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We are now closed

If you're an existing fundraiser or charity you can still sign in to your account until the platform closes fully in February 2022.

Corporate fundraising for charities made easy

Our free-to-use corporate fundraising tools, for any size of business, make it easier than ever to raise money with a corporate partner through us. Quick to set up. Free to use. Easily see the impact of your efforts.

Fundraising in the workplace - Businesses
Easily bring your partnership to life - Charity Corporates

Easily bring your partnership to life

  • Our branded corporate hubs are an effective way for businesses of any size to work with a charity to bring colleagues together for positive causes.
  • A corporate fundraising hub can be created in minutes online for each corporate partner you have. No enquiry forms. No fees for your corporate partners to pay. Just go for it.
  • Supports team and individual event pages - all linked to a centralised corporate hub, easy for you to view your supporters and funds raised and for your corporate to promote in the workplace to encourage fundraising.
Raise more with match funding - Charity corporates

Raise more with match funding

  • To support your corporate fundraising efforts, we offer matched funding to help you easily raise more with a supportive corporate partner.
  • Match funding or incentives are a great way to boost team morale as well as funds.
  • If your corporate partner wants to do match funding, we'll handle this for you for free. You'll just need to cover our standard platform fee and payment processing fee.
Fee-free donations 80% of the time - Charity corporates

Fee-free donations 80% of the time

  • Unique to Virgin Money Giving, donors can cover 100% your donation fees. That means our platform fee and the payment processing fee. Gift Aid is free too.
  • Since 1 September 2019, we’ve seen generous donors cover your fees on average 80% of the time, with no change to the average amount they give.
  • To see how much you could save doing your corporate fundraising through Virgin Money Giving, check out our calculator
Service with a smile - Charity corporates

Service with a smile

  • We’re passionate about good service, it’s what makes us Virgin.
  • Our team is always on hand if you need support, advice or even ideas.
  • You can pick up the phone, drop us an email or find us on social media.

Fundraiser experience

Fundraisers get the special treatment, from rewards and fundraising incentives, to regular emails to celebrate their milestones, access to our free fundraising hub packed full of advice and a free fundraising app to track their progress and thank their supporters.


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Ready to get started?

Share this link with your corporate partner, so they can create a
branded fundraising hub:

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Need some help?

If you or your corporate partner have any questions or need any support our fantastic Helpdesk team and Account Managers are on hand to help:

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions by our charities:

Charities need to have at least one bank account registered with us so we can process donations, but you can add as many extra bank accounts as you like.

You can choose to have different accounts for different fundraising events or one account for everything – it’s completely up to you.

Yes – whenever someone makes a donation or sponsors a friend we’ll ask if they’re eligible for Gift Aid.

If they are and agree to claim Gift Aid, we’ll reclaim the Gift Aid from HMRC and it will be passed on to the charity in full.

Gift Aid is the simple way to increase the size of your donation, and because it’s reclaimed from the Government it won’t cost you any extra.

Find out more about Gift Aid here.

Charities receive their donated funds once a week (less our fees).

We pay Gift Aid to you within a week of receiving it from HMRC.

See a breakdown of our charity fees.

Remember, because Virgin Money Giving is not-for-profit, the fees we charge will only ever go towards running Virgin Money Giving and making it better for our customers. Also, these fees only apply to charities – our website is completely free for fundraisers and donors to use.

See all our Charities FAQs >

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