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Virgin Money Giving makes five promises to charities

24 June 2015

  • Five promises aimed at helping charities of all sizes to maximise online fundraising
VMG Team

Virgin Money Giving, the not-for-profit online fundraising service from Virgin Money, wants to help charities to raise as much money as possible, and to help ensure that the money raised goes to where it is needed most. To do that, Virgin Money Giving is today making five key promises to its charity partners.

Virgin Money Giving’s five promises are designed to not only help charities to raise as much money as possible, but also to address some of the fears and challenges they face when it comes to online fundraising.

Virgin Money Giving’s five promises are:

  • We will help charities make their fundraising go further:
    We will do that by not taking a penny in profit, passing on Gift Aid in full and making sure charities receive donations within a week. As Virgin Money Giving is operated on a not-for-profit basis, we estimate that over £11million more1 has already made its way to charities compared to the main profit-making player in the sector

  • We will make online fundraising easier:
    We will do that by providing handy tools that even the most computer-phobic can use. With just a few clicks, Virgin Money Giving allows personalised appeal pages to be created, along with event and campaign hubs, and much more. Plus, easy-to-produce reports make it easy for charities to keep track of fundraising.

  • We will help charities develop their skills:
    We know how critically important it is to keep money raised safe and sound. So charities can take comfort from the fact that being part of Virgin Money means Virgin Money Giving’s security and systems meet approved banking standards. And because our not-for-profit model is sustainable, we won’t be disappearing.

  • We will have a dedicated helpdesk
    We’re passionate about good service so if charities need support, advice or even ideas, they can just pick up the phone and speak to our helpdesk team. In fact independent research2 shows our customer satisfaction levels to be amongst the best in the UK.

In an environment that continues to be tough for charities, Virgin Money Giving recognises that some charities, especially the smaller ones, need help to unlock the potential of online fundraising. Recent research3 shows:

  • Only 2% of charities feel they are maximising online fundraising as a donation channel
  • More than half (52%) of respondents believe they are not making the most of online fundraising
  • Almost 10% of charities do not use online fundraising at all

The reasons why charities are so reluctant either to embark on online fundraising, or expand their online presence, can be distilled into three areas - a perceived lack of online expertise, a feeling that online fundraising can be impersonal, and cost:

  • Almost three-quarters of those who don’t currently fundraise online said they see their internal digital capabilities as a challenge or a major challenge
  • Just over half of respondents either agree or strongly agree that online fundraising can be impersonal
  • Worries over set-up costs for online fundraising are a particular concern for smaller charities

As online fundraising has become a vital means of raising funds for some charities, Virgin Money Giving wants to open up digital giving to all charities by using its people and expertise to help allay such concerns and that desire lies behind Virgin Money Giving making its five key promises.

Jo Barnett, Executive Director at Virgin Money Giving, feels it is important to tackle the perceived impersonal nature of online fundraising by not only providing charities the tools they need but also the skills and support to make the most of them. Jo said:

"Our website is simple and user friendly but many charities just want extra support to make the most of digital channels. Our team has designed a series of interactive bite size training sessions, accessible from a desk, which will give our charity partners new skills and knowledge that they can put into practice straightaway. When we entered the market we committed to bringing online fundraising to charities of all sizes and by making these five promises, I’m delighted that we are delivering on that commitment."

To find out more please visit

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1 Based on Virgin Money Giving’s fundraising total, comparing the costs of Virgin Money Giving with JustGiving since launch to 31 May 2015.
2 Based on Net-Promoter-Score as calculated by Quadrangle and compared to the UK brand net promoter score tracker across different industries on - July 2014.
3 Virgin Money Giving worked with Third Sector Insight, the voluntary and community sector fact-finding and analysis service, to survey of more than 550 charities, operating in areas as diverse as children and youth services, animal welfare, health and overseas aid.