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Colin Burgin-Plews

More famously known as the Man in the Big Pink Dress

Colin is a legend in fundraising and makes sure he stands out from the crowd. He has raised over £100,000 for a number of charities. He is your man for the dos and don’ts of fundraising.

Colin’s story

Usually I'm known as Colin Burgin-Plews but when it comes to running and fundraising my alter ego pops in and I become ‘The Man in the Big Pink Dress’.

It all began in 2014 when a friend of my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Watching her go through chemotherapy was horrific and it made me want to raise a few pounds for a charity that did research into finding a cure. At the time I was working in a residential home and we had just done a show called "Stars in their eyes". We had to pick names out of a hat and I got Diana Ross.

Being 6ft 6 inches tall, 19 stone and ex-military I was not exactly typecast but I’m always game for a laugh. So when the charity Breast Cancer campaign, now known as Breast Cancer Now, sent me my Great North Run welcome pack and the dress code was “wear it pink” my Diana Ross dress was the only thing I owned that was pink… that was when Big Pink Dress was born.

Since that day I've completed 56 races all over the country in 56 different dresses, all hand made by myself. And within four years I've raised over £100,000 for various charities. I’ve learnt a lot about the dos and don’ts of fundraising along the way and I’m looking forward to sharing some of those with you. Plus, I will be running the Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 and sharing my experience here with you.

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