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Our campaigns tool

Virgin Money Giving Campaigns is a new, flexible tool which lets you set up your fundraising campaign so you can bring fundraisers and donors together for a specific objective.

Whether that is through an event, Charity of the Year fundraising or a natural disaster appeal, Campaigns gives you more control over the charity pages you create.

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3 steps to your perfect campaign

Step 1
Decide on your campaign

Choose the type of campaign you would like to run...

  • Charity appeal
  • Event
  • Charity of the Year

Step 2
Create your campaign pages

Tell your charity’s story through photos and videos, and show people how their donations will help.

Ask donors extra questions.

See your supporters on your campaign page.

Step 3
Promote your campaign

Share on Facebook and Twitter and link to your campaign from your website.

Create a press release.

Share it with your corporate partners.

Put up a poster in your local Virgin Money Store.

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Raise money for a specific project or cause (e.g. a disaster or relief appeal).

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Bring together everyone raising money for a specific event.

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Charity of the Year

Support fundraising employees of your corporate partners.

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Need help?

For more information, and help setting up your Campaign, you can download the fundraising campaign workbook or use the help information throughout the campaign creation journey.

Find out how to promote your campaign with our top tips.