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For Peter Edwards


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[p]Peter Anthony Edwards entered the world, or Selly Oak to be more precise, on the 19th May 1949, joining his three-year-old sister June. As he was growing up, his family moved around quite a bit, but Pete took it all in his stride, even when he had to change schools. This was reflected in his school reports that stated that he was a bright student who was quick to learn.[/p][p]His father Harry was a very well-read and intelligent man, who had ambitions to travel and Pete grew up to be a chip off the old block. He had a very close relationship with his mum Doreen and was keen to help her around the house.[/p][p]But that didn’t mean he didn’t like to have fun and he loved anything to do with cowboys, so much so he was nicknamed in the family Pistol Pete! [/p][p]At one point growing up, they lived in Devon and, being a typical brother, Pete loved tormenting his sister. So much so that on one occasion, he locked her in a caravan, causing her to build up into such a temper that she put her fist through the glass door! She still bears those scars today! [/p][p]They loved building dens and took great pleasure in demolishing each other’s. But, despite all that, June was fiercely protective of her little brother; so much so that when some boys at school pinned him against a wall, she raced to his defence, saving him but earning the cane for going into the boys’ playground! When Pete was 12, he and June were joined by their younger brother Alec.[/p][p]On leaving school, Pete put his technical mind and love of maths to good use by attending college, where he also worked on day release as an Engineer in the coal pits. But in 1971, at the age of 22, Pete made a life changing decision to drop out of college and go on the Hippy Trail with his friend Cass. It was a life changing decision, as Pete was always proud of this rite of passage and loved to talk about it. He embraced his inner Hippy and it never really left him![/p][p]After Pete returned to England, he got an engineering job in Lichfield. He worked mainly on projects which meant several moves as one ended and another started. [/p][p]He’d met Sue when they were in college and legend has it that he would sit at the bus stop doing tricks with his yo-yo! In fact, he used this as a chat up line, asking her if she wanted to play with it! It must have worked as they got married! [/p][p]Life went on as usual until the recession hit and Pete was laid off from work. By this time, he was Dad to Mark, and he made the difficult decision to begin working in the Middle East, leaving his family in England. He would return home for two weeks every three months and this was his life for several years. [/p][p]Pete enjoyed the lifestyle, was earning good money and would often talk in the years afterwards about his time there, with the regular opening of ‘When I was in Saudi….’ (said with a distinct Brummie accent) [/p][p]This lifestyle took its toll on the marriage though and by the early 1990s as Mark was finishing university, Pete and Sue decided to go their separate ways. [/p][p]Pete then went on to meet Tracy, on a night out at the Swan in Armitage. He was a master of the table football and later Tracy admitted she was first attracted to him by his voice! They married and not long after, they became parents to their baby daughter Lorna. [/p][p]This was to be a tragic time in both of their lives, as Lorna very sadly lived for just 12 weeks after being born with two holes in her heart, and not strong enough to survive the surgery. This was understandably something that neither Pete nor Tracy would ever get over. The birth of their daughter Carla the following year was, in Pete’s words, the miracle child that helped to heal his broken heart. [/p][p]Despite the end of their marriage, Pete and Tracy would remain close and even lived together under the same roof at different times over the subsequent years. [/p][p]Carla has lovely memories of times with her Dad; he would take her away on holidays to Cornwall, Devon and Wales, where they would explore the nature around them. They both loved the mountains and waterfalls. [/p][p]Carla would nag him to take her to the arcades, but he would rather be in the fresh air and away from the crowds. He did take her though and after one trip where she spent about £20 on a grabber machine trying to win a cuddly toy, he took her off to a shop to buy her one and she still has that leopard today, who Pete named Pedro, which is Spanish for Peter! Even up until recently, they still took trips together, with the last one in 2016 to Windermere where Pete had always wanted to take Carla. [/p][p]As well as living with family, Pete also had his own house in Cornwallis Road in Rugby, where Carla would also come to stay. She remembers him being a great artist and she would commission him to do drawings for her. The most memorable was the large-scale Bratz doll on her bedroom wall; the only criticism she had was that he drew her boobs too big and had to rub them out and do them again! [/p][p]Pete was not only a great artist; he was also a brilliant storyteller. He never read Mark or Carla a bedtime story, as he would make up his own epic tales which would spread over several nights, mixing fantasy characters from books with their favourites, which meant Disney for Carla! He loved reading fantasy and science fiction and would read for hours to himself. [/p][p]While he was living in Rugby, Pete had his beloved cat Smokey as his companion. He may have been a British Blue Persian but to Pete, he was an honorary dog! He trained him to sit, stay and even shake a paw! [/p][p]Pete still always kept in touch with Cass, visiting him in Rugeley and although he was never much of a drinker, if he did ever get drunk, he was hilarious. Mainly occurring at Christmas, he would have everyone in stitches with his singing, dancing and joking around! But he didn’t have to be drunk to be entertaining; Pete was always a great teller of anecdotes. He would talk about anything and make it entertaining and funny and he had a great dry sense of humour. [/p][p]Music was also a big part of Pete’s life, from his younger hippy days when Hendrix became his hero. In fact, back in the early 70’s, he went with Cass to the Isle of Wight Festival as he was desperate to see Jimi Hendrix perform; but got so stoned he crashed out and missed the whole set! He never forgave himself for that! [/p][p]He also was a bit of a night owl and would sit up all night watching Netflix, getting through a whole series of programmes in a night! [/p][p]Pete was fiercely protective of Carla and when Antony came into her life, he was very cautious about his precious daughter having a boyfriend. But his fears were totally unfounded, and he and Antony became very close. More recently, as his health deteriorated, he was taken great care of by Carla and Antony and despite his illness he still managed to remain positive and cheerful. He would entertain the staff when he was in hospital and his consultant marvelled at his positive outlook. [/p][p]Pete was one of a kind. He could be stubborn and if you didn’t share his opinion, you were probably wrong! But on the other hand, he would respect peoples’ beliefs and was very forgiving and relaxed about life. If his loved ones were safe and happy, he was happy, and he was so proud of his children and wanted the best for them. [/p][p]Pete will be missed for so many things; but let’s hope that wherever he is now, he’s got Hendrix playing in the background, is wearing his afghan coat and lighting up the place with his unique personality![/p][p][br][/p][p](Adapted from the tribute written for Pete's funeral by Adrienne Jones)[/p]
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Aug 14, 2019

Auntie Linda


Aug 3, 2019


From the generosity of family and friends on the day


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Jul 31, 2019

Kay & mick

Uncle pete, taken too soon but your memory will go on for us,as your pad in france will named pete's pad as a Bar 💕💞 Love always


Jul 28, 2019

Andrew and laura

We only knew you for a short while but what an amazing man


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Jul 26, 2019


We let too many years go by without talking until it became too late. Glad we found one another again in the end. Will love you always Dad. To the staff at the Danetre, I cannot thank you enough for easing his last days.

Jul 26, 2019

Sue and Gerry

Gone too soon


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Jul 26, 2019


cheerful, characterful gentleman, a great loss.


plus £6.25 Gift Aid

Jul 26, 2019

Alec and Constanza Edwards

Beautiful people who cared for Pete until the end.


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