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Fundraising for this event has now closed.

Captain Tom 100 - Start Fundraising

Get fundraising

  1. Think up your 100 challenge
  2. Search for your preferred charity, if you don't have have a preferred charity you can choose to support The Captain Tom Foundation
  3. Ask all your friends and family to sponsor you
  4. Complete your 100 challenge anytime between 30 April and 3 May
  5. Share your challenge on social media by using #CaptainTom100

Thank you for your support and taking part

Captain Tom 100 - Be part of it

Share your 100 and inspire hope!


Whether you're juggling for 100 seconds, building 100 sandcastles or climbing 100 steps, we'd love to see it.

Help inspire the nation by sharing pictures or videos of your 100 on social media, using the hashtag #CaptainTom100

Captain Tom 100 - Be part of it
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