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Start your 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon fundraising journey

Create your fundraising page and start making a real difference today

Free Marathon fundraising guide

Charities need our support now more than ever. That's why we're here to help you smash your fundraising target. We've put together some of the best tips from runners who were in your position in previous years to get you up and running.

Win £500 each month to boost your fundraising efforts

There's two winning donations up for grabs each month from now until the end of September and here's how to enter.

Shire Horse Challenge

The challenge we have set is for the team to travel from Gloucestershire up to Morayshire in North East Scotland. The team consists of Millie and Willam - two of our Shire horses that work on the farm, Boo Boo Beithe the farm dog and myself as the carriage driver.

Jude Bellingham - Mustard Seed Project Kenya

Jude Bellingham, at 17 years old, is the youngest footballer to have played for England at a European Championship. As an ambassador of The Mustard Seed Project, he's looking to help raise money to build a school in Mombasa, for 300 kids, in a deprived area of Kenya.

MND Munro Challenge

My Dad was diagnosed with Familial Motor Neurone Disease in March 2020. He’s fighting this despite overwhelming odds. I aim to climb/hike/run 7 Munros every day for a week in August. There are 282 Munros (Mountains over 3000ft / 914m) in Scotland, with enough ridges and clusters of these peaks to make this challenge feasible.

August Fundraising Ideas and Events

5 summer friendly fundraising options that everyone will enjoy

Freedom Day and what it means for your fundraising

Freedom Day went ahead as planned on the 19th July. This means the government have lifted restrictions on large scale events

10 family-friendly fundraising ideas

Creative charity fundraising ideas for kids

Your ultimate fundraising guide

Everything you need to know to kick off your fundraising, reach more donors and meet your goals

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