell

Ollie Adams

Ollie Adams

Kareem Abu-Shahba

Kareem Abu-Shahba

Kim Gardiner

Kim Gardiner

Gavin Jones

Gavin Jones

Katie Brown

Katie Brown

Rossi Forde

Rossi Forde

Lily Freed

Lily Freed

Joy Jennings

Joy Jennings

Adam Butcher

Adam Butcher

Stephen McAllister

Stephen McAllister

Lauren Dearden

Lauren Dearden

Sean Briggs

Sean Briggs

Mark Godber

Mark Godber

Kelly Demello

Kelly Demello

Armando Morris

Armando Morris

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