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10,000 km's of the British Isles


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My story

[p]Well ladies and gentleman here we are again. It's that time of the year where I set myself a crazy challenge all in the name of charity, whilst trying to push my physical boundaries even further than before![/p][p][br][/p][p]If you know me already then this probably doesn’t come across as a surprise. But to those who don’t, I really, [b][u]REALLY[/u],[/b] like riding my bike. And if I can somehow positively make a difference to someone else’s life in the process, then sign me up because that’s what I’m all about![/p][p][br][/p][p]So the journey will begin on June 22nd, with the aim of returning at some point during September before the start of the new semester. This will then give me a 3 months window to circumnavigate around the British Isles coastline on my trusty stead.[/p][p][br][/p][p]Firstly, I will leave Swansea and go for a quick lap around the Gower before reaching over into Pembrokeshire, and then shortly onto the West coast. A quick trip up the hilly shoreline and around Anglesey and Holy Island before venturing off into England, which will be the first time in a while![/p][p][br][/p][p]Here, I will then make my way over to the Isle of Man before entering up into Scotland via the Lake District (one of my favourite places!). Then, I'll need to make my way over to the Isle of Arran before reaching the Kintyre peninsular, and off into the Isle of Mull and the Outer Hebrides. Shortly after, it will be time to see the North shore and make my way even further North to the Orkney and Shetland Islands, if the weather and time is on my side.[/p][p][br][/p][p]Then once I've gone as far North as possible, I'll have to head back along the Eastern shore and prepare myself for the hilliest section of the route on the South side before making it into Lands End for a quick selfie! I will then need to make my way up into Exmoor, across the River Severn and back into Wales to catch a ferry over to Ireland (if the covid quarantine restrictions have eased), as I'm unable to go there right now. THEN, once the Irish shoreline has been circumnavigated, I should have completed a little over [b]10,000 KM's![/b][/p][p][br][/p][p]This whole trip I would like to dedicate to three special charities, which I hope you can help me to support:[/p][p][br][/p][p]The first is the [b][u]Akshaya Patra Foundation[/u][/b] who is the world’s largest non-profit school meal provider, founded in 2000. They do some incredible work to feed their people in India, and right now they need our support even more so with the plight of the virus reaking havoc across the nation.[/p][p][br][/p][p]Secondly is the [b][u]Water for Kids[/u][/b] charity which provides safe water, sanitation and health education for children and communities in developing countries. They are currently working on water and sanitation projects in Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Sierre Leone and Rwanda. And as someone who has spent a little bit of time in Africa, I would love to help provide one of the fundamental basic needs for survival to as many of our brothers and sisters as I possibly can. It’s saddening that in todays modern world we are still facing these types of issues with access to clean and safe water, but I hope together we can help speed up the process of bringing us all into the 21st century way of life.[/p][p][br][/p][p]Lastly is the [b][u]Swansea Cats Protection[/u][/b] charity, which may appear random, but I promise there is another story to it! During the whole lockdown event I was personally hit pretty hard with mental health issues, as was SO many of us, and luckily at just the right moment a beautiful feline creeped through my door and woke me up with her gentle purr. Since then, we have become incredibly close companions for one another and the amount of love, happiness and comfort she has brought me, I feel the desire to give back and help one of the UK's largest cat welfare charities. I can totally see why the Ancient Egyptians worshipped the cats and thought of them to be magical creatures, because I think they’re right on the money there and I honestly don’t know how I would have coped without having the loving company from Jess! [/p][p][br][/p][p]I would now just like to [b]thank you[/b] for taking the time to read my story, and potentially supporting my gallant sporting efforts in the name of charity. It really would mean the world to me if you could help me and my chosen charities this year, or if you could share my story to your network, colleagues, friends or family, that too would be incredible.[/p][p][br][/p][p]If you’d like to see updates from my travels and what I’m getting up to, then be sure to check me out on Facebook and Instagram ([b]@jlbutton25 + @jlcharitytour[/b])[/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p]Wishing you a fantastic day when ever you’re reading this and thank you once again for your[b] love and support! [/b][/p][p][br][/p]
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Sep 27, 2021

John Ultra marathon

We meet again!


Sep 5, 2021


Well done - enjoyed watching your travels 😺


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Sep 2, 2021


Great to meet you yesterday and chat for a few miles of your epic adventure! Well done on what you’ve achieved on and off the bike.

Sep 1, 2021


Congratulations! Been fab watching your adventures over the summer xx


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Sep 1, 2021


Thank you from our rescue cats - Floyd, Eric, Tifa and Beans 🐈

Aug 31, 2021

Jason Carter


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Aug 30, 2021


Well done on completing a mammoth challenge!


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Aug 29, 2021


Inspirational! Thanks from all the cats you are helping


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Aug 27, 2021

What an amazing thing to do and I’m loving your updates of the west coast! Go you!


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Aug 23, 2021

Karen Cobbett

Enjoyed your Instagram story, what an incredible journey Karribubbles


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