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Charity appeals

One of the ways you can use our Campaigns tool is to set up a page to focus some of your fundraising on a project or for a specific purpose (e.g. a disaster appeal).

You can set an appeal target and customise your donation amounts too. And fundraisers can link to your appeals page or donate directly.

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For more information - download the fundraising campaign workbook or use the help information throughout the campaign creation journey.

Options for your appeal:
Campaign logoYes
Campaign descriptionYes
Fundraising targetOptional*
Amount raised totalOptional*
Gift Aid collectionYes
Donor listYes
Custom donation amountsOptional*
Donor informationNo
Linked fundraising pagesOptional*
Fundraiser listOptional*

*You may wish to include this feature on your appeals page, depending on what you want your page to do.

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Need some inspiration?

Example appeals page:
Brompton Cemetery Appeal

The Royal Parks Foundation have been given a grant to refurbish the Brompton Cemetery, however they need to raise an additional £10,000 through community fundraising, to be able to complete the project.

Working with Friends of Brompton Cemetery, the Royal Parks Foundation has created an Appeal which shows donors and fundraisers on the page. They have also included custom donation amounts to show what the money donated could buy.