In memory of Adam Knapp

In memory of Adam Knapp

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[p]On 13th April 2018 our lives were turned upside down when Adam passed away aged 34 so unexpectedly of undiagnosed heart failure. [/p][p] Cardiac risk in the young (cry) helps to support families through times like these and also offer heart screenings from the age of 14-35. [/p][p] Every week in the UK at least 12 apparently fit and healthy young people die of undiagnosed cardiac conditions. [/p][p] With your donation, CRY can reduce the frequency of young sudden cardiac death (YSCD) by working with cardiologists and family doctors to establish good practice and appropriate screening facilities to promote and protect the cardiac health of our young. [/p][p] [/p][p] By supporting CRY you will help save young lives from these potentially fatal cardiac conditions. [/p]
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Nov 27, 2021



Nov 26, 2021


Funds raised in august by charity golf day.


Sep 15, 2020


Proceeds from golf day and friends at the Lully .


plus £109.00 Gift Aid

Jan 23, 2020

Emma Summers

Good luck Jess!!


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Dec 10, 2019


Memorial ball


Dec 10, 2019


Adam's memorial ball and lully collection


plus £146.50 Gift Aid

Sep 18, 2019


From all the customers at the lullingstone castle


plus £20.50 Gift Aid

Aug 5, 2019




plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Jul 28, 2019

Richie Saunders


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Jul 5, 2019

Pauline hall

Monies raised by auntie Pauline on the heart of London bridges walk. Xx


plus £26.25 Gift Aid

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