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A home for Bibi and Peter


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For those of you who dont know the story of Bibi and Peter, it is not an easy thing to hear, and leaves the mind lost as to what the witch doctors did to Peter when he was a boy of 4...[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Bibi told us that her son had taken Peter now 40 years old to a witch doctor ceremony when he was just 4 years of age. In this ceremony the goal was to sell Peters soul in exchange for material gains in life. The father of Peter felt it was a success as he now has a job working at the docks.&nbsp[lt]br /[gt]&nbspWhat happened in this ceremony we do not know, but what we do know is that since that day Peter has spent the last 36 years staring at the ground, or wrapped up in a bed sheet in the corner of the room. I can not begin to imagine what happened to Peter when he was a little boy, and i dont want too... but the trauma caused seems to have changed him forever...[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]I know all to well what witch doctors are like here, in Feb 2016 we took Nimzana a 4 year old cerebral palsy child into our care here at Feathers Tale Childrens Village. The witch doctors had tried to kidnap Nimzana, believing as she is free of sin, if they sacrificed her, or sold her to be sacrificed then they would be rewarded by the spirits. If they are willing to kill innocent children, what they do to those that must live after the ceremonies is as i said, not something i care to imagine...[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Bibi has disowned her son, and taken her grandson into her care these last 36 years. Also living with her is her daughter who has learning difficulties, and her grand daughter Sara, a 4 year old downsyndrome girl...[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]&nbspThe 4 live in a rented, single room mud hut, without water or electricity.&nbsp[lt]br /[gt]&nbspNot far from where they are Bibi owns just under an acre of land. It is beautiful there, surrounded by mango, and avocado trees the fruti of which Bibi sells... and &nbspenough land to grow maize and beans to feed the family, which is how the 4 have survived these last years.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Peter is terrified of everyone except his grandmother who calls Mama. So for all the day will come when Bibi is no longer around to care for Peter, for now all they have is each other.[lt]br /[gt]&nbspSara and her mother will move into Feathers Tale with us later this week, but Bibi wont come with Peter as she says it will upset him too much, i also think Bibi needs to be around those that she knows n the area with it.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]So our goal is to build Bibi and Peter a single room brick house on her land. It will have solar lights, good shelter from the rain, and a safe place for Peter to be with his grandmother in the years to come.&nbsp[lt]br /[gt]&nbspIn that time, we will spend our time making whatever bond we can with Peter, then when the time does come, he can move into Feathers Tale where we can take care of him to the best of our ability. Failing that, The mother of Sara has said she will move to the house and care for him, leaving Sara with us here at the childrens village.[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt][span=color: #0000ff][b]To build the house in the location of Bibis land, will cost us around &pound750 in materials and labor, and a small solar unit just for an inside and outside light, and enough to charge a phone or radio, is around &pound200... I would normally have a target at the side... but its not letting me add it for some reason Sorry[/b][lt]br /[gt][/span][lt]br /[gt]This is the only solution i can see that will work for Bibi and Peter, but somewhere in me i feel the beautiful surroundings of Bibis plot of land, might help to relax Peter, as the bustle of people around their mud hut clearly frightens him a lot...[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Thank you for the love and support, I know its hard to feel into such a situation from the west, i know as I live here, and i find it surreal, but this is the reality of life in this corner of the often colorful but also often dark continent...[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Sharing can, does, and will change lives on earth... :[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]Love and light everyone :[lt]br /[gt]John x[lt]br /[gt]John@village-to-village.org.uk[lt]br /[gt]www.sharetanzania.com[lt]br /[gt][lt]br /[gt]&nbsp[lt]object width="425" height="350" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/2z6NXpYKWdc" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"[gt][lt]param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/2z6NXpYKWdc" /[gt][lt]param name="quality" value="high" /[gt][lt]param name="wmode" value="transparent" /[gt][lt]param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/2z6NXpYKWdc" /[gt][lt]/object[gt][vmgvideo class="ql-video" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/2z6NXpYKWdc?showinfo=0&rel=0&iv_load_policy=3"][/vmgvideo]

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£250.00 plus £62.50 Gift Aid


Sarah Ashurst

Your doing amazing work and are an inspiration. Love and light to all of you.

£20.00 plus £5.00 Gift Aid


Lindsey Small

Good luck with the house. God bless Peter x

£20.00 plus £5.00 Gift Aid



You are amazing - thank-you for helping x

£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid


John Patterson

£100.00 plus £25.00 Gift Aid



Love & Blessings



Charlotte Norman

God Bless you for the help you give to these poor people.






Good luck from Liverpool x

£10.00 plus £2.50 Gift Aid


Adam Crist

Will continue to help john and his wonderful team whenever I can.