For Sophie Christopher

For Sophie Christopher

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[p]On June 3rd, Sophie Christopher passed away at the age of 28. Sophie died of thrombosis so we are raising money for [url=]Thrombosis UK[/url] who are doing valuable work to raise awareness of one of the most common but little publicised causes of death in the UK.[/p][p]Previously [url=]we raised money for two charities that reflect Sophie's passions[/url] - thanks to generosity of friends, family, colleagues and those that were touched by Sophie's story we raised almost £10,000.[/p][p]Read more about Sophie on her website: [url=][/url][/p]
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Mar 31, 2021


I was sorry to not have been in a financial position to donate, at the time, but wanted to say how much I thought about Sophie. With best wishes from a former colleague.

Dec 24, 2020

George Scofs x

in memory of Sophie.


Dec 24, 2020


Missing you Sophs xx


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Jun 13, 2020

Hannah Green


Jun 3, 2020


Remembering a wonderful young lady.


Feb 7, 2020


This sum was raised at a Quiz Night organised by friends and family in Sophie's memory. We had a lot of fun, you could feel the love and questions centred on her passion for travel, books and food - not necessarily in that order! We miss you Sophs x


Jan 24, 2020



plus £6.25 Gift Aid

Dec 11, 2019

No 35


plus £6.25 Gift Aid

Dec 10, 2019

David and Carol

Thanks, Ella, for the book and telling us about BeMoreSophie


plus £6.25 Gift Aid

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