In memory of Lisa Wise

In memory of Lisa Wise


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[div=color: #212121; font-family: wf_segoe-ui_normal,;][p][span=font-size: small;]Lisa was an inspiration to everyone who met her, she treasured her family, loved netball, loved life and loved seeing others love life. Lisa was a loving wife and an inspirational mother to three sons. In addition to this, Lisa worked for Towergate where she demonstrated the same enthusiasm and strength of personality in her role as an Operations Director.[lt]br /[gt][/span][/p][p][span=font-size: small;] [/span][/p][p][span=font-size: small;]Lisa helped put netball on the map in Berkshire. Her vision was to make netball accessible to all and to encourage anyone and everyone to play. Laurel Park Netball Club was founded by Lisa. Her legacy will live on through all the girls who will wear black and red with pride. Lisa was the biggest personality on and off court, she was passionate and had a unique ability to make everyone believe they could realise their potential. She was a remarkable person, a great leader - caring, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and encouraging to everyone. Tough too! She didn't suffer fools gladly! [/span][/p][/div][div=color: #212121; font-family: wf_segoe-ui_normal,;][p][span=font-size: small;] [/span][/p][p][span=font-size: small;]We lost Lisa to Ovarian Cancer, Lisa will be greatly missed by her husband, sons, family, friends, work colleagues and the netball family. She spent her last few days in the Sue Ryder Duchess of Kent Hospice. We would like to thank all the nurses and staff for their compassion and kindness they showed Lisa and her family during this time. We are keen that her passing should not be in vain, we would like to try and turn this tragic time into something where we can promote awareness of Ovarian Cancer and raise funds for further research to help prevent and cure this illness. We would also like to raise funds for the Duchess of Kent Hospice to show our thanks and let them know how much their work is appreciated.[/span][/p][p][span=font-size: small;] [/span][/p][/div][div=color: #212121; font-family: wf_segoe-ui_normal,;][p][span=font-size: small;]Lisa was known for her banter, her laughs and her huge personality and for that we are all so grateful and honoured to have known her and been a part of her life.[/span][/p][p][span=font-size: small;] [/span][/p][p][span=font-size: small;]We thank you sincerely for visiting this page and ask for you to continue to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer.[/span][/p][/div]

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May 12, 2021

Laurel Park Tournament

Laurel Park Tournament


Jul 14, 2019

Laurel Park Netball Club

Lisa Wise Day Mixed Tournament


Apr 8, 2019

Laurel Park

Laurel Park Cake Sale


Sep 11, 2018

Laurel Park

Lisa Wise Day raffle ,cake and bottle tombola


Sep 11, 2018


Laurel Park NC Mixed netball entry funds


Sep 1, 2018

Hannah E

Good luck with Lisa Wise Day ladies. Sad to be missing it.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Jun 12, 2018

Laurel Park

Laurel Park Easter tournament cake sale


Dec 8, 2017

Laurel Park

Laurel Park mixed netball tournament (421) Laurel Park Charity dinner (200)


Jul 27, 2017


Regularly in our thoughts your friends and colleagues at Cardiff Branch


plus £62.50 Gift Aid

Jul 26, 2017


So glad to have been involved in the recent charity netball tournament at Chalfont - haven't played netball for about 40 years- but really enjoyed it!


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

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