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Event hub

You can use our Campaigns tool to bring together everyone who is fundraising for a specific charity event, e.g. a marathon.

People can spur each other on, see how much is being raised and how, and you’ll be able to see just how much your fundraisers have achieved from an event. If there are specific teams, you can create groups just for those teams, too.

Create an event hub

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For more information - download the fundraising campaign workbook or use the help information throughout the campaign creation journey.

Options for your event hub:
Campaign logoOptional*
Campaign descriptionYes
Fundraising targetOptional*
Amount raised totalYes
Gift Aid collectionYes
Donor listOptional*
Custom donation amountsOptional*
Donor informationNo
Linked fundraising pagesYes
Fundraiser listYes

*You may wish to include this feature on your event, depending on what you want your page to do.

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Need some inspiration?

Example event hub:
BMF Reigate and Cheam British Millitary fitness team

The Reigate and Cheam British Millitary Fitness (BMF) team are raising money for the Children’s Trust, a charity local to the group in Surrey. The team of ten fundraisers planned to raise £32,000 by running the Virgin Money London Marathon.

They can link their own individual fundrasing pages to the Event Hub, so they could all see how they are doing against the team target.