In memory of Katie Bayley

In memory of Katie Bayley


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[p]Vivacious and charismatic, Katie was an active blogger, keen on new music and fashion, and had a strong following on her own blog site [url=][/url]. Which she had been running for 3+ years She was just about to take her A’ levels and already had a place at The University of Westminster in order to continue a career in Journalism.[/p][p]However, one weekend in May 2016 Katie had what appeared to be a tummy bug with flu like symptoms and was treated at the local surgery. But, then soon on to the A&E unit in Salisbury Hospital and subsequently to Kings College Hospital where she was admitted to the Liver Intensive Therapy Unit. Tests and operations followed over the next ten days whilst the hospital worked tirelessly to stabilise her and protect her. Katie remained in a critical condition while she fought the virus and bacteria that was attacking her body but sadly passed away on the 7 June 2016, aged just 18. [/p][p]“Katie died from a rare, sudden and very severe illness called ‘acute hemophagocytosis’. Most often affecting young people in previous good health, it may be triggered by a viral infection like that which usually causes glandular fever. For reasons that are poorly understood, in some young people this viral infection may cause major changes in the body leading to an abnormal and overactive immune system response that may rapidly result in the failure of many of the bodies organ systems and the development of a critical illness. The rarity and severity of the illness make it particularly difficult to study and to develop effective treatments. We badly need a much better understanding of the illness and how to treat it, so that we can prevent the sudden and tragic loss of young lives that currently often result.” Dr W Bernal[/p][p]Katie’s parents Michelle and Jared along with family and friends , have been raising funds for Kings College Hospital’s Liver Intensive Therapy unit in Katie’s memory. [/p][p]The Liver Intensive Therapy Unit (LITU) is a unique specialist facility with a worldwide reputation for the care of critically ill patients with liver disease, major liver injuries and acute liver failure (ALF). It is part of [url=]King's Critical Care service[/url] and every year treats more than 600 patients who are referred to us from local, national and international centres. [/p][p]The unit supports King’s [url=]hepatobiliary[/url] and [url=]liver transplantation[/url] surgical services and Europe’s largest liver transplantation programme. It is also a leading centre for the development and use of advanced therapies.It has 15 beds for critically ill liver patients and 4 beds for high-dependency patients. Kings serves as a tertiary referral centre in certain specialties to millions of people in southern England.[/p][p]Throughout Katie’s time at Kings she was heavily reliant on blood products. Her friends and family have been raising awareness of this and have collectively encouraged 60+ people to donate so far. A total of over £32000 has been donated in Katies memory. [/p][p]King’s College Hospital Charity (Registered Charity No. 230729) [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p][img]x-apple-ql-id:/9B5CE01E-3F55-4C11-BF0F-68D1114D44A7/x-apple-ql-magic/24592502-1AF9-45A6-9284-88181EA89C91.jpg" alt="[/img][/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p][url=][/url]. [/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p]

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Aug 29, 2017


With much love Caroline and Nieve.


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