In loving memory of Sophie Powell

In loving memory of Sophie Powell

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[p][b]IF YOU WISH TO MAKE A DONATION TO SOPHIE'S PAGE AFTER 30 NOVEMBER 2021, PLEASE CONTACT KAREN ON 07957 461929 OR AT KARENPOWELL00@GOOGLEMAIL.COM FOR INFORMATION.[/b][/p][p][br][/p][p][i]Unfortunately, Virgin Money Giving has made the decision to close all its fundraising pages on 30 November 2021 and donations won't be possible to Sophie's page after this date. We will keep Sophie's memory and legacy alive via another platform. Please contact Sophie's mum on 07957 461929 or at Thank you xx[/i][/p][p][br][/p][p] [/p][p][b]Our beautiful, brave Sophie battled cancer for almost 2 years, but sadly passed away in January 2017. We are devastated and broken-hearted. [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]Sophie had her life mapped out and part of that was raising money to support poorly children like her. It was something she was always very passionate about. [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]The four chosen charities were close to Sophie's heart and have supported us as a family. [/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]Sophie was a kind, loving and caring little girl. From donations thus far, one of the charities has fulfilled Sophie's wish of a holiday home on the Isle of Wight (a place Sophie loved) so children suffering and battling cancer can have fun and make precious memories with their families. Sophie would be so proud.[/b][/p][p][b] [/b][/p][p][b]Love Karen, Steve and Emma xx[/b] [b] [/b][/p]
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Nov 23, 2021

Kevin Gilliland


plus £62.50 Gift Aid

Nov 16, 2021

Shelley Miles

From Shelley (Nanny Wendy's friend) xx


Nov 12, 2021

Andrea Cornish

With love 💜 The Cornish Family xxx


plus £10.00 Gift Aid

Nov 8, 2021

Lisa Davis

What an amazing little girl and well done to Sophie's family for all you are doing in her memory.

Nov 7, 2021


missing you angel x

Nov 7, 2021


From the Co-Op Falconwood collection pots. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated in memory of beautiful Sophie.


Oct 31, 2021

Robyn Turner

For the love of Sophie Auction win at Sophie charity disco For villa in grand canaries


Oct 31, 2021

Jon drake


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Oct 27, 2021


From Linda & BWSC


plus £10.00 Gift Aid

Oct 23, 2021

Lee Pearce

Such a beautiful little girl who touched the hearts of everyone. Lots of love Uncle Lee and Uncle Peter xx


plus £50.00 Gift Aid

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